How To Pair Up Your Favorite Maxi Dress With Sneakers 

maxi dress with sneakers
Not sure how to wear a maxi dress with sneakers? We provide amazing tips and combos that you can try out. You'll love every aspect of it.

A maxi dress is a girl’s amazing friend. While sneakers perfectly match everything, a maxi dresses with sneakers are one of those immortal combos. 

Being comfortable and confident never goes out of style, and a maxi dress with sneakers achieves that. While both pieces look excellent separately, pairing them together completes a comfortable-but-chic ensemble.

This combo is ideal for the office and beyond, all the while being comfortable and looking effortlessly stylish.

The sneaker-dress combination is perfect for those long days spent flitting between activities, especially if you’ll be up and about for most of the day. That said, let’s learn how to incorporate this style into your wardrobe.

How To Best To Match Sneakers With Your Maxi Dress

There is nothing more stylish than a sneaker and dress street-style combination, and fortunately, you can put one together very quickly. Picture your favorite maxi dress with your trendy sneakers, comfort, and style all wrapped in one. 

Let’s explore how best to blend them:

  1. Be Matchy-Matchy

You can start by matching your sneakers to the color of your maxi for a subtle monochromatic statement. For an all-black, use various accessories to break the monotony.

  1. Be Bold

If the matchy-matchy style doesn’t appeal to you, mix the patterns and colors instead. Play around with textures and team crunchy sneakers with a knitted dress.

Style Tip:

When worn with dresses that show a lot of skin, such as those with plunging necklines, open backs, thigh-high slits, and short hemlines, sporty, track-inspired shoes can create a striking contrast. Don’t wear a maxi dress with soccer cleats—it’s just wacky.

6 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress with Sneakers

1. A Floral Maxi Dress With Sneakers

It’s ingenious to match your sneakers with your floral maxi dress by ensuring they both have the same color. For instance, match the yellow laces to go with the yellow print or cream flowers to go with the cream soles of your sneakers. Use this simple hack to glam up your outfit.

2. A Black Maxi Dress With Sneakers

Every color of sneakers will be perfect if you have an all-black maxi. But each color would convey a distinct sense of style. Black is an elegant color. Wear a black maxi with a blue denim jacket and red sneakers for a dashing casual look.

3. A Casual Maxi Dress With Sneakers

A casual maxi paired with Chunky sneakers is a perfectly put-together classic combo. Feel like mixing up your sneaker game? Rather than wearing your everyday white pair, go for a style that offers a bold pop of color to your outfit.

A White Maxi Dress With Sneakers

A white maxi perfectly blended with all-white sneakers creates a sassy divine look. Spice it up with a puffy black jacket and with tortoise cat-eye sunglasses, complete with a light brown shoulder bag.

4. A Denim Maxi Dress With Sneakers

Are you wondering whether denim dresses are in style at the moment? Certainly, yes. Denim shirt dresses have evolved into classics. Sneakers are an all-time favorite when dressing up your denim dress. They give you a comfortable-laid back look.

5. A Bodycon Maxi Dress With Sneakers

Here are elegant ways to wear a maxi bodycon:

Pick out a long sleeve mock collar maxi bodycon dress to highlight your curves and seem taller and slimmer. Chunky sneakers aren’t very feminine, so wearing them with an elegant bodycon is high contrast for fashion purposes.

6. A Plaid Maxi With Sneakers

Plaid is constantly in style, whether neutral or in print. You can wear plaid with anything, making it easy to dress up or dress down. Plaid looks sporty when worn with classic sneakers. Style your plaid with a denim jacket and a shoulder bag for an alluring casual look.

How To Accessorize A Maxi Dress With Sneakers

To achieve a cohesive look, select accessories( like a bag, jacket, and hat) that create the visual narrative to make the look coherent and ensure that the sneakers’ look is well-planned and not out of place.  

1. Bag

The right bag will enhance your maxi dress with sneakers ensemble. Incorporate a mini backpack, waist bag, or nylon shoulder bag to further the playful appearance. Don’t do an evening clutch with a floral maxi dress, or the shoes would look topsy-turvy.

For a cocktail party, wear a black long-sleeve bodycon and pair it with a pair of low-top canvas sneakers. Perfectly spice up the ensemble with a black leather handbag to make it basic and stylish.

2. Jacket or Sweater

One of the best ways to dress up a maxi dress is by pairing it with a leather or denim jacket. A waist-cinching leather jacket is perfect for maxi dresses because it looks proportionate and flatters your figure. This look oozes elegance and works well for various occasions (from formal to casual). 

A sweater comes in handy. But first, pick one that fits more loosely. It is difficult to wear dresses over tight, bodycon-style sweaters without the dress bunching up, so they are not a wise choice.

3. Hat And Shades

Hats and shades are classy accessories for outdoor activities during summer. They protect you from direct sunlight while adding color and elegance. Choose a hat that complements the color of the maxi dress. Opt for white or beige whenever in doubt—baseball caps for a sportier look or sun hats for a poolside get-together. 

Can I wear a maxi dress with sneakers?

Absolutely yes, pairing sneakers with a dress is the latest fashion trend that is here to stay. Try sporting your dresses with sneakers and enjoy the comfort and confidence boost.

What type of sneakers goes well with a maxi dress?

Your trendy low-cut white sneakers perfectly match all your favorite maxi dresses.  They will look great with floral maxis and bodycon maxis. This combo offers style and comfort, all packed in one!

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