How to Hang a Maxi Skirt

How to Hang a Maxi Skirt
When you fold a maxi skirt, creases and fold lines mess up your look. Read this article for creative hanging tips to keep your maxi skirts in good shape.

When asked whether ladies should hang or fold a maxi skirt, my answer is always hanging. Unless you have a denim maxi skirt or an equally stiff fabric, folding a maxi skirt does not work so well. It’s also possible that folding will leave the skirt with fold lines and creases that even ironing won’t remove.

But how do you hang a maxi skirt considering most of them slide right off the hanger? And if you hang from the waistband, won’t the skirt touch the floor?

These are the questions we are answering today and more.

The first thing you must get right when hanging a maxi skirt is the hangers. I recommend skirt/pants hangers because they come with a non-slip lining and padded clips to ensure your skirt doesn’t wrinkle or slide off.

Some great best skirt hangers include wooden clamp hangers, open-ended hangers, and metal clip hangers. That said, regular plastic and wooden hangers will work if you don’t have skirt hangers. You may have to invest in some clips, but it’s not always necessary.

4 Ways to Hang a Maxi Skirt

1. Fold Over

If you asked me how to hang a maxi skirt a few years ago, this would be my only trick. It is the easiest and the most common if you have regular hangers.

Fold the skirt in half lengthwise and then place it through the sitting part of the hanger. Depending on the skirt, you can adjust so both sides are equal, or let one side hang lower than the other to match the weight.

I recommend this method for thick, heavy skirts that don’t crease easily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well if the skirt is slippery.

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2. Roll In

Does your maxi skirt have a defined waistband and flowy material? You can hang it by rolling the hanger underneath the skirt so the hook comes out from the waist.

This will only work if the skirt has enough fabric to hold the hanger’s shoulders, otherwise, it will stretch. Pleated and A-line maxi skirts, for example, are perfect for this method. It’s a simple and easy way that causes no harm to the skirt.

3. Clip It

For this method, you will need a clip-style hanger or detachable clips to secure the skirt on the hanger. It is the best method if a skirt slides off or creases easily.

Place the hanger on a flat surface and the skirt right below it, touching the flat side of the hanger. Bite the clips onto the skirt’s waistband. You can adjust to balance both sides so the skirt is not hanging unevenly.

Again, if you don’t have a clip-on hanger, you can use alternative clips-on regular hangers. Binder clips and heavy-duty paper clips work too if they are large enough.

Pro-tip: to maximize storage space, you can hang 5 skirts together, like this:

4. Clip It with Fabric

If your maxi skirt is embellished or highly sensitive, the clips can cause some damage. Using a fabric between the clips and the skirt helps prevent this. (We have discussed the best fabrics here in length)

Fold a piece of fabric or paper over the skirt’s waistband and then follow the clip-it method above. Ensure the clips and the fabric are tight and secure so they won’t move or slip out.

Another way to avoid damage with the clip-it hanging method is to hang the skirt inside out. Any marks or damage the clips may cause will happen on the inside of the skirt’s waistband so nobody will see it. Hanging clothes inside out also helps them last longer because friction with other clothes happens on the wrong side.

How to Keep a Maxi Skirt from Stretching

Maxi skirts stretch for two reasons- either you washed them wrongly or hung them the wrong way. To keep a maxi skirt from stretching, follow the washing instructions to the letter, including the drying process.

As for hanging, you can prevent a maxi skirt from stretching by using a towel under it on the hanger. A towel will hold up the skirt so it doesn’t drape down too much or slide off the hanger.

And if you are using the clip-it hanging method, fold up the bottom part of the skirt over the hanger again so it doesn’t hang loose. This is also the solution if your maxi skirt is too long and touches the floor when you hang it.

How to Pack a Maxi Skirt Without Wrinkles

Packing for a trip requires you to fold the clothes into a suitcase and press them down. Normal folding however will cause your maxi skirt to crease and wrinkle.

So how do you pack a maxi skirt without wrinkles?

  • You have to fold the skirt like a roll.
  • Lay the skirt flat.
  • Fold it in half vertically (from side to side).
  • From the waist, roll the skirt slowly all the way down.
  • Tuck the last bit inside the roll so it doesn’t unravel, or use a rubber band to hold it together.

A rolling fold ensures no creases or fold marks will occur and also occupies less space on the suitcase. You can also do this with a dress or pants.

How to Store Maxi Skirts without Creasing

There are a few ways to prevent wrinkles and creases when storing a maxi skirt. One is to hang the skirt on a skirt hanger designed to hold the fabric in place. But if you have no closet space or a rod in the closet, folding is also an option.

You can use the rolling method I have demonstrated above and then store the skirts in a drawer or in a garment bag.

What is the best way to hang a maxi skirt?

The best way to hang a maxi skirt is to use a skirt hanger with clip-ons. If the skirt fabric is light and sensitive, use a piece of fabric or paper to separate the clips and the skirt to prevent damage.

How do you hang a maxi skirt that’s too long?

When a maxi skirt is too long and touches the floor when you hang it, you have no option but to fold it up.  Grab the bottom section of the skirt and fold it back to the hanger, and then clip the hem together with the waistband.

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