How to Wear a Velvet Maxi Skirt

Velvet maxi skirts are in trend. Pair them with light, neutral tops and balance textures for a chic look.

I bet you haven’t seen a lot of women our age wearing velvet maxi skirts. We mostly wear velvet dresses and miniskirts.

But that’s about to change, as velvet is this year’s hottest trend. The soft, luxe, shiny fabric has officially achieved high fashion status, and you’ll see a lot more velvet on jackets, skirts, suits and mostly on boots.

Now, the few women I’ve seen wearing velvet maxi skirts did not look so good, and that is what inspired this post. Because in my opinion, velvet can inject glamor and luxurious elegance into any outfit, and I’m excited to embrace the trend.

So, how do you wear a velvet maxi skirt?

Well, it’s all about balance. Velvet maxi skirts come in bold colors like red, burgundy, blue, green and brown. Even the few pink and floral ones are still very powerful shades that are hard to ignore. For this reason, the first step is to pair the skirt with something light to neutralize that boldness.

I recommend white, blush, black, gray and light blue tops. A printed top is okay, if the background is primarily neutral or black. Neutral shoes and accessories are also a must.

The second thing is to balance textures or heaviness. Velvet looks like a heavy, thick fabric, so you must balance it with something light and airy. Even when we pair the skirt with a casual sweater, it’s often a light-looking sweater, not something heavy and warm.

I like to pair a velvet maxi skirt with feminine tops like chiffon/silk blouses, lacy tops, light sweaters and t-shirts. As always, the pieces you choose to wear with the skirt depend on the occasion and the skirt’s design.

My last tip is to wear a well-fitting velvet skirt, especially if it’s straight. Velvet can be overwhelming and flabby if you wear a size bigger or pair it with other oversized things. Stay within size and try to balance proportions.

Styling Different Velvet Maxi Skirts

  1. Straight, Slitted Maxi Skirt

A straight velvet maxi skirt with a side or front slit is a fashion statement. I recommend it mostly for casual wear with a crop top and sandals/gladiator sandals, or pumps and stilettos if you want to step out for dinner or something classy. A tucked-in camisole and t-shirt can also work with this skirt, depending on the situation.

And you know what, if you pair the skirt with pointed pumps and a blouse, you instantly transform it into something semi-formal.

It is the ultimate summer look, especially for evening wear, and you can finish off with a fur jacket in case it gets chilly.

For more on how to style a maxi skirt in summer, check this out.

  1. A-line Maxi Skirt

Imagine this skirt is longer to get the full picture, no pun intended. A-line velvet maxi skirts are glamorous and chic enough to attend weddings and high-table events with.

The golden touch on the matching long sleeve blouse and clutch makes all the difference. As you can see, everything she has worn on the upper side is meant to complement but mostly neutralize the bold velvet green.

You can also pair an A-line maxi skirt with a white chiffon blouse or button-down shirt to get the same effect.

This variation of an A-line velvet skirt is excellent for casual wear. Pair it with a tucked-in sweater, booties and a long coat during cold weather. It also works with a simple tee or sleeveless top and heeled sandals.

  1. Pleated Maxi Skirt

Styling a pleated maxi skirt is easy, whether it’s velvet or not. You can wear it with a long sleeve chiffon blouse or button-down shirt for a classy, lady-like look complete with pointed-toe pumps or stilettos.

For a more casual look, pair the skirt with a long sleeve fisherman’s sweater or turtleneck and finish off with white sneakers or knee-length boots. You can throw a blazer or long coat over this, depending on the occasion or weather.

Or, wear a pleated maxi skirt and denim shirt, finished with a pair of slip-ons or sneakers.

  1. Tiered and Renaissance Patchwork Maxi Skirts

Tiered and Renaissance patchwork maxi skirts look very similar, and they flow the same way, so we will style them together. On a casual summer day, I just throw on a tank or crop top and some sandals before heading out.

However, you can dress up this skirt with a long sleeve top, cardigan, or button-down shirt tucked and finish off with sandals or stilettos. You can also wear a light sweater, tuck the front part, and pair this with soft knee-length boots during cold weather.

  1. Printed Maxi Skirt

I prefer wearing printed velvet maxis in winter, so I can pair it with a thick sweater and butter-soft knee-length boots. I recognize however that you can also wear such a skirt in summer or spring with a light blouse and boots or stilettos.

I love this boho-inspired look because everything about it, from the jewelry to the belt and purse, complements the colorful skirt uniquely.

  1. Wrap Maxi Skirt

Even a person who does not like velvet maxi skirts can stand behind this one. The wrap detail makes it look so chic, and you can wear it everywhere, from dinner to parties and even semi-formal meetings.

Simply pair it with a bright-colored, long-sleeve top and a pair of pointed pumps. Because it’s such a great winter or evening look, you can also do beige boots and a jacket or fur coat.

  1. Glamorous Maxi Skirt

A floor-length velvet maxi skirt makes a great ensemble for the red carpet or other glamorous events. Again, the secret is to tone down the bold skirt color with something neutral, feminine and complimentary.

The leopard print detail on the second outfit does the trick perfectly, and the accessories accomplish the rest. And don’t even get me started on the figure hugging black matching set because it’s simply divine. 

Carry a show-stopping clutch bag, don beautiful but simple jewelry and ensure your hair and makeup are on point.

  1. Round Maxi Skirt

The last velvet maxi skirt I want to look at is the round style. It’s free, flowy and flattering to any body type if styled correctly.

For velvet specifically, I recommend a very white or cream sweater and matching boots. The brightness of those two will make you look and feel cozier, and it’s a very stylish look.

How to Wear a Red Velvet Maxi Skirt

Where bold velvet skirts are concerned, red takes the cup, hands down. Thats why its critical to pair it with something that will tone down that ‘in your face’boldness. A simple black top seems to be the ultimate choice, whether its a crop top or a tucked in round neck because the two colors complement each other. 

As for shoes, consider the occasion and the skirts design and choose something appropriate. I would still go with black shoes or something neutral like beige or silver, but red shoes work as well.

How do you wear a velvet maxi skirt?

The secret to pulling off a velvet maxi skirt is to pair it with something light and casual. Fabrics like lace, satin, chiffon and silk equalize velvet’s lux, heavy look and make it look more feminine and chic. You can also try cotton on t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, or something heavier like a sweater.

Can you wear velvet on velvet?

Absolutely. You may have already seen velvet skirts and pant suits around, and they look amazing. When it comes to maxi skirts, however, you should probably avoid the matchy look even as you consider wearing velvet on velvet. A floral or printed velvet skirt can work with a bold velvet blazer if you break them up with something neutral like a white or gray top and neutral shoes.

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