How to Find Good Cheap Maxi Dresses

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What's better than finding a quality maxi dress for a lower price? Find out how and where you can find the most affordable dresses without breaking the bank.

One thing’s for sure; maxi dresses will never go out of style. They’re comfortable, regal, and versatile for any occasion or season. So it isn’t surprising that maxi dresses are a staple in most wardrobes. And if you’re looking for affordable maxis, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s easier to find unique maxi dress styling tips than tips on how to get affordable maxis. And with that in mind, I have researched ways to shop for good quality dresses without breaking the bank. Here goes;

1. Check Out Thrift Stores

Thrifting has become increasingly popular, and rightfully so. Nowadays, more people shop in thrift stores for affordable “vintage looks” and good quality second-hand clothes.

Generally, thrift stores are known for selling affordable second-hand clothes, among other things. Therefore, it’s only right that you consider these stores when looking for cheap maxi dresses. You will spend less and contribute to preserving the environment by reusing the outfits.

Moreover, thrift stores are known for constantly rotating their inventory and stocking unique pieces. So you can avoid bumping into someone with a similar outfit anytime soon when you shop at a thrift store.

Believe it or not, some of the best quality maxi dresses are at the thrift store. Some people will buy an expensive outfit, wear it once or twice, and hand it to a thrift store. So, confirm the restocking dates at your local thrift store and be the first in line for affordable and unique dresses.

2. Go Through Friends’ Closets

Sometimes, affordable maxi dresses are closer to home than you might think. So if your friend likes maxi dresses just as much as you do, why not explore their wardrobe?

Yep! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new maxi dress, ask your friend to lend or exchange her maxi dress with you. You can borrow the maxi dress for an occasion, wear it, and then give it back. Alternatively, ask her to exchange her less-worn maxi dresses with some of yours. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

But what if your friend needs more convincing? If borrowing or exchanging doesn’t work, ask her to sell it to you at an affordable price. After all, she’s already worn it several times. If she’s entrepreneurial, she’ll definitely say yes, and you’ll get a good quality max for way less than the market price. Genius!

3. Check Out Our Website Reviews

Unlike in-store shopping, online shopping provides a wider net for affordable prices. You can compare prices in real-time, search for customer discounts, and find incredible sales with a simple click.

Moreover, most online shopping websites get their maxi dresses directly from the manufacturers, eliminating transportation and commission costs. For this reason, their dresses are cheaper than in-store maxi dresses.

You can also take advantage of the deals of the day and savings codes to reduce your costs. Clearly, there are several ways to save money when shopping for maxi dresses online. First, however, you must research to confirm the website’s legitimacy.

We have curated a list of reliable maxi dress shopping websites, including ChicMe, DressBarn, Modlily, Stein Mart, and Monkees. Check out the reviews and find the most affordable maxi dress store for your style.

4. Know Your Fabrics

Usually, fabrics determine the cost of your maxi dress, and the higher the quality, the more expensive the dress. Therefore, if you want cheaper maxi dresses, you must understand the fabrics and how they affect pricing. Remember, fabric, in this case, combines fiber content and the dress’s construction.

Generally, the best fabrics for maxi dresses include cotton (lawn, poplin, and jersey knit), polyester, linen, and rayon jersey knit. The materials are durable and breathable, adding to the uniqueness of a maxi dress.

However, material like cotton is readily available, easy to maintain, and cheaper than linen. These factors make cotton an ideal fabric for cheap, high-quality maxi dresses.

Research is vital in fabric selection because it combines the cost of trims, zippers, buttons, threads, design, and elastics.

5. Visit a Rental Store

If you’re looking for a cheap maxi dress for an event or one-time wear, rental stores are the best option. For example, maxi dresses for prom, corporate galas, or a wedding are expensive, and chances are you won’t wear them again. So, by finding one at a rental store, you’ll save money and wardrobe space.

These stores operate online and in-person, giving you a wide selection of high-quality, expensive maxi dresses. You must provide your information (including size), pay the rental fee, and return the dress in good condition.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find physical stores that allow fittings and adjustments using their in-house seamstress. Either way, you get to wear a fabulous dress and save money. But as always, remember to confirm the store’s reputation and authenticity before investing your money.

6. Ask for a Discount

There’s no shame in asking for a discount. Obviously, the discount doesn’t cut the price by half, but it saves you money. So, the next time you go shopping for maxi dresses, be upfront and ask the seller for a sizeable discount, especially if you buy more than one maxi dress.

Apart from over-the-counter discounts, it would help if you also took advantage of sales discounts. Online and in-person stores have regular clearance, end-month, and Black Friday sales, to name a few.

Therefore, be on the lookout for these deals. After all, the best time to stock up on your favorite maxi dresses is when your favorite store has a sale.

Are cheap maxi dresses low quality?

No. A cheap price tag doesn’t mean the quality is low. The quality of a maxi dress is determined by several factors, including fabric construction and durability. Moreover, the quality will be good if you get a cheap maxi dress on sale or from a thrift store. Once you understand your fabrics, you’ll realize cheap doesn’t always mean low quality.

Will I look good in a cheap maxi dress?

Absolutely! Maxi dresses are designed to look good on everyone, no matter the size. However, you should consider factors such as your body shape, height, style preference, occasion, and color. Moreover, the right accessories will accentuate your outfit. 

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