How To Wear a Maxi Skirt in Winter

Ditch the jeans and let your legs breathe with a maxi skirt this winter. These tips show you how to style this staple skirt in winter so you still stay warm.

I don’t know about the rest, but I’m tired of wearing jeans and coats throughout winter. In fact, I’m thinking of joining my mom in the maxi skirt wagon and give my poor legs some breathing space.

In all fairness though, I understand why women my age tend to avoid maxis skirts and dresses when it’s cold. The combination of a long skirt and an overwhelmingly big and long coat is not flattering at all.

But I want us to change this view of the maxi skirt in winter. It’s my belief that you can style a maxi skirt or dress to look as elegant as it does during all the other seasons. Maybe not as sexy as summer maxi skirts, but definitely stylish and elegant.


Pick a Flattering Right Skirt

The first step you have to do is pick the right maxi skirt. Winter maxi skirts look so bad because they are too loose and long. Pick a skirt that’s flattering to your body. This does not mean straight cut or tight, but something that shows the structure of your body.

The skirt should accentuate your body, not hide or overwhelm it. Think of a straight, A-line, pleated, tiered and other flattering styles. If you have to wear something flowy, ensure it flows over your hips and not hiding you.

Secondly, it should not be too long. Winter in many places is characterized by snow, and your long skirt will get wet within minutes of going outside. But more than that, floor-sweeping skirts are not pretty. I recommend the length of a maxi skirt to be somewhere between your ankle and the top of your feet.

Focus on the Waist

Again, that ugly picture you have about maxi skirts in winter is because of fabric overwhelm. A great way to reduce this is to draw attention to the waist instead of hiding it.

For instance, you can wear a belt over the coat or cardigan to cinch the waist and create structure. You can also tuck in the t-shirt, turtleneck or sweater instead of letting it go. I find that tucking in the front of a thick pullover in the skirt makes a huge difference, and you can put the cherry on top with a nice belt.

Brighten up the Outfit

With maxi skirts for winter, dark colors are always better. Think of greens, blue, black, and shades of red. These colors go with the season’s mood because you don’t want to look like you are stuck in summer.

That said, you don’t have to dress in dark colors from head to toe. In fact, I advise against it because too many darks can make you look and feel sad. My advice is to always brighten up the outfit with a light top or jacket. I especially love wearing white or beige winter coats because the white fur looks so good. And if you can, wear beige or brown boots instead of black and rock light-colored accessories. It’s really all about balance.

Layer In

Layers, layers, layers are the secret to overcoming winter in one piece.  My definition of layering is different, though. Instead of layering on top with coats and sweaters, I prefer layering underneath.

This means I wear a warm, woolen t-shirt first and a turtleneck on top of it. Then goes a light pullover, and we finish with whatever goes on top, whether that is a blazer, denim jacket or light coat. Doing this means I don’t have to wear overwhelmingly bulky coats that bury me and my cute skirt in fabric.

Under the skirt, I go with relatively warm leggings or long socks. This comes in handy when the maxi skirt of choice is light and cold. In other words, winter doesn’t mean you must wear thick, woolen skirts that weigh a ton. You can still wear your sexy, modern maxi skirts and layer them underneath.

Accessorize with Class

My observation so far is that people don’t pay attention to the accessories they wear during winter. You will see a lady wearing an ugly scarf that doesn’t go with the jacket, gloves or anything else she’s wearing.

Accessories in winter mean a scarf, hat, gloves and maybe a purse. Make sure you think about each of these pieces and how they play into the entire outfit. Start by ensuring the colors go together and not crashing. More importantly, ensure they are not old or ugly.

If you are a young lady, for example, go for a pashmina instead of a knit scarf. Your accessories should be just as stylish as the rest of the clothes. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to wear all these accessories. It is okay to just grab a handbag and go out if it’s not cold enough to warrant gloves and beanies.

Go with High Shoes

I’m all about sneakers and trainers in winter because they are easy to walk with. However, those two make zero fashion statement paired with a maxi skirt and they leave little room for layering.

My go-to shoes in winter are high heel boots. They could be ankle-length or knee-high, but the heel will be elevated. Boots are the perfect hiding spot for leggings, trousers and ugly socks underneath the skirt. But more importantly, high heel boots make you look sexier and younger. They elevate the outfit and ensure your skirt doesn’t touch the ground.

I love that you can wear boots under a maxi skirt to the office, church, errands and pretty much anywhere. Check out this article on the best boots to wear with a winter maxi dress.

But during those rare days when it’s not so cold, a pair of high-heel pumps will do just fine, especially for the office or meetings. I also like winter boots

What to Wear Over a Maxi Skirt in Winter

One question I used to ask myself before becoming a stylist is, can I wear a denim jacket in winter?

The answer is yes. You can still rock your favorite jeans and leather jackets in winter. The secret is layering underneath to keep warm.

Other items you can pair with a maxi skirt for warmth in winter include;

  • Winter coat.
  • Structured blazer
  • Warm sweater/cardigan
  • Trench coat.
  • Winter vest

Read this to know how you can wear a sweater with a maxi dress in winter.

How do you style a maxi skirt in winter?

The simple trick to styling a maxi skirt in winter is to draw attention to the waist. Tuck in the top or use a belt to cinch in the waist, and then pair the skirt with a bright-colored coat or sweater and high heel boots.

What shoes do you wear with a maxi skirt in summer?

High heel boots will give the sexiest, most cohesive look in winter. You can choose between ankle booties or knee-length boots, but sneakers, trainers and high-heel pumps work occasionally.

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