How to Match a Maxi Dress with a Leather Jacket

How to Match a Maxi Dress with a Leather Jacket
Like the leather jacket, maxi dresses are in every woman’s wardrobe, waiting to be styled in different ways. Here are ways to style a maxi dress and leather jacket.

Did you know leather jackets were first introduced as military wear in the First World War? And in World War II, fighter pilots made it their primary attire, and this is where the term ‘bomber jacket’ comes from.

Thankfully, the leather jacket is now a wardrobe staple for both men and women, thanks to designer Irvin Scott who started selling motorcycle bomber jackets to the masses in the late 1920s. Besides being so incredibly versatile, a leather jacket is among the few things that can add spunk to any outfit. It creates that edgy look and makes you feel a few years younger.

But have you noticed you often pair your favorite leather jackets with jeans or miniskirts? Today I want us to discuss a different partner for this staple- the maxi dress.

Like the leather jacket, maxi dresses are in every woman’s wardrobe, waiting to be styled in different ways. Sure, denim and mojo jackets do the trick, and so does a good blazer. But what if you can transform that lady-like maxi dress into an edgy, spanky outfit any time of the year?

That’s where a leather jacket comes in.

I have selected 6 simple maxi dresses paired with a leather jacket just for you.

But before then, I want to make a disclaimer or two.

  • One, there are several types of leather jackets- the embellished biker jackets are not your only option. You can try a bomber jacket, a simple one or even an oversized leather jacket.
  • Two, you should explore other colors of leather jackets. Undoubtedly, black is the best and most versatile, but you can also invest in a good brown one or red or green. These are colors that will go with many of your maxi dresses, especially floral ones.

With that said, let’s move on to the maxi dress outfits of the day.

Floral dress

If you thought the perfect match for a floral maxi dress is denim, you were wrong. A maxi dress with any print, be it florals, animal print, or dots looks way better with a leather jacket, especially if the dress is darker.

This works for any maxi dress other than A-line designs. The best part is, you can wear the outfit with different shoes to suit different occasions. Throw on some killer boots during winter, white sneakers over spring and summer or stilettos for date night. As you can see from the second picture, the white sneakers made this fit casual and easy without much effort.

Summer dress

Your white summer dress doesn’t have to remain so pure and innocent. You can spank it up with a biker jacket for those chilly summer nights or not-so-hot spring days. And as I said, a leather jacket doesn’t have to be black. See what this silver gray jacket does to the white dress, and she pairs it with equally unique shoes. This is a fit I would wear to a wedding, a bridal shoot and any other happy event.

But you can also decide to wear your gorgeous summer dress a little past those sunny days. A black leather jacket will tone down the bright color and make the dress appropriate for any other season.

Bold colored dress

When I say bold colors, I mean screaming red, yellow, orange, green. These are colors that alert people of your presence from miles away and can be a little too much on the eyes.

A great way to tone that down is to throw on a black leather jacket and dark-colored shoes. It looks even better if the dress is floral but too bright.

plus size women wearing maxi dress skirt with leather jacket

Tiered dress

If I said it once, I will say it a thousand times- invest in fun, exciting maxi dresses. The pleats, tiers and frills make you look and feel younger, more feminine and more fun. And what else makes you feel these things? A leather jacket.

Again, you can pair this with sneakers for an easy day, heels for date night and events or boots if you want a more edgy look.

Black dress

I’ve written a whole post on how to style a black maxi dress, and you should check it out. One of the ideas is to brighten it up without killing the edgy vibe that a black maxi brings. This picture of Jennifer Lopez doing just that with a gray leather jacket has always been an inspiration. A white or brown one will also do the trick.

My favorite thing about this look, though, is that the ladies have paired it with open flats. You will rarely see anyone wearing a leather jacket and open flat shoes, but it really works with a long black dress. Just make sure your toenails have a nice color and accessorize well.

Sheer dress

Earlier we discussed how a leather jacket doesn’t look good with an A-line dress. One of the few exceptions to this rule is sheer dresses or skirts. In fact, any sheer dress will look cool with a cropped leather jacket, especially if it’s white or pink.

Again, this is an outfit you can rock to weddings, baby showers, girl’s night out and other fun activities. Depending on the occasion, you can do boots, stilettos or sneakers. I have this great article on the right shoes and boots to wear with a maxi dress.

Can you wear a leather jacket and maxi dress to a wedding?

Yes, you can rock a leather jacket over a maxi dress for any occasion, including a wedding. The secret is to choose the right dress and shoes. For example, pleated, tiered or sheer maxi dresses will be better than simple floral or summer dresses, and you can do stilettos instead of boots.

How do you wear a leather jacket and maxi dress to work?

Unless you work at Google, you can only wear a maxi dress and leather jacket to work on casual Fridays. Make the outfit less edgy with feminine shoes like pumps or heeled sandals, and choose a dress that is not too casual or crazy. A pleated skirt, for example, would be an excellent choice for office hours.

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