How to Choose the Best Maxi Dress for a Capsule Wardrobe

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Each capsule wardrobe should have a dress. But how do you pick the right piece? A quick guide on choosing the best maxi dress for a capsule wardrobe.

Maxi dresses are a must-have in every woman’s capsule wardrobe. They are timeless, flattering, and super comfy. When you pick the right piece, a maxi dress can be dressed up and down, layered for colder months, and accessorized for summer. 

There is a maxi dress for every casual, formal, or professional occasion. If you are thinking about building a capsule wardrobe, here are tips for choosing the best maxi dress. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you may wonder what a capsule wardrobe is.

A capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of clothes that can easily be interchanged or mixed and matched with one another to create different outfits. The clothing pieces are often classic and do not quickly go out of style. 

A capsule wardrobe enables you to create different looks with a limited clothes selection. The smallest wardrobes contain about 7 pieces (pants, shirts, skirt or dress, shoes, bag). If you are less of a minimalist, 20 pieces is still considered a small wardrobe, and usually, 50 pieces are the top.

Here in MaxiPockets, we support using what you already own, and if that is not possible – to shop mindfully. Capsule wardrobes support this cause.

Here are some benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

  • Reduced decision fatigue. Having a limited collection of clothes complementing each other makes deciding what to wear more straightforward, reducing decision fatigue.
  • Save time. You do not have to dig through a pile of clothes before deciding what to wear.
  • Save money. A capsule wardrobe incorporates a collection of versatile and interchangeable pieces. This means you do not have to spend money on new clothes as you can use what you have to create multiple looks.
  • More eco-friendly. Since a capsule wardrobe allows you to own fewer clothes, there will be less clothing waste in landfills, fewer chemicals in the water, and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Less stress. Owning fewer clothes means less clutter. Clutter increases the stress hormone cortisol, making you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Maxi Dress for a Capsule Wardrobe

The best thing about a maxi dress is that you do not have to put much effort into creating the look you want. Whether you want a casual, formal, or professional look, a maxi dress alone brings the elegance and vibrance you want from your attire, making it a staple for every woman’s capsule wardrobe. Read on for ways to choose the best maxi dress for your capsule wardrobe.

1. Opt for Lighter Fabrics

The fabric is the first thing to consider when choosing the best maxi dress for your capsule wardrobe. The best fabrics for maxi dresses should be light to keep you cool during the warmer months and allow layering in the winter months. Here are some ideal maxi dress fabrics for your capsule wardrobe.

  • Chiffon

Chiffon, also known as crepe or georgette, is an excellent maxi dress fabric for your capsule wardrobe because it is lightweight and breathable. It is also feminine and elegant, has a good drape, and is resistant to wear. 

However, chiffon is susceptible to deforming or sagging when not taken care of due to its loose structure. For this reason, ensure you handwash your chiffon maxi dress in cold water, lay it flat to dry, and fold it when storing it in your closet to keep it in excellent condition.

  • Cotton

Cotton maxi dresses are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for warmer and colder months. Cotton is also absorbent, durable, and not clingy. 

  • Linen

Linen is a natural fabric extracted from flax plants. It is highly absorbent, breathable, and soft on the skin. Thanks to its lightweight, breathable nature, linen maxi dresses can be worn in hot weather and layered in winter. 

2. Pick Colors Wisely

You want your maxi dress with pockets to coordinate with other items in your capsule wardrobe, including blazers, cardigans, and jackets

For this reason, you should consider choosing your favorite shade that not only looks great across different seasons. Ensure it also goes with other colors. 

Black and navy are excellent maxi dress color options because they complement several other shades. If you opt for a fun print or floral maxi dress, ensure the prints combine other colors in your wardrobe. This allows you to wear the maxi dress with other items in all the different colors.

3. Consider the Sleeve-length

Opt for short-sleeved or sleeveless maxi dresses with pockets. Not only do such pieces look great and offer various styling options. They are also perfect for warmer weather and can easily be layered under a jacket, blazer, or cardigan.

You will likely get the most use out of sleeveless or short-sleeved maxi dresses because you can rock them through different seasons.

4. Buy quality

Part of the idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to avoid constant shopping, and you are going to wear every piece quite often. When buying (or choosing) the dress for this kind of wardrobe, buy quality.

By “quality” I mean not a well-known brand, but a brand known for its product’s quality. You wouldn’t want your dress to transform after it’s washed, lose its color, change its shape or have something happen to the fabric.

4. Go for a classic dress and Ignore trends

Part of what makes a dress classy rather than trendy or edgy is its ability to look well with whatever piece you match it with. This idea also stands behind the capsule wardrobe.

If you really like a specific trend, try combining it in a small portion, in one of the pieces: have sequins or fringes on the bottom of the dress, or on a different item.

Why should you include a maxi dress in a capsule wardrobe?

A maxi dress is a capsule wardrobe stable for most women. It is stylish, comfortable, and versatile, so it is ideal for many occasions and seasons. Whether you are headed to an anniversary party, beach, or work, there is a maxi dress tailored to your needs.

How do you choose the best maxi dress for a capsule wardrobe?

To pick the best maxi dress with pockets for your capsule wardrobe, opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen that you could comfortably wear in summer and layer in winter. You should then pick neutral colors that work well with other closet pieces. Invest also in a short-sleeved or sleeveless maxi dress since you can wear it across different seasons.

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