Dressing Like Barbie in Real Life: Embracing Glamour and Self-Expression

How to dress like barbie
Looking to create that Barbie look yourself? Let's break down the wardrobe from the Barbie movie to create stunning Barbie-inspired outfits.

Barbie has been a fashion icon for generations, captivating our imaginations with her impeccable style and endless wardrobe. Her ability to effortlessly embrace glamour and self-expression has made her an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. If you’ve ever wondered how to bring a touch of Barbie’s iconic fashion into your own life, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Barbie’s timeless fashion choices and explore how you can translate her distinctive style into your everyday outfits. From embracing vibrant colors to incorporating retro influences, we’ll provide you with practical tips and insights to help you infuse your own wardrobe with the playful, feminine charm that Barbie embodies.

The article is based on interviews with Gerta Gerwing (director), Margot Robbie (who played the lead role and produces) and Jacqueline Durran (costume designer). The best article about Barbie costume design was this interview Durran have in Vogue

Total look

Barbie’s look is complete from head to toe. Every item of clothing has a matching headpiece – usually a hat or a hairband – a pair of matching earrings – usually white – and. of course, high heel shoes.

To make your look a total Barbie-style look, accessorize it with the same amount of care you paid to the clothes. Choose bold earrings and a matching hat or hairband that complements your outfit. Finish off by adding some white ankle boots or high heel sandals for extra glamour.

Barbie wears neon
Warner Bros. / Instagram

Embracing Versatility

Just like Barbie’s wardrobe caters to various activities and destinations, your own fashion choices can reflect versatility. Whether you’re dressing up for a day at the office or preparing for a casual outing with friends, invest in versatile pieces that can effortlessly transition between different occasions. In the movie the barbies wears pants, jumpsuit, gala dresses, the pinkest cowboy suit ever to be made, more casual dresses and the list goes on. So you can pull of every piece of clothing and look like Barbie.

Barbie wearing a pink cowboy suit
Dale Robinette//Warner Bros.

Reviving Retro Glamour

Barbie’s fashion aesthetic reflects the elegance and sophistication of bygone eras. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s, particularly the French Riviera beach vibes of the early ’60s, you can channel Barbie’s retro glamour by selecting feminine silhouettes, such as flared dresses, high-waisted skirts, and tailored blouses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pastel shades and bold patterns to capture Barbie’s timeless appeal.

French Riviera fashion style

The French Riviera fashion style of the 60’s is an elegant and chic mix of pastel colors, bold prints and nautical-inspired themes. It often includes features such as boat necklines, pleats, stripes, high waisted skirts, cropped jackets and capri pants. The look was popularized by icons like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn who were spotted wearing these styles during their visits to the French Riviera. The style can be described as being quite feminine and glamorous yet comfortable and laid-back, making it perfect for any occasion.


Many of Barbie’s outfits in the film were sourced from Chanel, especially pieces from the 1980s. For instance, Durran’s personal favorite was a contemporary Coco Beach pink dress with Chanel accessories.

barbie earing blue
Barbie wearing a French-Riviera-inspired blue dress with a statement collar | Youtube / Warner Bros.

Color palette: more than pink

Pink is the first color coming to mind when thinking of Barbies. All shades of pink go for a Barbie-inspired look. When watching the movie in the cinema, the common practice among the audience was to wear pink.

The movie’s customes designed is inspired by the 50’s to the 80’s. Barbie and ken neon jumpsuits, and [spoiler alert until the end of the paragraph] the jumpsuits the Barbies wear to “bring back” their brain-washed friends – are neon and with strong colors.

So although pink is the most dominant color in Barbie land, and anything pink is the easier way to go – other colors work as well. Especially bright pastel colors and strong neon. Leave your dark dresses to a Wednesday-inspired look.

Durran says that the color combinations used in the film, like “lavender, bright blue, light blue; green, orange, beige; orange, blue, pink; two pinks and a yellow”.

Barbies wearing pastel colors, some with statement collars
Barbies wearing pastel colors, some with statement collars | Youtube/Warner Bros.


Some of the collars Barbie wears in the movie are bold and present. From the collars on the dresses the Barbies wear to the beach, to the white collar on the blue sailor-dress Barbie wears on her way to the Weird Barbie house and the pink peter-pan-like collar in her car. Barbie’s collars are a statement.

For everyday wear, the best way to emulate Barbie’s style is by adding one small detail that stands out like a bold collar. A white peter-pan or sailor collar on a classic shirt dress can help you to channel the same cool and effortless vibe that Barbie has.

barbie in pink look

Delicate Fabric Patterns

The clothing in Barbieland is predominantly composed of solid colors, with minimal use of patterns. If there are any prints or patterns on the fabric, they are subtle and understated. Pastel and white hues are often employed, sometimes utilizing two shades of the same color. The patterns, when present, are typically geometric in nature, such as squares or polka dots, or they may consist of elegant designs. These patterns are always delicate and never overpower the attention from the other garments.

How to dress like barbie

Exaggerate and Stay Classy

All the Barbie dolls in the movie wear wigs, allowing their hair to appear incredibly voluminous, flawless, and slightly exaggerated. Achieving such natural fullness can be quite challenging unless one is genetically blessed. You have the option to embrace it as it is or enhance it with the help of wigs or hair extensions. Personally, I am an advocate for utilizing one’s own natural hair and perhaps doing something special with it.

Another aspect to consider is the makeup. Barbie dolls’ faces are adorned with makeup. While I personally don’t wear makeup, if you choose to, I would recommend opting for a more natural look.

Taking inspiration from Margot Robbie’s red-carpet appearances, she manages to maintain a classic and elegant appearance with just a subtle touch of exaggeration.

Final Thoughts

Taking inspiration from the classic style of Barbie, it is possible to recreate her iconic fashion looks. From investing in retro-inspired silhouettes, incorporating vibrant colors and bold patterns, or selecting delicate fabric prints, there are many ways to incorporate elements of Barbie’s fun yet sophisticated look into your wardrobe. Accessorize with a headpiece, earrings and bold heels to complete your Barbie-inspired look, and remember to stay true to your own style by adding a touch of exaggeration with your makeup or hair. With these tips in mind, you can create the perfect look that exudes timeless glamour and effortless sophistication!

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