How to Style a Sequin Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Sequin Maxi Skirt
Ready to shine and steal the spotlight? Discover how to style a sequin maxi skirt like a true fashion icon by reading these tips. Create dazzling looks.

Is it New Year’s already?

No, if you’ve been seeing sequins everywhere, you can thank Altuzarra and Paco Rabbane for that. This party-mode look has been trending mightily since 2022. And as we saw on the Spring and Summer catwalks, it is no longer just for parties and new year’s Eve rendezvous.

We can now wear sequin skirts all year and on every occasion, even running errands in town. How, you ask?

That’s why we are here. Below is a run-down of how to style a sequin maxi skirt for any occasion we can think of. And hey, this also works for midi and miniskirts, so don’t fret.

The Casual Everyday Look

Do you want to wear a sequin maxi for a quick run to the grocery store or lunch with friends? We got you.

Pair it with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers, gladiator sandals or flats. I like tucking in the front of the t-shirt or making a knot at the waist so it almost looks like a crop top. Better yet, wear a short sleeve crop top that looks like a cutoff tee.

This works for any sequin skirt, no matter the silhouette. You can then throw on a denim jacket on top if it’s a bit chilly.

Here’s another option- a sweater. Choose the sweater depending on how cold it is, and again, tuck it at the front to show off the waist. You can fold back the sleeves to make it look chic and show off your cool watch. The shoes I’ve mentioned above will also work with a sweater.

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The Classy Daytime Look

You have a wedding, a business lunch with friends, or any other semi-formal occasion during the day- this is how you style a sequin maxi skirt. Decide how formal you want to look first, and from there.

For example, if you are meeting some serious people, you can wear a button-down shirt and a formal-looking sequin skirt. A pleated or round one would be a great choice. For footwear, go with stilettos or dark-colored pumps to break the monotony. I would also carry a purse, not a clutch bag and keep jewelry classy and minimum.

How about a completely casual but classy lunch or a wedding?

A light sweater, camisole or blouse will do. Again, wear sexy heels, minimal jewelry and a small purse or clutch bag. Statement sunnies will also take this look to the next level.

The Cocktail Party Look

A sequin maxi skirt, heels, clutch bag, overpriced jewelry and hair on flick- that is how we show up to a cocktail party. As for the top, you can wear anything from a turtleneck tucked in as Ciara did, a camisole, a lace crop top or a blouse. Make sure you take something to keep you warm because cocktail parties occur at night.

And since this is a mingling event, ensure the heels you choose are comfortable. I would still wear stilettos or heeled sandals if I have a pair that’s easy to walk on.

Party Look

By party here, I mean New Year’s parties, birthday parties, graduation parties and any other off-the-chain parties where you drink, dance and let loose. These are the occasions for whom sequin skirts and dresses were made.

My first choice would be a monochromatic look where you wear sequins from top to bottom. But that can be a tad much for such a casual occasion though it’s perfect for after-parties. If you can also find a sequin skirt with frills or any other exciting design, choose that one.

So how about a buttonless blouse, a textured crop top or a t-shirt? Combine these with heels or wedges, and then throw on a fur jacket or a leather one you will wear later when it’s cold.

Feel free to go all out on jewelry because, after all, it is a party.

The Official Look

Yes, you can wear a sequin maxi skirt to the office contrary to popular belief. I would avoid black because the shine tends to show too much on black.

Combine the skirt with a blouse or a button-down shirt and throw on a long structured blazer on top. You can also do a formal-looking coat instead, especially if it’s a cold day. Wear pumps and a demure handbag, and you are set.

The Red Carpet Look

Last but not least is sequin for the red carpet. This is very common because a red carpet outfit should be flashy and outstanding, so you’ve probably seen a lot of celebs with it.

A chiffon or silk blouse is the obvious choice, and of course, high-heel pumps or stilettos and a clutch bag. But as you can see, the ladies have also worn a statement belt, making the outfit pop even more. The shoes and the purse are also shimmery, and so is the jewelry.

For red carpet events, there is no such thing as overdoing it, especially with shimmer and glitter.

Final Thoughts

The trick to styling a sequin maxi skirt is balancing textures and fabrics. Because the skirt is so shiny, the top or blazer should be mute and soft to create that balance. Keep the colors to a minimum (2-3) as well so the outfit is not so loud.

And as with most maxi skirts, choose one that fits you perfectly and accentuates your body type.

Can you wear a sequin maxi skirt casually?

Yes, sequin maxi skirts are now an acceptable daytime casual wear, thanks to celebrities. Pair them with a graphic t-shirt, crop top or sweater to get that laid-back look. For footwear, flats, sneakers and gladiator sandals will immediately downplay the skirt to casual status.

Can you wear a sequin maxi skirt to a wedding?

Sequin is a traditional party look that works perfectly for weddings and all other parties. Wear the skirt with a soft blouse and stilettos or wedges for that lady-like look. Matching jewelry and a bedazzled clutch bag will complete the outfit, and sunglasses if it’s a sunny day.

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