This is the Royals Favorite Dress

Safyiaa's Kalika dress Prince Hussein and Rajwa wedding
From Meghan Markle to Princess Victoria of Sweden -This dress by the demi couture London-based fashion brand is the new royal favorite.

Want to dress like a princess? Get your hands on a Safiyaa dress. Preferably “Ginkgo”.

Meet Safiyaa. It is a British demi-cutour ready-to-wear luxury clothing brand. Their clothes are in solid colors, classic cuts, or classic with a twist. Many of their dresses can be identified by the capes and the trains, on the back or the sleeves. The style is dramatic without being excessive, classic without being boring.

Like the classic brand they are, in addition to the changing collection – Safiyaa has dresses that repeat each season in other colors.

The most recognizable dress of the brand is the Ginkgo dress.

It is a maxi dress with short sleeves, a cape at the front. At the back it has long-tail with buttons at the top and a deep split at the bottom. The dress is made of 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane

To own a Ginkgo dress by Safiyaa you would pay £913. And yes, this is one of the cheapest dresses in the collection. If you want it in white in the wedding dress version, it’s currently £1,300, after a 30% discount.

If this is Valentino has a similar dress, a Cape-scarf wool-blend crepe dress, in twice the price.

How popular is Ginkgo dress?

The one who really liked this dress is Duchess Meghan Markle, who wore the dress as a working royal: one in light blue when she was pregnant with Archie and one in red on her last week as a working royal.

Since then the dress was out of sight, but recently it is everywhere to be found:

On June first, at the state banquet after the wedding of the Jordanian crown prince Hussein, it was worn by two different women!

The first is Princess Zein bint Hussein of Jordan, the King of Jordan’s sister, who wore it in burgundy.

The second is Princess Victoria, the Swedish crown princess, who wore it in bright pink.

Another one who wore a dress-her sister is an unknown person who sat in the audience at the wedding itself, at noon, and wore it in light blue, with a narrower back train.
This dress is called Kalika, and it comes in a maxi and a midi version.

These screenshots are from the wedding on YouTube:

On June 13th Princess Ghida bin Talal, King Hussein’s cousin, wore Ginkgo to an event and the photo was uploaded to Queen Rania’s Instagram.

The Safyiaa Dress to Enter the History Books

With all due respect to Meghan and Princess Victoria, Safiyaa’s dress that will go down in the days of fashion history is also the most memorable outfit at the coronation of King Charles, apart from Charles and Camilla’s regalia.

This is Penny Mordaunt’s dress. Before you ask “Who?!” – I didn’t remember her name either, but if you watched the coronation you remember her as the woman who held the sword.

This is a Roni dress in a shade of blue called Poseidon. You can find it, without the embroidery the headpiece.

The embroidery is not part of the original. It was embroidered by Hand and Lock, a well-known London embroiderer who worked, among other things, on the embroideries in Netflix’s hit Bridgerton.

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