How to Wear a Maxi Skirt with Pockets

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt with Pockets
Maxi skirts with pockets are in and versatile. You will look fabulous in one if they match your style preference and body structure. Learn how to style these skirts

“I love your dress.” 
Me: “Thanks! It has pockets!”

Have you heard this before? That’s how excited I get when I find a maxi skirt with pockets. Generally, clothes with pockets are more comfortable and practical, with extra storage space when you’re on the go. 

But a maxi skirt with pockets is special. You’ll look swaggy and confident, all while maintaining the femininity of the beautiful maxi skirt. As always, the secret to pulling off unique maxi skirt looks is in the styling, and lucky for you, I’m here to help. This article will highlight my favorite looks and show you how to wear a maxi skirt with pockets. 

Let’s get started!

1. A Simple Fitted Top

A maxi skirt with pockets pairs well with a fitted top for a simple yet elegant look. Typically, crop tops, tank tops, camis, and fitted t-shirts look good with high-waist maxi skirts. White is the best color for maxi skirt tops, but you can always mix it up, depending on your preference. The tops sit right above your waistband, and you’ll have enough room to pocket without messing up the outfit.

What’s more, accessorizing this look is easy. You can keep it simple with little to no accessories or a few statement pieces to make the look more sophisticated. For example, you can wear a pendant necklace, studs or small hoop earrings, and sandals for a laid-back look. 

However, if you’re dressing up for an event or brunch with the girls, a statement necklace, heels, a clutch, and a fancy hairstyle will turn heads. These simple hairstyles work perfectly for dresses and maxi skirts.

2. A Button-Down Shirt 

Every woman needs a good button-down shirt in their closet because they’re versatile and trendy. Moreover, button-down shirts are perfect for maxi skirts with pockets. As a result, you can create impressive formal looks that swiftly turn into informal outfits with a few tweaks. 

First, find the right shirt color and print to match your skirt. Next, tuck in the shirt for a cinched waist and add appropriate accessories. Keep it simple with high heels, a handbag, and a subtle necklace and earrings for an office outfit. But sneakers, wedges, or flats will do the trick if you’re going for a casual fit. 

3. Matching Top and Skirt

You don’t have to wear a white outfit, but a matching top and skirt always work if the skirt has pockets. However, if you’re wearing a matching set, it’s better to keep it fun and sexy. Pick a crop top or smaller tops that don’t go below your waist area. Finally, complement the look with a shoulder bag, flats or sneakers, and jewelry. 

I like to go for subtle jewelry if I’m wearing matching sets, but there’s an exception for dark colors. For example, I’ll add a statement necklace or belt to a black outfit to brighten the look and break the monotony. 

4. A Statement Belt and Sandals

Maxi skirts with pockets are already cool. However, adding a statement belt and cute sandals improves the whole look tremendously. So, if you’re wearing a fitted top and maxi skirt, pair your outfit with a good belt that sits slightly under your waistband. That way, you can pocket your hands without looking awkward. 

A statement belt can be thin or large. If you’re wearing a large belt, it will look better around your waistband or slightly higher, depending on the size. 

5. Denim Jacket and Fitted T-Shirt

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple if you love casual fits. In fact, for a maxi skirt with pockets, the denim jacket will pull off a chic casual look. What’s more, denim looks good with any color, and you have many accessorizing options.

Wear a fitted white tee, sneakers, and a statement necklace for casual-chic vibes, and complete the look with a bold lip. Denim jackets paired with heels, a chic bag, and stylish jewelry will make for a classy casual look that you can wear to events or dates. Here are additional accessorizing tips for the perfect caual look.

But here’s a tip; find a denim jacket that stops above your waistband, so you don’t look frumpy. If you go for longer jackets, find one that will sit around your hip area. 

6. A Turtle Neck Top, Scarf, and Boots

Maxi skirts are all-weather outfits. So, if you’re looking for an elegant winter outfit, look no further than a maxi skirt paired with a scarf, turtle neck top, and stunning boots. It’s even better because you will avoid feeling cold by simply pocketing your hands. 

Usually, I like to match my scarf with boots or the skirt. So, if I wear black boots, my scarf will be black, and the same applies to my maxi skirt. However, you can swap out the scarf for a statement necklace without losing your elegance. Also, why not tie your hair in a ponytail and wear earrings to complement the outfit?

7. A Statement Maxi Skirt Paired with Heels

Yes. Sometimes, your maxi skirt is the center of attention. A wide range of maxi skirt designs include outstanding details, meaning you’ll need little to no styling. For such looks, keep it simple with a pair of stylish heels and a clutch, so you can still pocket comfortably. The top should also be fitted and aligned with the design on the maxi skirt. 

For example, the picture above has white detailing, so you choose a fitted white top that sits right above your waistband. For accessories, a subtle necklace and earrings will complement the look perfectly. Finish off with a red lip, and you’ll be good to go. Check out my TBDress review for shopping ideas on statement maxi skirts.

8. A Vintage Look

A good vintage look is always in style. So, why not bring out your vintage-style maxi skirts with pockets? Pick a long-sleeved fitted top, high boots, and a hat for this look. Black always adds a bit of mystery and sophistication, but you can go for different colored tops that match your personality. Furthermore, a leather jacket provides exquisite layering that will align with the vintage look.

For accessories, a simple clutch, waist bag, and sling bag will complete the look. Add a necklace and earrings for elegance, and top off with a dark lip. 

Why are maxi skirts with pockets popular?

Maxi skirts with pockets are popular because women generally love clothes that include pockets. In addition, having a pocket gives you extra swagger, warmth, and confidence in social settings. Instead of your hands hanging awkwardly, you can pocket and stand confidently. But most of all, wearing maxi skirts with pockets means extra storage for your lip balm, phone, and other essentials.

Can I layer my maxi skirt with a cardigan?

Yes! Maxi skirts with pockets look amazing when paired with a cardigan. Find a fitting cardigan, preferably one that sits above your waistband, and complete the look with a fitted crop top. The best part is you can wear sneakers, flats, boots, or heels and play around with accessories that match your style. 

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