How to Accessorize A Tube Maxi Dress

women showing how to accessorize a tube maxi dress
With a few statement pieces, you can accessorize your tube maxi dress to create different looks. This list shows the best accessories and how to use them.

A tube dress (known in the UK as a boob tube), is a shoulderless, sleeveless dress. It is wrapped around the upper torso, usually tighter over the breasts. Since it’s sleeveless, there is usually an elastic band to prevent it from falling.

Apart from being trans-seasonal, tube maxi dresses are perfect for any event and are easy to accessorize. I always pull off stylish looks, whether I wear stud earrings, hoops, or an extravagant necklace. With that said, let’s look at some of the best accessories to go with tube maxi dresses. 

1. A Simple Necklace, Heels, and Clutch

A tube maxi dress is visually striking, so you don’t need to do much when accessorizing. I especially love bandage tube maxis because they curve out my features and require little to no accessories. But all tube maxis can look sexy with a simple necklace, which complements your collarbone area.

I’m not talking about statement necklaces, though. Instead, you need a riviere, lariat, or collar necklace. These neckpieces fall slightly below the neck area while bringing attention to your décolletage. However, you can always go for a different type of necklace to bring that extra oomph to your look.

Usually, I’ll pair this dress with heels, a clutch bag, and simple earrings. Always remember to keep the accessories at a minimum, so the look is not overdone. Also, you can wear your hair up or down.

2. Statement Necklace or Earrings

What better way to show off a statement piece than pairing it with the incredible tube maxi, right? I love statement pieces. In fact, they’re my go-to whenever I’m wearing one of my “basic” or “plain” tube maxis. 

Statement necklaces and earrings bring attention to your dress and contribute to the elegance of the strapless maxi dress. However, you shouldn’t wear two statement pieces at once because it becomes too much. Instead, pair the statement piece with a less conspicuous piece.

For example, when I wear my statement necklace, I’ll pair that with stud earrings, so there’s only one focal point and vice versa. Alternatively, if I’m going for a statement earring, I’ll opt for a bare neck to avoid a busy neck area.

3. A Pair of Sexy Heels

Sometimes, you only need a pair of show-stopping stilettos to bring your outfit to life. For example, I love to pair your maxis with heels to enhance your height, give you a slimmer physique, and boost your confidence. What’s more, you won’t need any other accessory for your tube maxi dress if you have the right shoes.

Thus, the trick is to find comfortable heels that complement your outfit. If you’re wearing a monochromatic tube maxi dress, you should wear a pop of color on your shoes. However, nude heels also look great.

If you’re wearing something floral, you will need heels with toned-down colors, like black, white, or nude.

4. A Bucket Hat and Sneakers

One thing I love about Maxi dresses is how they can easily go from formal to casual by simply changing the accessory.

For this look, you’ll need a bucket hat, sneakers, and a chunky chain to create a casual look. Depending on your taste, you can go for a monochromatic look or play around with colors.

The chunky necklace works better for bodycon tube maxis, but if you’re going for floral prints, the lariat and riviere necklaces are more fitting. Complete the look with a backpack or sling bag, and you are good to go.

5. Bold Red Lips

A red lip sure knows how to make a statement, and sometimes, that’s the only accessory you need to stand out. So, whether wearing a bodycon or flowy tube maxi, apply a bright red lip, and style your hair to complement the neck area.

Of course, you’ll have to complement other facial features with a little makeup, but the red lip should be the focal point. I usually prefer letting the hair down and sweep it to one side, so it falls down on the neck to serve as an accessory.

Since the lips are already popping, you should go for lighter makeup around your eyes and cheeks to avoid looking clownish.

6. Cowboy Chic

Cowboy hats will definitely spruce up your tube maxi dress. These hats are fun, stylish, and functional. I particularly love pairing cowboy hats with my floral and monochromatic tube maxis.

The trick is to find a cowboy hat that complements your features from the wide selection of hats in the market. Once you have the hat, all that’s left is picking cute earrings, and a matching bag.

You can switch up the look during winter or fall, adding cowboy boots, a scarf, and a leather jacket to keep you warm.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses do much more than protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. A good pair of sunnies can easily transform into an accessory when worn right on your face or on top of your head.

They don’t have to be designer sunglasses, but at least ensure they match your facial features. Pick a simple pair and a nice heeled shoe to stand out more. The sunglasses are handy, especially when styling your tube maxi dress for summer.

8. Wrist Accessories

When you want a bare neck and minimal makeup, always accessorize your hands. Pick out one chunky bangle or a collection of different bangles and fill up your wrist. I normally accessorize one hand, but sometimes, I do a few bangles on each hand to make it more fun. Then, I’ll complete the look with cute sandals for comfort and a relaxed look.

However, wearing bangles doesn’t mean your neck must be bare. If you want to accessorize both areas, wear a pendant necklace and a mix of bangles on one wrist. Depending on your fashion sense, you can select from various types, including metal, traditional, or woven bangles.

9. Pick a Statement Belt

Belts are excellent accessories for flowy tube maxis. Belts define your waist and show off your curves, making the outfit more feminine. Typically, I’ll add a statement belt for a tube maxi dress to double up as an accessory.

You can go for color, size, or specific features when using belts as accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a floral maxi, you can choose a basic black belt. On the other hand, if it’s a plain maxi, vibrant belts will do the trick.

Some people prefer thick belts, while others go for thinner ones, but both work perfectly.

What should I know when accessorizing tube maxi dresses?

When accessorizing tube maxi dresses, you should know that less is more. You don’t need to over-accessorize because the dress itself captures attention. However, don’t shy away from experimenting. You can pair different accessories like rings, scarves, hoop earrings, or statement earrings and stilettos.

Can I wear a tube maxi dress without accessorizing?

Absolutely! Tube maxi dresses are regal, sexy, and feminine. As long as the dress compliments your body structure and neckline, you won’t need a single accessory to stand out. But it doesn’t hurt to pair the look with beautiful shoes or a nice clutch.

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