How To Wear A Black Maxi Skirt

how to wear a black maxi skirt
Black maxi skirts a staple for all season. Here are tips on how to wear a black maxi dress no matter the season. Read on to find out.

Just like women of all shapes and sizes can wear maxi dresses, any woman can wear a maxi skirt. And just like maxi dresses, maxi skirts are versatile, so you can wear them to virtually any occasion and in any season. 

Black maxi skirts are doubly versatile because of their color and the fact that they are maxi skirts. You see, black is one of those staple colors in fashion that may never go out of style. It represents a certain sophistication and class and even adds a little rebellious edge to any outfit. Black looks great on anyone; it is slimming and striking, and you can wear black to any event.

So a black maxi skirt is a must-have for any woman’s closet. There are so many pieces that you can wear with a black maxi to create a range of looks, so let’s take a look at that.

What To Wear With A Black Maxi Skirt?

Along with the season, event, and your personal style, the items you can pair with a black maxi skirt depend on the skirt’s fabric and silhouette. There are two basic maxi skirt silhouettes: straight or A-line, which then have different variations such as tiers, slits, tassels, pleats, ruffles, and so on. Fabric can range from leather, denim, cotton, and polyester to tulle, chiffon, satin, and many more. 

So, what tops can you wear with your black maxi skirt?

Cropped Top 

Cropped tops are a popular pairing with black maxi skirts, especially for warmer days. You could go for a monochromatic, black-on-black look or a pop of color. Cropped tops are also quite easy to style with any kind of black maxi skirts.


T-shirts are a fun way to wear your black maxi skirt. You could either get plain crew neck T-shirts or a quirky, colorful t-shirt that expresses your personality. T-shirts and maxi skirts make for a cute casual look, but there are other ways to style the T-shirts to suit the events and your personality.

Dress Shirt 

A dress shirt is another easy item to pair with a black maxi skirt. It can work seamlessly in an office setting or a casual setting. 


There are a few ways to wear a sweater with a black maxi skirt. You can layer it over a dress shirt, tank top, or crop top for a little extra warmth on colder days. Alternatively, you could wear a sweater as a top.


Blazers are a fun way to create a silhouette, especially with those long flowing maxi skirts. A cropped blazer or a boyfriend jacket cinched with a belt are excellent options for styling your maxi skirt.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets always add a sense of coolness and an edge to any outfit, and they certainly do that for a black maxi skirt. You can go for an all-leather look or create a contrast with a tulle or chiffon maxi skirt.


A poncho or shawl over a skirt may look like a faux pas, but it really isn’t. It’s a wonderful way to stay warm in colder months and add a pop of color to your look. All you need is a belt to create that silhouette, and you are good to go.

Denim Jacket

Like leather jackets, denim jackets are quite popular as a timelessly fashionable way to add layers to any outfit. You can rock a denim vest, a denim-on-denim look, or do the classic denim over a white tee look. 

How To Style A Black Maxi Skirt

Now that we’ve seen some items you could pair with your black maxi skirt, let’s explore what looks you can create for different seasons and events. 

Office Wear

Dress Shirt Over A Leather Maxi

A straight leather maxi skirt paired with heels and your favorite dress shirt. Add a nice handbag, and you are ready for that important business meeting or regular work day.

Simple T-Shirt Over Ball Gown Skirt

Ball gown skirts are a fun way to wear a black maxi skirt, and you can take that little bit of fun by pairing that skirt with a simple T-shirt. You could wear this with a cross-body satchel and a pretty pair of flats or a proper office bag and heels.

Blazer And Maxi Skirt Combo

Colder months require extra layers at the office, and one way to do that is to wear a blazer over your black maxi skirt. Create some waist definition with a belt over the blazer and pair it with knee-length boots to stay warm. You can choose this all-black look or add a pop of color through your blazer. The blazer and maxi skirt combo is an effortless office look that keeps you comfortable yet stylish.

Sweater And Maxi Skirt Combo

There are many ways to combine a sweater and a maxi skirt. For example, you could wear a long, button-up cardigan over a blouse with your black maxi and a pair of ankle boots. It is a great way to stay warm and official in colder months. Alternatively, you could wear a round-neck sweater top over your maxi with a pair of flats and still look good for the office.

Casual Wear

Oversize Shirt Over A-Line Maxi Skirt With Pockets

Don’t you just love a maxi skirt with pockets? Pair that with an oversized shirt and some sneakers, and you are the epitome of stylish comfort. You could also dress this up with jewelry and ankle boots, and you are ready for lunch with your girlfriends.

Denim Jacket And White T-Shirt

A denim and white t-shirt is an easy casual look that looks great on anyone. So for those colder months when you’re running errands or meeting friends, throw on a white t-shirt over your black maxi dress and complete the look with a denim jacket. You can wear sandals, flats, or boots with this outfit, and look fantastic.

Crop Top With A Long Black Maxi Skirt

Fitting crop tops create a great contrast with long, flowing maxi skirts, just as loose crop tops work best with fitted maxi skirts. In addition, different styles of crop tops work with different body types, so you don’t have to be afraid to wear one. You only need to figure out which ones work with your body type. 

Crop tops and maxi skirts can be styled with combat boots, ankle boots, or sneakers for an easy, laid-back look. You could also dress it up with pretty sandals or heels and some jewelry for a brunch date.

Boho Look With A Chunky Sweater

If you are into that laid-back Boho look, you can create that look in the colder seasons by throwing a chunky sweater over your black maxi skirt. Add a few statement jewelry pieces and a pair of warm boots, and you will look as stylish as you are cozy.

The versatility of the black maxi skirt allows you to transition from the office or class to a brunch date with your friends then to a date night with that special someone. By simply changing your top, shoes, and accessories, you can create a completely different look for different events with the same maxi skirt. Therefore, a black maxi skirt is a worthy investment in your wardrobe, so you should definitely get a few different silhouettes.

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