How to Style a Maxi Dress for Homecoming

You can still wear a maxi dress for homecoming if you know how to style it
With Homecoming season coming up, it's time to get your glam on with the perfect homecoming dress to bring out your inner queen, so bring out your maxi dress.

It’s that time of the year again- temperatures are slowly dropping, leaves are falling, and with that, we know fall is upon us. But as vacation time ends and we can no longer wear beach shorts and sandals, we look forward to welcoming a new fashion season- homecoming.

After the week-long sports events, jumping and cheering high school and sometimes college students get to finally enjoy a night of dressing up, dancing, and hanging out with fellow schoolmates. As for parents, the fall season also calls for a change of mindset fashion-wise.

One look that comes to mind when I think about appropriate attire for fall and homecoming dance is a maxi dress. Sure most girls prefer to wear short cocktail or skater dresses for homecoming and leave the gowns for prom, but not everyone is comfortable or looks good in short cute dresses. I believe that the homecoming queen, in particular, should don a long dress to embody the queen that she is.

But before we start accessorizing and choosing shoes, let’s pick a nice maxi dress for homecoming first, shall we?

Best Long Dress for Homecoming Dance

To start with, homecoming maxi dresses must be less formal than what you would wear to prom. The homecoming dance is a semi-formal or semi-casual event, and this should dictate your dress choice. Go for something playful, and casual, but still striking, like a long, fitting sequin dress with a side slit or cutouts. A semi-formal maxi dress with pockets is also perfect for this night, especially if you don’t want to carry a clutch bag.

A dress that’s flowy and loose at the bottom can also be appropriate, provided the fabric is light and the top is playful. A wrap dress, high-low, and trumpet dresses are all appropriate here. The idea of a long homecoming dress is to feel free, light, and ready to get down on that dance floor but also beautiful and ladylike.

And since any color goes on this beautiful day, don’t shy away from sparkly sheer or rhinestone embellished materials that will make you glow all night. For those accompanied by a cute boy to the dance, choose a soft romantic look with rose gold, mauve, light purple, or blush colors. Be sure to check your school rules though, before you show up with a bareback or sleeveless dress and get turned away at the door.

One last thing to note about a homecoming dress is that the night will get cold at some point. That’s why we recommend choosing something that has sleeves to keep your arms warm unless you are planning to wear something on top when that time comes.

With the right dress on hand, here are five ways you can style a maxi dress for homecoming or fall season in general. The keywords to keep in mind here are warmth and style because summer is over, and nobody wants to see you in sandals anymore.

Prioritize Accessories

When it comes to homecoming, your dress is really just a backdrop for your accessories and your beauty. This is the night for show-stopping rhinestone necklaces, statement chokers and big sparkly earrings. Decorate your hands with bracelets, watch or bangles if you want and feel free to don an anklet as well.

 Your makeup and hair should also be elegant and a little over the top. You may not be the homecoming queen, but this is also your night to shine, literally.

Glam It Up with a High Heel

As we said, sandals and sneakers will not be tolerated in fall, let alone the homecoming dance. On this night, you want to elevate your look with a comfortable high heel. In reality, the shoe is only for that grand entrance (and exit) because most people take off their shoes while inside for the dance.

Again, we want over the top here. A nude pump is good, but you can also do one with sparkly embellishments. This goes for open stilettos as well. However, we have to insist you choose comfort over fashion. If you are not comfortable walking with a thin heel, choose something a little chunky for stability. The last thing you want is to twist your ankle on the big night.

And because we know not everyone is okay with heels, a cute, open wedge or platforms will do as well. Ankle boots with a heel are also very sexy when worn with the right dress.

Scarf over Jacket

That’s right. You can choose a light-colored, flowery scarf to wrap around your upper body instead of wearing a jacket. A scarf is more feminine and light, so it will strike that balance between giving you some warmth and allowing you to shine through the night. Besides, the room is full of people dancing, so you will likely not feel that cold.

The good thing about a scarf is that you can fold it neatly inside your clutch bag and only take it out when it’s chilly.

Cover Up

When push comes to shove, however, we do recommend carrying a jacket because it’s fall after all. But not any jacket will do. You want something that will add structure and elegance to the maxi dress instead of covering it up.

This is why a small leather or denim jacket is the best option. They are feminine, classy, and not bulky at all. The jacket will cut right about your waist, creating that nice waistline and also leaving your chest area open.

That said, a light trench coat with a belt is also a classy option that won’t ruin your look for the night. And since you don’t have to wear a jacket until later that night, you can enjoy the dress and the freedom for a while during the dance.

Can you wear a maxi dress to the homecoming dance?

Homecoming is a semi-casual dance event, which means you can wear any dress you want. Maxi dresses work well for this day because it’s always a little chilly, and your legs can use some coverage. Most girls also look better with maxi dresses than with short ones, and they are easy to style.

What kind of maxi dress is best for homecoming?

Semi-formal maxi dresses are the best choice for homecoming. They are neither too casual for this official dance nor too formal to pass for prom. A maxi dress with unique characteristics like side slit, pockets, and other playful details is also better than a plain one.

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