What Jacket to Wear with a Maxi Dress

What Jacket to Wear with a Maxi Dress
Maxi skirts and jackets are like two peas in a pod. They pair well together and look amazing. But, exactly how to achieve this without looking odd? Find out.

They say life is better when styling it in a jacket, and we couldn’t agree more. Maxi dresses and jackets are a match made in heaven. A good jacket keeps you warm and takes your outfit to the next level. 

However, not all jackets pair well with maxi skirts because they are long and sometimes wide. So, which jackets are perfect for pairing with maxi skirts? Here are the best options and some  styling tips.

1. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been around since the 1880s, and they continue to spice up the fashion world in the 21st century. Pairing this jacket with your maxi skirt adds flair and comfort to your outfit without compromising the style. Moreover, You can pair denim jackets and maxi skirts regardless of the type of maxi skirt and the styling options are endless.

This pair works for fun hangouts with friends, errands, or casual Fridays at work. Complete the outfit with a fitted top, a pair of cool sneakers, and minimal accessories. Alternatively, try girly flats, sunglasses, and a shoulder or tote bag will look stylish. For casual Fridays, you don’t have to go all out because the denim jacket is a statement piece. So, put on a cute pair of heels, simple earrings, and lipstick.

2. Leather Jacket

Like denim jackets, leather jackets are versatile, with many styling options. So, why not pair your maxi skirt with a stylish leather jacket? The jacket adds a classic element to your look, but let’s be honest, you’ll look like a badass with the right leather jacket.

Naturally, if you’re wearing a maxi, a waist-length leather jacket is ideal for balancing out the fit. For bandage-style maxi skirts, crop jackets work well, while waist-length jackets pair well with flowy skirts.

But remember, you can always switch up the look to fit your preference. Moreover, you can mix up the colors by wearing beige, brown, or white leather jackets. Black isn’t the only color.

3. Structured Blazer

The structured blazer is your best option if you’re going for a formal or polished look. Maxi skirts and structured blazers are perfect for business meetings, formal events, or daily office wear. In fact, you can pair a pleated maxi skirt and a structured blazer for work or even a wedding. We have more wedding outfit ideas in this article. So check it out if you want diverse options for skirts and dresses.

A structured blazer looks best with flats or high heels, but you can also pull off a casual look with sneakers. Alternatively, if you have an oversized structured blazer, find a statement belt and cinch the jacket around the waist. 

4. Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets are a stylish and versatile addition to your wardrobe. The fabric is warm enough for indoor and outdoor use, and they’ll fit in formal and informal settings. To pull off the tweed jacket and maxi skirt combo, pick a jacket that fits perfectly above or slightly below your waistline. Then, complement your look with a stunning pair of heels, a cute bag, and fitting accessories. Learn here how to accessorise maxi outfits.

5. Floral Jacket

Do you like flowers? You’ll be glad to learn that floral jackets and maxi skirts go hand in hand. Floral jackets are trendy, fun, and an impressive way to showcase your personality and style. What’s more, you can wear these jackets throughout all seasons. 

The jackets come in various styles, including blazers, bomber jackets, trench jackets, and tweed. However, there are several rules to adhere to when wearing floral jackets. First, less is more, so pick monochrome color outfits for a balanced look. Second, don’t mix patterns, and keep the accessories at a minimum. 

6. Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are back in style, allowing you to wear your maxi skirt through the cold season. You can pair your maxi skirts with waist-length puffer jackets and well-fitting tops. Pair the outfit with a good pair of boots or sneakers, and you’ll be ready. 

Puffer jackets that go slightly below the waist in your hip area are also ideal for maxi skirts. But it would help if you found a jacket that complements your body and outfit. Oversize puffer jackets can swallow you up and make you look overdressed.

7. Sporty Jacket

Maxi skirts are versatile, meaning you can pull off any look with the right outfit combination. So, if you’re going for a casual or sporty look, look no further than the sporty jackets. These jackets will bring out a laid back yet ladylike look while maintaining comfort. For this look, your jacket choice depends on your maxi skirt style. 

For example,  you can play around with waist-length and oversized jackets when wearing a slim maxi skirt. However, for flowy skirts, you must be careful when wearing oversized, sporty jackets to avoid looking frumpy. Pair your look with a pair of sneakers and a backpack or sling bag, and you’ll be the ultimate sporty chic

8. Matching Jacket and Skirt Set

A matching set is always a good idea. You can wear these outfits to work, weddings, brunch, or church; the options are vast. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about styling because the jacket and maxi skirt come as one piece. You only need to pick the right top and accessories to complement your look. 

The best part about wearing a matching set is the freedom to select oversize or crop jackets easily. But here’s a tip: if you’re wearing an oversized jacket, go for a monochrome crop top or fitting tank top to balance the look.

9. Trench Jacket

Yep! You can definitely rock a trench jacket and maxi skirt without looking overdone. These jackets come in handy during cold winter days or when you’re going for a sophisticated lady look. But since they’re very long, you need to be calculated when pairing these two pieces of clothing. For starters, the hemline of your trench coat should match your skirt’s hemline. 

That way, the skirt isn’t hanging over the trench, making the look more polished. In addition, don’t mix prints. For example, if your trench coat features prints, keep your skirt and top at a minimum and vice versa. 

Styling Tips to Help You Find the Best Jackets

Clearly, maxi skirts pair well with a wide selection of jackets. You can rock tiny, waist-length, or oversize blazers without losing your fashion sense or undermining an outfit. But if you’re still struggling to find the perfect jacket, here are some things you should consider when shopping or styling.

  • Don’t overdo it. The simpler the look, the better because your jacket is a statement piece.
  • Wear a fitting top to diversify your jacket options. Generally, tank tops, camis, crop tops, and tight t-shirts look good with a maxi skirt. You can wear any jacket without looking frumpy.
  • Add a belt if you’re wearing an oversize jacket or structured blazer. Again, this is not a mandatory styling tip, but a good belt will add style and a sophisticated edge to your outfit. 
  • Oversized jackets pair well with maxi skirts, but not everyone can pull off this look. These jackets are statement pieces, so your skirt, top, and accessories shouldn’t be bold. In fact, a simple monochrome outfit paired with an oversized jacket is perfect. Tall women will pair the look with sneakers or flats, and shorter women definitely need high heels to avoid looking swamped.
  • Long trench jackets are great. However, find a jacket that aligns with your skirt’s hemline for a clean look.
Can I wear any jacket with a maxi skirt?

Yes. Maxi skirts pair well with any jacket. You need to understand proportions and find a jacket that goes well with each maxi skirt. As a rule, the jacket should not cut the skirt at any point.

Can I wear oversize and crop jackets with my maxi skirt?

Absolutely! Oversize and crop jackets can complete your look. However, you need to wear them correctly and find jackets that complement your maxi skirt. For example, if you layer your print maxi skirt with a colorful top and oversize jacket, you risk looking overdone. So, when wearing oversize and crop jackets, let these clothing items be the highlight.

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