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egyption style maxi dress

The fashion of ancient Egypt dates back to 3100BC to 30BC at a time when pharaohs ruled the civilized world. Thanks to cultural evidence like statues, temple carvings, and wall paintings, we can get a good idea of how ancient Egyptians dressed. There are numerous depictions of Egyptian deities and royalty that can inform us about the traditional dress code of the Egyptians.

In this post, we’ll look at the traditional Egyptian dressing style and the modern adaptation of the design.

Traditional Style of the Egyptian Maxi Dress

The Pharaoh’s dress is an iconic figure of ancient Egyptian royalty. The clothes that Egyptian kings and queens wore were distinct and iconic, with features that made them memorable among various monarchs in Egypt. For lots of people, a mental picture of an Egyptian Pharaoh included the following:

1. Long Gown

The main covering of ancient Egypt was elaborate gowns that reached anywhere from the knees to the ankles. For Egyptian queens, the gowns were usually white and ran to the feet. The upper part of the dress was held up by one or two shoulder straps. These gowns were made from linen and were lightweight to ensure Egyptians could stay cool in the heat of the desert.

2. Headdress

The royal headdress, commonly called the Nemes, was unique to the ruling monarch of Egypt. It usually featured a striped linen headwrap with two decorative flaps that fall on each side of the shoulder. This ceremonial headdress was sometimes shown to have a golden rearing cobra. On other occasions, the Pharaoh wore different types of crowns.

3. Plaited Wig

Egyptian queens were seen to wear plaited wigs of human hair in different scenes. Most people assume that wigs are a thing of the modern world, but people in ancient Egypt began the practice thouseands of years ago. The wig was braided into thin strands and ornamented with beads and other decorations.

4. Broad Neck Collar

Another iconic feature of a pharaoh’s attire is the broad neck collar called the Usekh. It was made of innumerable rows of colored beads or metal, and it rested on the neck and shoulders of the pharaoh.

5. Belt or Sash

The Pharaoh’s dress didn’t run freely to the feet; there was a broad belt with a downward-facing extension. It helped outline the female figure of Egyptian queens while adding style and distinction to the dress.

6. Jewelry

Egyptian queens wore jewelry like earrings, amulets, bracelets, and ornaments. These accessories would be fitted on the hair, dress, and belts of the pharaoh and were usually made of gold, silver, and various precious stones.

7. Sandal Straps

Ancient Egyptians usually walked barefoot, but on special occasions, they would wear sandals made of papyrus reeds. 

The hot weather of Egyptian deserts did not necessitate closed footwear.

How to Style a Modern Egyptian-Inspired Maxi Dress

The beauty and sophistication of old Egyptian dresses have been adapted into today’s Tob Sebleh – the modern Egyptian dress. There are various ways you can create modern variations of the traditional dress. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Color

While the traditional Egyptian dress was white, you can try out different colors to see what goes well with your complexion and body shape. You can experiment with different shades to find something that works for the setting you’ll be attending.

2. Sleeves

You can choose a long-sleeved dress if you prefer to cover your arms and shoulders completely. However, you can also choose a sleeveless design if you don’t mind wearing straps. An off-shoulder maxi dress can also be a great variation for those who’d love a strapless design.

3. Length

Traditionally, the Egyptian maxi dress n from the bust to the feet. However, you can get a shorter dress while preserving the overall style of your dress. Your preference will determine the best height for your maxi dress.

4. Headdress

Unless you are going to a costume party or it’s Halloween, wearing a traditional Egyptian headdress will be overkill.

Fortunately, there are more low-profile headbands and accessories that you can wear without looking like a pharaoh lost in the future. A slim headband or a wreath can be a great companion for your Egyptian maxi dress.

5. Accessories

There are many accessories you can wear alongside your maxi dress. Anything from bracelets to necklaces and earrings can make your outfit look more like Egyptian royalty. Finding the right accessories for your maxi dress doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can casually accessorize your maxi dress in a few steps.

6. Footwear

The last thing you’ll consider is footwear. Sandals and open-design shoes are the ideal options because they will give you a casual unrestrictive feel.

Closed shoes like suedes and boots are not great for an Egyptian-style maxi dress.

Where Can You Wear an Egyptian-Style Maxi Dress

The unique design of a maxi dress won’t easily fit into every scene. There are several situations in which wearing a maxi dress can help you stand out in a good light. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Wedding

Weddings are among the few occasions that allow you to go bigger than you usually do. So, you can rock that Egyptian-style maxi dress during a wedding without looking odd. Just ensure that your dress matches the theme and dress code of the wedding to be safe.

2. Fashion Events

Another great scene that can accommodate your maxi dress is a fashion show. A fashion event is ideal for showcasing your exquisite sense of fashion. An Egyptian maxi dress can help you stand out and draw attention to a fashion show while making you look fabulous.

3. Halloween

As you already know, Halloween is the one holiday a year you can pretend to be someone else without reservation. If you are looking for an occasion where you can wear like an Egyptian queen, it’s Halloween.

What is the Egyptian traditional dress?

The traditional dress of an Egyptian pharaoh is white and drapes to the feet. There are many accessories you can use to make the dress more appealing.

How would you describe Egyptian clothing?

Ancient Egyptian clothing usually features long gowns with ornamental belts, bracelets, and collars with bright colors. 

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