How to Wear Maxi Skirt with Sneakers

How to Wear Maxi Skirt with Sneakers
Sneakers and maxi skirts pair well, but few people can pull off these stylish casual looks. This guide explores different styling options so you can rock this look.

On this platform, we have styled maxi dresses and skirts in every trendy way possible. We have styled maxi skirts according to color, season and even wore them with a denim jacket in several ways.

What we haven’t done so far is style a maxi skirt with a specific pair of shoes. We know you can wear a maxi skirt with anything from flats to sandals to boots, but what if you want to keep things simple?

I thought about this because I’m a sneakerhead. If anything can be worn with a sneaker, I want to wear it that way, and my vast collection allows it. But it wasn’t until I saw Kendall Jenner pull off a maxi skirt and sneakers that I thought, wow, I wonder how else I can wear that pair. The girl has made the maxi skirt/sneakers combo one of her statement street styles, and I approve of her every look.

And so this post is for ladies like me who are die-hard fans of sneakers, be it Adidas, Vans, Feiyue, or Superga. Well and Good has a great post on the best sneakers to wear with maxi skirts. 

It is for ladies like me who want to wear our two favorite items together. I don’t want to choose between a maxi skirt or my favorite sneakers on a lovely spring or fall day- I want both.

So here are a few ways I style a maxi skirt with sneakers for different occasions.

High-Slit Skirt with Sneakers

High-slit maxi skirts can never go out of style, whether the slit is on the side, front or back. It’s quite a laid-back yet feminine and youthful style that every woman under 30 should own. What I love most about slitted skirts is that they allow the shoe to shine on its own merit. If you can get a skirt with two side slits or a front one, even better.

And as you can see from Kendall, styling this skirt doesn’t require much. Simply throw on a trendy or sleeveless top, depending on the weather, and a pair of shades for the sun.

Flared Maxi Skirt and White Sneakers

Unlike straight skirts with slits, a flared skirt brings a party-chic vibe and more elegance, especially if you get the material right. You can style the skirt with a simple tee tucked in or knotted at the waist and then throw on a trendy jacket later in the evening. The white in sneakers is not a must, but I find that white pops more and accentuates the skirt’s flare.

This is what you wear when you are feeling happy, girlish, and in a party mood. It’s really simple but makes quite the impression.

Denim Maxi Skirt and Running Sneakers

We have styled a denim maxi skirt, and you can check out that post here. Denim maxi skirts are back in style, and they look stylish than ever before. And while you can wear them with many different types of shoes, pairing a front-slit denim skirt with sneakers is the ultimate day style.

Style a basic denim skirt with buttons at the front with a brown or black belt, button-down shirt or blouse or even a tee and white sneakers. Keep the accessories dainty and classy because this is not a look that draws attention. If you have the waist for it, you can do a denim skirt and a crop top matching the sneakers.

Print Maxi Skirts and Sneakers

If you can pick just one type of maxi skirt to wear with sneakers, let it be a print one. Any type of print maxi be it florals, animal print, poker dots or stripes will do. Pair this with a simple top or t-shirt tucked in or knotted, then throw a leather/denim jacket on your shoulders for later.

For this look, choose low or flat sneakers, preferably ones with some white on them. And because the skirt is very busy with print, keep the rest of your accessories, including the bag, to a minimum.

Pleated Maxi Skirt and Sneakers

There are plenty of ways you can wear a pleated maxi skirt casually. You can try a graphic t-shirt, a light sweater, a trendy top, or a camisole if you wear a denim jacket over it.

You can also wear this skirt semi-formally if you throw on a blazer instead of a jacket. All these styles will look great with sneakers, and you can take an otherwise formal skirt into a casual fit. All you need with this is a tiny sling or clutch bag and sunnies to make a statement.

Bodycon Maxi Skirt with Sneakers

The queen of body con maxi skirts, Kim Kardashian, has always worn them with heels for class. The younger generation, however, is moving as far away from heels as possible, and fashion has become more about comfort now.

Sneakers have looked better than they do paired with a body con skirt and matching top. You can finish the look with a cropped denim or leather jacket. Of course, feel free to accessorize to your desire with layered jewelry, shades, and a tiny purse.

Slip Skirt, Sweater and Sneakers

You’ll have to admit there aren’t many ways to style a slip maxi skirt. The most ideal is with a tucked-in tee or top and stiletto heels. But if you want to wear this light and elegant skirt more casually, I recommend sneakers instead of heels.

You can still wear a tucked-in t-shirt or a sweater if it’s a bit cold. The sweater’s thickness depends on the weather, but any will do as long as it’s foldable on the waist. Carry a classic hand purse, throw on some colored glasses, and you are ready.

Tiered Maxi Skirt and Sneakers

Last but not least is a tiered skirt. I always say we must choose fun, trendy maxi skirts, and tiered designs are top of that list. Pair this with a tucked-in t-shirt or crop top, and finish off with simple sneakers. For a day-to-night look, tie a denim shirt or jacket on your waist to wear later.

For the record, any fun maxi skirt you have will work, be it frills, asymmetrical, or shimmer.

When can you wear sneakers with a maxi skirt?

The maxi skirt/sneakers combo is an all-year-round style you can rock daily. However, it’s more ideal in fall and spring when the weather is not too cold or too hot. The sneakers will take the place of sandals and boots during those months.

What top looks best with a maxi skirt and sneakers?

Maxi skirts and sneakers make for quite the casual look, even if you throw on a blazer. The best tops to pair with this therefore should be casual such as t-shirt, crop tops, sleeveless tops, and button-down shirts.

Do maxi skirts and sneakers go together?

While they may look like an unlikely pair, maxi skirts go very well with sneakers for casual wear. The secret is to tuck in the top or wear something short so the entire skirt is on display and choose a skirt that is not too long.

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