How to Wear a Grey Maxi Skirt

Wearing a grey maxi skirt with polka dots
Grey maxi skirts can go with any color, but if you don't know how to pair them properly, you will look odd and mismatched. Learn how to style a grey maxi skirt.

One thing about grey maxi skirts is that they are always in fashion, whether it’s the flowy jersey skirts, the pleated maxis, or the classic straight skirt with slits. The color and versatility of a grey maxi skirt means you can wear it with a variety of tops and shoes, and it’s easy to accessorize.

A grey maxi skirt also works for every occasion if you have the right piece. The secret is pairing it with tops that help balance the silhouette and make you look stylish. Without wasting much time, let’s get into the 6 simple ways you can wear a grey maxi skirt.

1. Do the Simple Summer Look

Flowy grey maxi skirts give off fall vibes, but they also work very well in summer.  All you need is a slim-fitting tank top or camisole tucked in with gladiator sandals or basically any simple sandal. Add a straw fedora hat, oversized sunnies, and a scarf around your neck. And since this is as bohemian as it gets, go crazy with bangles and earrings if you like.

A great, warmer alternative to this look is pairing the skirt with a round-neck graphic t-shirt and keep everything else the same. But you can also wear sneakers or wedges with this look, depending on where you are going. I like sneakers for errands and wedges if meeting the girls for a meal or something a little fancy.

2. Rock a Button-down Shirt

Thinking about rocking a grey maxi to work or a formal event? You absolutely can by pairing it with a crisp button-down shirt tucked in. Then, depending on how the waist of the skirt looks, you can wear a wide brown belt just to bring everything together. This works with flowy maxis, A-line, or pleated. For accessories, rock a nude high-heel pump, minimal metal jewelry, and a clutch bag or any formal handbag you have. Open heels work just as well, especially if it’s outside the office.

Interestingly, you can rock this casually too. Instead of tucking in the shirt, tie a knot at the waist and fold back the sleeves. You can then pair this with wedges, sandals, or strappy heels, and a casual purse.

3. Crop It Up

Yes, you can rock a crop top with any maxi skirt if you have the waist for it. The top counters the volume of the long skirt and makes you look lean and tall. For a grey maxi, I would go with a white, black, or maroon crop top to accentuate color grey. A monochromatic look with a grey top is a great alternative, though.

This, combined with sandals, wedges, or stilettos, will take you from day to night by simply throwing on a bomb jacket. The accessories you choose will depend on the season and the weather, but sunnies, minimal jewelry, and a cool purse are a must.

4. Pair with Blue Denim

If there are two colors that were meant for each other, it’s grey and blue. Sure, denim jackets and maxis are always on point, but there’s just something special when the skirt is grey. Wear a tank top or t-shirt tucked in, and throw on a blue denim jacket over it. You can rock this with white sneakers, stilettos, pumps, and even sandals. This is a great summer look that requires very minimal accessories, so a nice handbag and sunglasses will suffice.

But that’s not the only blue denim that works with a grey maxi skirt. As it turns out, a blue denim button-down shirt looks even better. You can wear it open with a tank top underneath or close the buttons and tuck the shirt in with a belt. Casual has never looked better, and you can wear this with sandals or even dress it up with boots.

5. weater It Up

The first time I saw this sweater and maxi combination, I was fairly surprised. It’s so simple and yet so classy. Find a sweater that stops just below the waistline, and then work on accessorizing. This is a very casual look that can also look dull, so I like to accessorize heavily to brighten it up.

A chunky necklace or scarf works great, and then you adorn the hands with a bold watch, bangles and rings like a real boho woman. As for shoes, it depends on the season because you can wear boots when it’s cold and flats or sandals during warm weather.

6. Layer It

Last but not least, you can layer up a grey maxi skirt for warmth and style. We have already talked about a denim jacket over a t-shirt, but you can do so much more. A black graphic t-shirt and a black leather jacket paired with boots, gladiator sandals, or heels is a great start.

You can also wear a tank top with a yellow or pink cardigan and flat shoes.  My favorite of all time, though is pairing a pleated maxi and neutral camisole with a blazer and pumps because it’s so classy. Wear this with a chunky necklace, a classy watch, and dainty earrings. Try out a few options and see what works.

The versatility of a grey maxi skirt makes it possible to wear it often but differently every single time. You can have only two grey maxis and look like you have plenty. With the above tricks and different accessories, you are sure to get value for money from this one piece.

What tops go with a grey maxi skirt?

Tank tops, t-shirts, or chiffon camisoles work very well with a grey maxi skirt. You can layer them with a denim or leather jacket, a cardigan, or a blazer. For a more formal look, try a button-down shirt tucked in.

Can you wear a grey maxi skirt to a formal event?

Yes, a pleated or A-line grey maxi skirt can work for work or any formal event, including a wedding. Pair it with a good shirt or a classy blazer and some high heel shoes, and you are good to go.

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