How to Style a Purple Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Purple Maxi Skirt
Ready to stand out from the crowd? Learn how to style a purple maxi skirt and create mesmerizing looks that exude sophistication. Read to learn more.

I get it, purple maxi skirts are uncommon, and you probably haven’t seen any recently. In fact, I had not seen a purple maxi skirt on anyone before I bought one, except on celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Sarah Jessica Parker.

All in all, I would recommend one for many reasons. Purple is an extremely calming color that also makes the wearer look regal. After all, it is the color of royalty. A purple maxi skirt in any shade of purple will always stand out in a good way.

The secret- choose flowy or pleated skirts. Straight purple maxi skirts, do not give off that classy, regal vibe like the flowy ones.  With that, styling will be easy.

But first…

Tips for Styling a Purple Maxi Skirt

Experiment with different shades of purple. For example, you can wear a lavender blouse and a plum maxi skirt. No other color looks good with purple as purple itself.

  • If you wear all purple, break the monotony with another color on your shoes and handbag.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum. The color purple does not reflect jewelry very well and it can come off looking tacky.
  • Wear fitted tops. Again, purple is overpowering, so you need to create balance with something well-fitted.

Purple Maxi Skirt Outfits

Pleated Maxi Skirt

A pleated skirt is the most common design of purple maxi skirts. It’s gorgeous, versatile, and so ladylike. We are going to style this skirt three different ways for three consecutive seasons.

With a Crop Top

A purple maxi skirt is an excellent choice for summer and spring. Pair it with a white crop top (or a fitted t-shirt and then make a knot at the waist) and white sneakers. The only thing you can add to this outfit is purple earrings and a waist chain just to accentuate the stomach area.

With a Turtleneck

When it’s cold, pair the skirt with a thick turtleneck and warm knee length boots. Black boots look good but brown works as well. You can then throw on a winter jacket on top or a coat and a scarf for good measure.

With a Button-down or blouse

A pleated purple maxi skirt paired with a white button-down shirt or chiffon blouse and pumps is the perfect fit for work. Try this soft, feminine yet professional look if suits and straight dresses aren’t doing anything for you anymore.

For accessories, accentuate your waist with a black buckled belt and wear a classy watch and dainty earrings.

Monochromatic Look

When we say purple looks great on purple, this is what we mean. The different shades of purple complement each other and give a cool, calming feeling. As I said earlier, break off the monotony with shoes and a purse in another color. Nude and metallic colors make a good match for purple, but you can also do brown.

Purple Maxi and Denim

One unlikely partner of a purple maxi skirt is denim, be it a jacket or button-down shirt. This combination allows a casual chic style that you can accessorize with many things.

I love the boho accessories on her hands, the silver sandals and the straw hat because they turn an otherwise dull, calm color into something fun and summer appropriate.

You know what else looks good with a purple maxi skirt? A blue denim shirt. You can tuck it in for a formal look or make a knot at the waist for a more casual style.

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Purple Maxi and a Blue Turtleneck

Blue, in general, looks fantastic with purple, not just denim blue. This blue turtleneck bodysuit takes vibrant purple to a whole other level. And because these two colors are very powerful, she has toned it down with nude shoes and a black purse. The style doesn’t require much accessorizing, but the gold earrings make her face pop amid all those colors.

Another option of blue is a navy blue silk blouse or camisole paired with nude heels for a semi-formal event.

Yellow and Purple

After white, yellow is the next best color to pair with purple. The contrast it brings makes for quite an electrifying outfit, especially for parties and semi-casual events. Finish this look with layered gold jewelry, sunglasses and a pair of nude or black heels.

And for good measure, throw on a black leather jacket for both style and warmth.

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Sheer Maxi Skirt and Sweater

Sheer maxi skirts are feminine, casual and classy at the same time. When you combine a purple one with a white sweater, the result is fantastic for any summer and spring event. This is a look I would wear to weddings, church and family gatherings.

The white allows you to add more accessories than you would otherwise with a purple outfit. Add a stack of gold bracelets and a chunky necklace to elevate the look. A pair of gold shoes will also be perfect, be it sandals, stilettos or pumps.

Straight Purple Skirt and Crop Top

This long-line, flattering maxi skirt is a great summer option for a girl’s date, running errands and brunch. Pair it with a white or gray crop top, sandals and minimal jewelry. If it gets chilly later, you can wear a denim jacket or a thick sweater for warmth.

What colors go with a purple maxi skirt?

The color you choose to wear with purple depends on the shade of purple. As a rule though, go for complementary colors like yellow, white and blue, which is next to purple on the color wheel.
For lighter shades of purple, go for pastels such as light pink, light blue and other shades of purple. And if all else fails, always choose neutral colors-white, black and grey.

Can you wear a purple maxi skirt in summer?

Purple is a fantastic color for summer when you want to stand out and look regal instead of casual with white. Choose a light maxi skirt such as chiffon, sheer or silk and pair it with a sleeveless top, camisole, crop top or t-shirt. Open shoes will also be crucial to keep your feet cool.

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