How to Style a Yellow Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Yellow Maxi Skirt
Looking to radiate sunshine and confidence? Discover how to style a yellow maxi skirt and unleash your vibrant style through yellow stunning outfits.

Today I want to introduce my latest purchase, and what has quickly become my favorite piece in the closet. It’s a yellow high-waist chiffon skirt with a white lining and a somewhat round A-line silhouette from SHEIN.

I’ve realized since buying it that I don’t see yellow maxi skirts that often, if ever. And if I would guess, it’s probably because people are scared of styling such an overwhelming bright color.

But on the plus side, yellow is such a mood-altering color that we should all wear often. The other day I recommended wearing more bright and daring colors like orange and yellow because they will brighten your day. (How to Style an Orange Maxi Skirt) Also, yellow is a versatile color, and you will have no shortage of other colors to pair with it.

And if this shade of yellow is too bright for you, try something milder, like lemon yellow or a darker shade. I prefer a mustard yellow or something even darker for winter and fall.

But I digress…

How do I style a yellow maxi skirt? It depends on the occasion and the skirt.

For this silhouette, a crop top, knotted t-shirt and a lacy blouse work incredibly well. I can then throw on a denim jacket or a structured blazer depending on the occasion.

But because there are a myriad of ways to style one skirt, I will show you how to style several different skirts just for inspiration.

Yellow Pleated Maxi and Shirt

The best combination for yellow is blue or green. I love how simple this yellow skirt is, and the blue shirt cools everything down. One thing to note about styling yellow is that you should not be afraid of colors. Introducing the beige shoes and purse was a great idea because it contributes to toning down the yellow.

NB: For a different occasion, you may want to use other colors to make the yellow pop even more.

For this, you can also throw on a dark blue or black blazer for work or other official matters.

Pleated Maxi Skirt and Denim Jacket

Speaking of blue and pleated maxis, a denim jacket is a great option. Wear a white or gray t-shirt tucked in, and then throw on the jacket. Because it’s a casual look, go for simple white sneakers, sunglasses and minimal jewelry.

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You can rock this look anywhere from shopping to brunch and then church.

Round Maxi Skirt and a Printed Blouse

This round maxi skirt is very similar to what I have, so it will work with everything I mentioned. But if you want a more elegant style, a classy blouse is the way to go.

What I love about yellow is that it allows other colors to shine too. This polka dots blouse is a great example, but you can also do florals, stripes and even geometrical patterns. The secret is to ensure the background of the blouse is white, and the fabric is soft and light (think chiffon and silk).

Floral Yellow Maxi Skirt and Sleeveless Top

Sure, you can wear a floral yellow maxi skirt with a white t-shirt or a sweater, but it looks even better with a sleeveless top. A camisole or a tank top are great choices, especially for summer. Leave the other options for cold months. If it gets chilly, a denim jacket will sort that out.

As for the shoes, it depends on where you are going. Do sneakers or sandals for casual errand running days and heeled sandals or stilettos for semi-casual wear.

Yellow Satin Skirt and Top

Yellow satin skirts are actually quite popular though you will mostly find them as midi skirts. If you have such a maxi skirt, the best way to style it would be with a black graphic t-shirt or sweater and sandals or sneakers. Accessorize with a sling bag, sunglasses and gold jewelry.

With this summer look however, the black tee is swapped for a white, more summer-appropriate top. The straw handbag and hat add a very classy touch to the outfit, and she has kept her jewelry very subtle.

Yellow on Yellow

To be fair, this is mustard, which I recommend if you want a monochromatic look. The secret to pulling off this is the crop top. Because the mid-section is left bare, it breaks the monotony of yellow and makes it feel just right- not too much.

For accessories, black or gold stilettos, sunglasses, a sling bag and minimal jewelry will suffice. This is a fantastic look for summer and spring parties, no matter what time of day it is. Again, if you don’t like mustard or bright yellow, try something pale, like lemon yellow.

Round Yellow Maxi and Denim Shirt

The magic of denim on yellow does not stop with denim jackets- you can also do a denim shirt. Something about denim blue works amazingly well with yellow; little else is needed after that.

You can tuck in the shirt or make such a knot at the waist, depending on the occasion. It is a fantastic spring look for day and night.

Yellow Maxi for Winter

It’s interesting to wear a yellow maxi skirt in winter, yet it looks so right. Yellow is a great way to brighten those dark, gloomy days and put you in a happy mood. Wear it with a thick white sweater and then a white coat on top.

If the skirt is straight and youthful, you can try a well-fitting hoodie and a coat or jacket on top. Whichever you choose, complete the look with white or brown boots to keep your legs warm and stylish.

Are yellow maxi skirts fashionable?

Yellow maxi skirts are on trend this summer, and they are fashionable all year long. If you can style the skirt according to season and occasion, you can wear it daily and to many events, including weddings.

How do you style a yellow maxi skirt in winter?

Layering is essential when dressing up for winter. Because most yellow maxi skirts are light, wear something warm inside, like leggings or stockings and socks before putting on your boots. For the top part, a turtleneck, thick sweater or hoodie will work for the second layer, and you can finish up with a white coat or trendy jacket.

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