Beginner’s guide to the Mermaid-style Maxi Dress

mermaid style maxi dress
Whether for a casual event or a wedding, a mermaid-style maxi dress give you chic and elegant. Who does it fit, and how to wear it?

A mermaid-style maxi dress is a must-have outfit for any fashionable woman. Why?  Because it is versatile and stylish and accentuates your natural curves. Mermaid-style maxi dresses are also suitable for many occasions, including formal and casual settings.

Whether you are petite or plus-size, you can rock a mermaid-style maxi dress because it is tailored for all body types. 

That said, let’s look at what a mermaid-style maxi dress is.

Mermaid-style Maxi Dress Definition

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you may wonder what a mermaid-style maxi dress is.

A mermaid-style maxi dress, also known as a fishtail dress, is a long, single-piece gown that hugs the body until the legs bottom, where it flares out, creating a mermaid-like or fishtail. 

The flared mermaid-like tail part of the mermaid-style maxi dress starts above the knee to the floor, giving the outfit a glamorous and dramatic vibe. 

This maxi dress type gets its name from the flared bottom, which looks like a fish’s tail or mermaid fin. Mermaid maxi dresses accentuate a woman’s curves by fitting snuggly to the chest and waist, then flaring below the knee, creating a “mermaid silhouette” or an hourglass figure.

A mermaid-style maxi dress can be made from any fabric, including satin, georgette, cotton, or silk. However, the mermaid tail or the soft, flowing ruffle that begins at the knee should be made of thinner maxi dress materials like taffeta, silk, or satin. The tail will be stiff if this section is made from a thicker fabric.

Mermaid-style maxi dresses also come in various neckline styles, including halter, sweetheart, square, and V-neck necklines. A sweetheart neckline with a slight dip in the missile that looks like the heart’s top is the most common neckline style.

Most mermaid-style maxi dresses are strapless. However, you can still find a short or long-sleeved mermaid-style maxi dress design. 

The main disadvantage of this kind of dress is that it doesn’t have pockets. If you won’t go without them – try looking for something else.

The History of the Mermaid-style Maxi Dress

The Mermaid-style maxi dress made its first appearance in 1877. Around this time, the fashion style was transitioning from maximum width to maximum narrowness. Women wore gowns that featured a corset called corset coraza that extended down to hug the back of the legs and hips. 

In the early 1880s, a new type of suit created by the corset coraza was developed. This suit had a tail that looked like a mermaid tail and puffed planks with a marked silhouette around the waistline.

In the 1930s, a famous designer, Marcel Rochas, created the first mermaid-style maxi dress. This fishtail maxi dress style was a tribute to the woman figure and was designed to strike a balance between femininity and sexiness. 

In 1950, the mermaid-style maxi dress gained more popularity after a celebrated Swedish model,  Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, was featured in Vogue. 

Ever since the mermaid-style maxi dress has remained a lady’s favorite. It is effortlessly modern, incredibly gorgeous, and sophisticated. A mermaid-style maxi dress is your number one choice when dressing up for special events like prom, weddings, parties, and red carpets.

5 Reasons to Choose a Mermaid-style Maxi Dress

With the various maxi dress style options, including kimono maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, balloon dresses, and flared dresses, why choose a mermaid-style maxi dress? Here are reasons why mermaid-style maxi dresses are your go-to gowns for special events:

1. Suitable for all Body Types

Contrary to popular belief that a mermaid-style maxi dress is not for everyone, fishtail gowns flatter all body types. All you have to do is find an ideal fit, then work out other dress details to tailor it to your body type. 

If you are curvy, consider choosing a mermaid-style maxi dress that’s not too clingy. Play around with the neckline and skirt proportions for a straight body type to develop an hourglass effect.

A mermaid-style maxi dress is also ideal for a petite body type because it gives the illusion of a taller body. 

Since a mermaid maxi dress is fitted at the waist and starts to flare at the knee, it is suitable for tall, thin body types and an athletic form. It gives such body types the illusion of a curvy figure.

2. Accentuates Your Natural Curves

When it comes to showing off your natural curves, a mermaid-style maxi dress is your best bet. This gown hugs your chest and waist, and the fitted style extends down to your knees. This gives you an hourglass figure with a fitted neckline and tapering that complements your bust.

3. Versatile

Mermaid maxi dresses come in various styles, giving you plenty to choose from. You could opt for an open-back design, elegant boho style with detailing and crepe, feminine and delicate designs with sweetheart necklines and tulle details, or a romantic maxi dress design with floral lace detailing.

4. Stylish and Modern

A mermaid-style maxi dress is timeless. It has unlimited possibilities for adding creative details, making it adaptable to the latest trends. This, combined with its natural charm and beauty, guarantees that the mermaid-style maxi dress will not likely go out of style soon.

5. Memorable and Unique Aesthetics

 A mermaid-style maxi dress will help turn heads your way and make a grand entrance when getting married, going to prom or gala, or attending a special event. Mermaid-style maxi dresses are the epitome of sophistication and elegance and will give a striking look to any lady that wears them. 

How to Wear a Mermaid-style Maxi Dress

A mermaid-style maxi dress is a statement piece on its own. However, there are a few things you need to do before slipping into your outfit.

Below is a guide to wearing a mermaid-style dress.

1. Pick the Right Supporting Underwear

Perhaps the most significant mistake you could make when wearing a mermaid-style maxi dress is choosing the wrong lingerie. Since a mermaid-style maxi dress tightly hugs your body, you should avoid undergarments with lace, embellishments, sequins, and ribbons. 

These undies will easily be visible under your clothing, which is embarrassing.

You should also invest in perfectly fitting undergarments. Too large underpants cause folds and wrinkles. If your undies are too tight, they will cause excess fat and skin to bulge out, especially if you have belly fat.

Choose seamless smooth underpants or heavy-duty lingerie.

2. Invest in High Heels

Although a mermaid-style maxi dress makes you look gorgeous and sophisticated, it often makes you appear shorter. This is a disadvantage, especially if you are already short! For this reason, invest in a pair of strappy heels or stilettos to add height.

3. Go OTT with Jewelry Pieces

One of the most attractive aspects of a mermaid-style maxi dress is you do not have to settle for delicate jewelry pieces. You could go as bold as you want! Choose large statement necklaces, cuffs, and chandelier earrings, to mention a few, to add a Hollywood vibe to your outfit.

What is a mermaid-style maxi dress? 

A mermaid-style maxi dress is a long, single-piece gown that hugs the body until the legs bottom, where it flares out, creating a mermaid-like fin or fishtail.

Who can wear mermaid-style maxi dresses?

Unlike the widespread belief that a mermaid-style maxi dress is designed for ladies with an hourglass figure, women with all body types can adorn this one-piece gown.  All you have to do is find an ideal fit, then work out other dress details to tailor it to your body type. 

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