Best Shoes To Wear With a Summer Maxi Dress

shoes with summer maxi dress
Good shoes are a girl's best friend. We have various types in our wardrobes, and they are never enough. Here are some best shoes to wear with a summer maxi dress.

When you think of summer, you can imagine some amazing times on the beach, seashells, warm sand, barbecue with friends, and other great memories. On dressing, you want to wear loose-fitting clothes such as a maxi dress. They are a timeless wardrobe staple that up as comfortable, flattering, and versatile.

The right shoe can completely change the look of your outfit.  However, pairing a maxi dress with shoes can sometimes be challenging. The article will explore the best shoes to wear with a summer maxi dress and how to pair them. 

1. Sandals

Sandals are undoubtedly every girl’s casual footwear. They are also an excellent option for summer wear. They’re easy to slip into, comfortable, and lightweight, making them ideal for outdoor activities like walking or running errands downtown on hot days. You can also wear them to an event when you want that simple, classy look. 

shoes with summer maxi dress

When styling your maxi dress with sandals, choose sandals with sparkling jewels, beads, or a charming look. You can also go for those with ethnic designs, woven or multi-colored sandals. Gladiator sandals will also give you that edgy look. These will make your legs look longer and more toned.

2. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are great when you are going to the beach. They are also highly comfortable and easy. They come in different sheds and colors. You can experiment with different colors with your favorite maxi dress to look extra stylish on the beach. 

3. Heels

Heels are a great addition to your maxi dress. When going for an event such as a wedding, tea party, a date, or a date with your squad, go for some classy heels. Wearing those stilettos, chunky heels, or pencil heels will give you a distinctive look and vibe. 

Chunky heels are a great choice if looking for comfort and class. Strappy heels are an excellent option for stilettos; they are more comfortable. They will also give you a fuller-looking leg with a perfect shape.

4. Wedges 

Wedges are a great addition to your wardrobe. When worn with a maxi dress, they give you that trendy and charismatic look. They also give your legs a long look and stature. Wedges have a solid heel, making them more comfortable than regular high heels. 

 They come in different colors and designs; you can pair a floral wedge with a plain maxi dress or a floral maxi dress with plain wedges. You can also try different colors with your maxi dress. There are no rules as long as the look gives you more confidence and elegance.

Wear espadrilles wedges to the beach, a braided wedge for a date, and the clear straps for weddings with the maxi dress.  

5. Flats

Flats are perfect for summer because they are lightweight and easy to move around. You can even walk miles in these shoes! They also look good in all kinds of outfits, from shorts and dresses to jeans and skirts. They are comfortable and versatile and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Flats are great during summer, especially when you want your feet to breathe and feel fresh. 

6. Sneakers

Sneakers are another excellent shoe choice for summer fashion. They come in many styles and colors, so there is something for everyone when it comes to sneakers. A classic white sneaker will go with a maxi dress of any color. 

Alternatively, choose one-color sneakers for your floral maxi dress or go all multi-colored for that trendy look. Fashion is all about confidence and feeling great. Whichever makes you feel this way, grab it!

 7. Boots 

boots with dress

Boots add a great vibe and sophistication to your maxi dress. You can wear boots with your floral maxi dress to add a bit of edge. In summer, you can wear lighter boots such as ankle boots. Alternatively, if you are going for a more tomboyish look, you can try the combat boots with a maxi dress. It is trendy to mix feminine pieces with other contrasting details. 

8. Platforms 

 Platforms are also some edgy footwear that are timeless. You can easily pair them with your maxi dress in summer to have that trendy look. They are easy on the feet and will give you extra height. You can wear platforms to events such as weddings or for a good time with friends. 

There are two types of platforms; those that are elevated from the ground but have no raised heel and those with heels. If looking for comfort, choose platforms with no elevated heels with your maxi dress. 

9. Women Loafers

Loafers are a must-have for every woman. They are classic trends that you can wear all seasons. They also come in various designs and colors. When it comes to wearing a summer maxi dress, adding loafers as footwear will give you a stunning, sophisticated look. 

9. Mules

Mules are great with a maxi dress. They are fashionable, easy, and classy when you choose the right color. A nude color mule will go well with your floral maxi dress. 

10. Peep-toe heels or Peep-toe Boots

Peep toe heels or boots are also perfect for summer maxi dresses. They are great for any event and give you that stunning, playful look. They also add some height and edge. 

Can you wear a maxi dress in summer?

Yes, summer should not restrict you from wearing a maxi dress. Just ensure it is loosely fitting, and match it up with the right pair of shoes 

Can you wedge shoes in summer with a maxi dress? 

Of course, you can do can wear a maxi dress with wedge shoes in summer. They look great together, giving you that cool and classic appearance. 

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