How to Wear Sheer Maxi Skirt

How to Wear Sheer Maxi Skirt
Sheer maxi skirts are fun and stylish to wear. But, what do you wear underneath so your vitals remain hidden but you still look great? Find out.

This year’s Summer and Spring collections saw many maxi skirts from big brands. Sheer maxi skirts and, in particular, dominated the runways and those models made them look all sorts of fun.

But as I’m sure you have wondered before, how the hell do we pull those off in real life? Sure they look breezy and comfortable, especially in summer, but what do you wear under them to look even a little bit decent?

Well, I’m here to answer those very legit questions because, like you, I have wondered the same. As celebrity stylist Danyul Brown has said before, sheer clothing can have a place in your closet with the right undergarments and base layers.

So for anyone planning to wear a sheer maxi skirt to a summer party or hang out with friends around town, here’s a quick guide on how to style this risqué piece of clothing.

  • Consider the Occasion

What you wear underneath a sheer skirt to the beach is very different from what you will wear to a dinner date. You may choose a one-piece bikini, for example, to the beach and something significantly more decent for dinner. The occasion will also determine the top because crop tops and bralettes will not be appropriate everywhere.

  • Go for Slightly Sheer

By slightly sheer, I mean a skirt with some lining underneath the sheer material. The lining could be as short or as long as you want as long as it hides the important parts. I especially like a sheer skirt where the lining stops right above the knees or mid-thigh so you can show off the rest of your legs.

  • Choose Printed or Textured Sheer Skirts

Prints like flowers and patterns make the skirt less transparent compared to a plain sheer skirt. Of course, you will still need to wear something underneath, but you don’t have to put in so much effort.

But if you really want to wear a sheer skirt without other clothing underneath, a textured skirt is the way to go. Think of lace or other textured fabrics, and then put a printed, textured skirt to double the effect.

  • Pair with a Fitted Top

Sheer maxi skirts are often on the flowy, looser side. To balance proportions, pair it with a fitted top so you don’t look frumpy or lose all over. But, again, your choice of top will depend on the occasion, weather, and the look you are going for.

What Do You Wear under a Sheer Maxi Skirt?

Almost all the sheer maxi skirt looks on the runway featured a body suit or granny panties underneath. Granted, this is not a look you can wear in real life during the day.

If you want to don a sheer maxi skirt without exposing your delicates, you can try these options.

Boyshorts/Biker shorts

Long-leg biker shorts are decent enough to wear on their own, with a long t-shirt and sneakers. What people don’t know is that they look even better underneath a sheer skirt in the same color. You can wear them with plain or patterned sheer skirts and top with a longer tee and a leather jacket.

A Mini Dress

My all-time favorite garment under a sheer skirt is a body con mini dress. It’s already structured to fit your body just right, and it’s perfect for date night with a pair of metallic stilettos and a clutch. If you don’t have a body con dress, try a tight skirt instead.

Cropped Leggings

When I wear cropped sheer or lace leggings under a sheer maxi skirt, it feels like a match made in heaven. We first saw this look in Chanel Couture 2017, and it has taken a whole new life since then.

For example, many women prefer wearing tight leather pants instead of sheer tights because leather is classier. But if you stick to the original idea, pair a plain sheer skirt with lace leggings and vice versa.


High-waisted briefs, biker shorts, and seamless granny panties are all good, but none looks better than a bodysuit under a sheer skirt. The body suit acts as the fitted top and provides a decent base for the skirt.

To make it more decent, choose a bodysuit with more hip coverage and pair it with a half-sheer skirt or a patterned sheer skirt.

What to Wear with a Sheer Black Maxi Skirt

Sheer maxi skirts come in many colors, but black looks the hottest. It’s simple, versatile, and somehow it feels like sheer was made to be black.

But what do you wear with a sheer black maxi skirt?

Black on Black

Black can be quite transparent, so you need to wear something with more coverage underneath. Any of the ideas above will be perfect depending on the occasion, but I like the shorts and body con more.

This Serena Gomez look is the perfect example of how sexy a sheer black skirt looks paired with the right undergarments and shoes. But instead of the body suit, you can try a black crop top, fitted t-shirt tucked in, or even a black blouse.

Match this with black heels or boots, and you have the perfect ensemble.

Try white

Black and white always look perfect together, so this look will always be right. Find a pure white top, preferably a crop top, t-shirt, or button-down shirt, and pair it with black or nude shoes. You can repeat the white and nude on accessories such as clutch bag or hair accessories.

Go with Prints and Patterns

Poker dots, black and white stripes, flowers, and animal prints are some of the few options you have to match with a black sheer maxi skirt. As long as the top is well-fitted and the shoes go with the outfit, prints and patterns add an element of excitement to an otherwise boring outfit.

How to Style a Sheer Maxi Skirt

We have discussed how to wear sheer maxi skirts and what to wear underneath them. But all that will be boring without some styling. In the words of my hairdresser, styling is putting clothing items and accessories together to make an outfit stand out.

Heels Heels and MORE Heels

I hate to say it, but sheer maxi skirts do not look good with flat shoes. In fact, they seem to be made specifically to be worn with high shoes. Pairing a black sheer maxi skirt with high heel boots is a particularly striking look if you do everything else right.

But besides boots, sheer skirts look good in stiletto heels, pumps, wedges, and strappy heels.

Try a Leather Jacket

Most maxi skirts look good with a denim jacket but not sheer skirts. This type looks even better with a leather jacket, a rocker t-shirt, and a pair of killer boots. A biker jacket will also be perfect but match the color of the jacket with the skirts color.

Keep the Accessories Dainty

I know we love going all out with jewelry and accessories when wearing maxi skirts. But again, this is not the skirt for that. Instead, go for dainty jewelry like gold/silver chain, a few bracelets, and a pair of shy earnings.

I prefer a clutch bag over everything else, but you can pull off a classy handbag provided it’s not so big. If it’s sunny outside, feel free to throw on a hat and some sunnies but keep the extravagance to a minimum. A sheer skirt is the center of attention, so it’s always wise to avoid drawing attention to other parts of the body.

What do you wear under a see-through maxi skirt?

What you wear under a see-through skirt depends on the occasion and whether the skirt has a lining or not. Assuming it doesn’t

Can you wear a sheer maxi skirt to a wedding?

Yes, a sheer maxi skirt is elegant and sexy enough to wear to a wedding. Simply wear something decent underneath the skirt and go with a skirt with a lining. You can pair this with neutral stilettos, a leather jacket, and a clutch. Some gold jewelry and sunnies will complete this look perfectly.

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