How to Wear Plaid Maxi Dress

How to Wear Plaid Maxi Dress
Do you like plaid? It is a timeless fashion material, and we’ll explore all the different ways you can stand out in a plaid maxi dress.

Plaid, to me, is synonymous with the fall season or the movie Clueless, (remember those pleated plaid skirts Cher and Dion used to wear to school?)

But it’s also a timeless, neutral print that comes back year after year like florals. You can dress it up or down, and there are tons of different color combinations and print sizes to choose from.

What I’ve noticed however is that most plaid outfits are either short skirts (really short, for that matter), or midi dresses. You will be hard-pressed to find any guide on wearing or styling a plain maxi dress or skirt.

Well, let’s be the first ones like the trend-setters we are.

Most plaid maxi dresses are very straightforward, and you will know immediately how to style them. You simply have to pay attention to the colors, size of the plaid print and the design of the dress. I can categorically say however that a black leather jacket will always, always look good with a plaid maxi.

But for inspiration purposes, let’s see these 8 plaid maxi dress outfits for everyday looks.

1. The White and Black Plaid Dress

 The love of plaid dresses is built on this black and white A-line dress right here. It screams Marilyn Monroe in every way, so you have to honor her style. The most natural way is to grab your hottest stilettos and a clutch bag. Depending on the situation, you can switch this with a pair of closed flats or heeled sandals.

If you are going to a day event, statement shades and maybe a hat will do as well. You can then throw on a black trench or a leather jacket at night.

Here are other jackets you can wear with a maxi dress.

2. The Red Plaid Maxi Dress

A red plaid maxi is the opposite of the white and black one. While the latter says a gentle, nice and classy lady, the red one screams edgy, wild and slightly dangerous. And in honor of that, a black leather jacket and boots are a must with this dress. Gladiator heels or sandals work too if you want to feminize the outfit a little.

I especially like the winter version of this dress, with that black turtleneck underneath and combat boots.

3. The Button-Down Plaid Dress

Admittedly this is my favorite type of maxi dress. Opening the buttons on the bottom to create a front slit makes for a very sexy dress. Now, depending on the climate, you can pair this with open stilettos or knee-length hot boots.

And because this is a sexy dress, you must accessorize like a lady. Feel free to rock your favorite silver jewelry and that Gucci purse. A sexy hat or sunnies will also be great accessories on a sunny day.

4. A Simple Tiered Summer Dress

Simplicity is what this dress is all about. It’s plaid, but also summery and free. It’s the dress you grab to run errands, have a by-the-way lunch with your best friends or work from home because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.

Typically, a pair of sandals or open wedges will suffice. I’ve also seen women wear flat sneakers with this, and it looked amazing. Again, sunnies and a hat will be a bonus, especially since this is a hot day’s dress. Also, simple jewelry and a small purse will be nice.

Read this to learn more about styling a tiered maxi dress.

5. The Cover Up

The button-down plaid maxi dress we discussed earlier can also be used as a cover-up or Kimono. All you have to do is open all the buttons and then wear a top, tight jeans, or a skirt. The elegance of this combination is really something to behold, especially if you pick bright colors like these ones.

As you can see, you can wear a belt to cinch in the waist or leave the dress open. I prefer open heeled shoes with this, but the right boot will work.

6. Plaid Bodycon Maxi Dress

Plaid body con maxis are not very common, but there are a few designed for older or taller women. The essence of these dresses is that they are very ladylike, professional and classy. If you have to layer up, only a trench coat or long blazer would do.

As for shoes and accessories, pick something classy and professional too. Stilettos or pumps are great, and then a clutch bag on your hand. The style of this dress also dictates statement jewelry. Eye-catching earrings and a bracelet would be the perfect set.

7. Vintage Plaid Maxi

If you are uncomfortable with plaid, I recommend vintage plaid print. The larger, less pronounced patterns are very classy and look really cool in fall.

The secret to pulling off vintage plaid is thinking like a 70’s movie star. You must accessorize and wear shoes that look feminine and regal. As you can see from the picture, statement jewelry are a must-have, and you can also go in with a statement belt and a vintage leather or mojo jacket.

Alternatively, keep things simple with big sunnies, dainty jewelry and a pair of sandals for casual settings. It all depends on the occasion.

8. Formal Plaid Maxi Dress

Can you wear a plaid maxi to a formal evening event? Absolutely. While it’s not common, there are formal plaid gowns that would stop the show at any event.

Again, learning how to accessorize like a movie star is the secret here. A classy handbag, statement jewelry and a shoe that says you have arrived must be part of the package. Of course, you also have to step it up with the hair and make-up, which I recommend getting inspiration from the 70s as well. Think big curly hair held at the back and a deep red lip.

What do you wear with a plaid maxi dress?

Plaid maxi dresses are usually stand-alone outfits that you only need to accessorize and choose a good shoe for. But because they are cold-season staples, you can wear a t-shirt or a turtle neck underneath the dress, especially if it’s sleeveless and then throw on a leather or mojo jacket.

Can you wear a jean jacket with a plaid maxi dress?

You can wear a denim jacket with anything, including a plaid maxi dress. The secret is choosing the right jacket color because blue will not go with most plaid outfits. Black and white denim jackets are very versatile, but you should always let the dress colors dictate everything else.

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