What Is a Western-style Maxi Dress?

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A western-style maxi dress is a great piece for an authentic cowboy vibe on any occasion. Here is how to style a western style maxi dress.

Western style is a worldwide trend that originated in the USA. The style gets its distinctive look from the outfits that were worn by cowboys, ranchers, and laborers in the Wild West in the 1800s. They were functional clothing, but they have evolved with fanciful additions and embellishments. 

Modern urbanites are now pairing different pieces of cowboy elements to achieve a western style. A western style maxi dress is therefore incorporating cowboy elements to your maxi dress outfit.

7 Ways to Style a Western-Style Maxi Dress

You do not have to go all cowboy to create a modern western style. Try to incorporate a little flavor of cowboy style into your outfit to achieve a western style. Every piece you add to your look will give you an authentic vibe and set you apart from the crowd. 

There are various ways you can style your maxi dress to achieve a western style. They include; 

1. Pair with a Cowboy Hat

Hats are the perfect accessories to add to your maxi dress for a summer afternoon at the beach. You can style your maxi dress with a brown or black cowboy hat and a chunky blue necklace for a funky western style. 

The cowboy hat has a high crown and a wide brim that is either flat or shaped. You can wear them in cold and warm weather because of their fabrics which can be leather, felt, or straw. 

A modern cowboy hat has a black or beige color with decorative embellishments such as conchos, studs, beads, or stitching. 

2. Style with a Cowboy Boot

Boots are great with maxi dresses and are one of the key features in achieving a western style. You can wear your plain or floral and flowy maxi dress with these boots and flaunt your western vibe. 

The western style boots, however, are not the typical modern boots; they have distinctive features that set them apart. The cowboy boots are made from cowhide leather snake, or alligator skin, with a high shaft, a stacked heel, and a round pointed toe. 

Other designs have lower heels and a shorter shaft with decorative stitching.

3. Be a Minimalist 

Unlike other ethnic styles, a western style is simple, requiring only minimal accessories. You do not have to wear big chunky bangles, necklaces, and earrings to achieve this look. You should also not wear all the cowboy elements in one outfit for a chic vibe.

4. Pair With a Western Jacket

You can effortlessly achieve a smashing look by layering your maxi dress with a jacket. A suede jacket with fringes in front, back, and sleeves is all you need to create a western style. 

The jacket should be cut and cinched above your waist to flatter your curves for a more chic look.

You can also achieve the western style with a denim jacket and maxi dress.

5. Combine With a Western Shirt

A patterned maxi dress will go well with a buttoned-up cowboy shirt for a western-style look. Wear the shirt on top of a floral maxi dress, then tie the edges in front to make it look more stylish. The shirt can be white or any other neutral color with cowboy elements. 

A western shirt has a yoke in front and back that fits around the shoulders and neck. The yokes were first created to support the shirt’s looser sections. 

The shirts are long-sleeved with tartan, chambray, or a brushed flannel fabric. They also have embroidered patterns, contrasting piping, and fabric patches on the shoulders with buttons and two front pockets.

6. Add Western-style Accessories

Some well-known western accessories are bow ties, bolo ties, and bandanas. All these accessories can be paired with a maxi dress to achieve a western-style maxi dress.

For example, you can tie a small bandana around your neck with a plain color maxi dress to flaunt this style. Or you can tie a bow or bolo tie around your neck with your maxi dress for the same look.

7. Pair With a Leather Belt

Cowboy belts are leather belts with big buckles. The buckles can be made from stainless steel, zinc alloy brass, or silver. They also have symbols such as the bald eagle, American flag, motifs, or cowboy logos. 

You can achieve a western style by pairing your floral maxi dress with a cowboy belt that has a big buckle for an authentic look. Or you can wear a plain maxi dress with a brown beaded cowboy belt. 

What do you wear to a western theme party?

You can wear any outfit with a cowboy element to a western theme party. For instance, you can wear a maxi dress with a cowboy hat and a chunky necklace or wide-legged pants with a cowboy hat and boots. 

What do you add to achieve a Western-style Maxi dress?

Add either a cowboy hat, shirt, coat, or boots to your dress to create a chic western dress. You can incorporate a few pieces or a piece of cowboy element into your dress. 

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