How to Make a Maxi Skirt Flare

How to Make a Maxi Skirt Flare
Flowy maxi skirts exude femininity, sophistication, and freedom. So, click on this guide and learn to make a stylish flare maxi skirt.

When it comes to flare maxi skirts, flowier is always better. But as modern fashion trends prioritize sex appeal and figure-hugging outfits, bodycon maxi skirts are more popular than flowy skirts. In fact, most flowy maxi skirts have minimal flare and will present the silhouette of a straight, almost body-hugging skirt.

That said, I want to show you exactly how to add extra flare to your skirt and turn it into an elegant and flowy fashion piece. What’s more, you don’t need an arsenal of tools to achieve this look; it is simple, and the steps are straightforward.

But first,

What Is a Flare Maxi Skirt?

A flare maxi skirt is a type of skirt that presents an A-line silhouette, almost similar to a Cinderella gown. These skirts are cinched around the waist, but the shape gradually widens to the hem, creating a flowy effect in the shape of the letter “A.” Some are voluminous, but most day-to-day flare maxi skirts have a subtle yet elegant and feminine flow.

Nowadays, most women prefer the sex appeal and femininity of a bodycon maxi skirt. But let’s be honest; nothing beats the elegance of a flare maxi skirt. These maxi skirts are iconic and the blueprint for all the trends we see today. According to research by Western Kentucky University, the origin of flare maxi skirts can be traced back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, at the height of the “bohemian” and “hippie” era.

During this period, people wore flared maxi skirts to signify liberation, free-spiritedness, and embracing their individuality. This era was dubbed the countercultural movement, and it’s also the iconic birthplace of sophisticated flare maxi skirts. So, thanks to their rich and powerful history, these skirts can never go out of style.

How to Make Your Maxi Skirt Flare: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you can’t find your preferred style of flowy maxi skirt, these steps will help you create the perfect flare maxi skirt.

Step 1: Pick Your Preferred Fabric

What style and material are you going for? Do you want cotton, denim, leather, chiffon, silk, or rayon? Do you like plain, colorful, print, or floral material? I recommend selecting lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk, and chiffon because they’re more flowy and will drape well for the ultimate flare.

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

You’ll use your measurements to determine the length of the skirt. So, you must measure yourself beforehand, including your waist, hips, and height (from the waist down). Mark these measurements on the fabric and cut them accordingly. Remember, there’s no standard length because that is determined by your height and style preference.

Step 3:  Fold the Fabric and Mark the Flare

Fold the cut fabric in half, with the longer sides facing each other, to create a long rectangular piece. Also, ensure the selvage edges are aligned to avoid wrong measurements. Next, measure and mark your desired flare width at the bottom of the folded fabric.

Generally, the width depends on your preferred volume for the skirt, but 2-4 inches is a good starting point. Remember to mark these measurements on both sides for an even flare. What’s more, you can add the inches if you want a pronounced flare.

Step 4: Draw the Flare Lines

Starting from the marked points on the bottom edge, draw diagonal lines gradually widening towards the bottom corners of the fabric. The lines should create a gradual curve, giving the skirt a flared shape. Use chalk or a fabric pen to make these markings.

Next, use a pair of scissors to cut along the marked lines. These lines should be precise because the shape contributes to the symmetrical silhouette of the skirt. In fact, it’s better to start cutting from the folded edge at the hem, moving towards the top edge because the bottom part is the most significant.

Step 5: Unfold and Sew the Fabric

Open up the fabric to reveal the entire flared shape. It should be an A-line shape with both sides showing precise symmetry. Next, fold the skirt so the right sides face each other and sew the sides. Don’t touch the top part just yet because you’ll need a waistband to cinch the waist area.

Step 6: Prepare and Insert a Waistband

Flare maxi skirts are cinched at the waist, so adding a comfortable yet snug waistband is only fitting. First, you’ll fold the edge by 1-2 inches to create an encasing for your drawstring or elastic waistband. Second, sew along the folded edge, but leave an opening on both sides to insert the band.

Third, measure your elastic or drawstring based on the waist measurements and cut it. Remember, the measurements must cater to the circumference of your waist and not across. Finally, insert the waistband through the opening and push it through with a pin or something similar. Secure both sides of the waistband after you confirm the fit.

Step 7: Hem the Skirt

You will use your desired skirt length to cut off the excess fabric, leaving about an inch for hemming. Once everything is in place, fold the bottom edge of the skirt twice and sew along the edge to secure the hem. For a clean finish, you can press the fabric before sewing.

Lastly, use scissors to cut loose threads and fabrics for a clean look. Giving the skirt a final press to smooth out wrinkles and stitch work would be best. This will make your work appear professional, and your flared sections will lie flat.

That’s it! You have successfully designed a flare maxi skirt that meets your fashion needs. Now it’s time to create unique looks and head to an event, brunch, or picnic with friends.

Why should I consider making a DIY flared maxi skirt?

Flared maxi skirts are aesthetically pleasing. You look stylish, confident, and creative. Also, flared maxi skirts are very comfortable and versatile. You can pair them with fitted tees, dressy tops, crop tops, or cardigans. Moreover, these flowy skirts are great for creating sophisticated boho-chic looks. Check out my article about styling flowy maxi skirts for more tips.

What will I need to create a flared maxi skirt?

Luckily, you don’t need much for this DIY project. You’ll need a fabric of your choice, scissors, markers or chalk, safety pins, measuring tape, and a sewing machine or thread and needle. It is a simple project and can be done in a day or less. 

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