Website Review: How Are The Maxi Dresses You’ll Find On Gymystar & Gymdolphin

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Buying maxi dresses today is more convenient than ever. All you have to do is find a reliable online clothing store like ChicMe or Modily and order the dress that tugs at your heart strings.

Sometimes though, you find cool maxi dresses in the most unexpected places- and I am not talking about roadside stalls and Walmart here. Online stores like Gymdolphin and Gymystar are one such example. They are both online stores that carry activewear and workout clothes for women and each of them is known for;

  • Yoga and gym style
  • Street and casual style
  • Athleisure style

You can find everything from underwear and wet suits to jumpsuits, sports suits, and bikinis at Gymdolphin or Gymystar.

 But before we explore what kind of maxi dresses you can get at an active wear store, let’s take a look at each of these online brands.

About Gymystar

Founded in 2020, Gymystar aims to provide cutting-edge fashion to women of all ages at the lowest prices. Gymystar’s main focus is on activewear that women can wear when working out or on a casual day out. They have everything from tops, bottoms, and suits, to accessories, shoes, and dresses, including maxi dresses.

About Gymdolphin

Like Gymystar, Gymdolphin was founded in 2020, offering activewear for women of all ages. However, this store also sells other clothing items and accessories, including jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes. If you are into casual and workout clothes, you will enjoy shopping on this site. 

As you can see, both stores are very similar. They even have the same trending outfits like TikTok leggings, abstract art style, and comfortable workout outfits, among many more. They are also unlikely places to find a maxi dress which is very refreshing.

Dresses On Gymystar And Gymdolphin

With over 200 dresses on each site, there are plenty of options for anyone shopping on either Gymystar or Gymdolphin. The dress prices range from about $12 to $75, and many have massive discounts of up to 72% off. Along with activewear style dresses, there are different styles of dresses, from cutout sling minis and floral printed mesh wrap minis to long-sleeved midi dresses and several maxi dresses. You can wear these dresses to different events beyond the gym and casual hangouts with your friends.

Maxi Dresses On Gymystar And Gymdolphin

Gymystar has over 60 maxis to choose from, ranging in price between $16 and $60, while Gymdolphin has over 70 maxis for sale, also priced between $16 and $60. A simple search on either online store reveals mostly form-fitting and rather sensual maxis with high slits and cutouts. These include sling mermaid maxis, halter neck backless maxis, hollow backless camisole dresses, and patchwork bandage maxis that may appeal more to the younger demographic (and the young at heart) attending evening or night-time events. 

However, there are loose-fitting maxis that are either sleeveless or have sleeves that the older demographic would feel more comfortable in and which are great for casual or semi-formal events. These include the batwing sleeved maxis and the loose V-neck face printed maxi with sleeveless and long sleeve options. 

An interesting maxi design found in both stores is the V-neck wrap hip hooded dress; a modern, athletic take on the classic wrap dress. And it comes with large pockets too! Both sites also carry high-low dresses called ‘cropped’ maxis for the girl who wants a maxi dress with a little extra leg exposure.

Their maxi dresses use different materials, including cotton, polyester, and spandex, and they come in different sizes ranging from small to XL. As there is no plus-size section on either website, it is safe to conclude that they are inclusive. Additionally, each maxi dress comes in at least three different colors and has a size chart that you can use to confirm your size before placing your order. 

Both online stores have plenty of maxi dresses with pockets. Most of the loose-fitting or hooded maxis have pockets, unlike the sultrier form-fitting ones, adding to their appeal. You can see these on the product images and descriptions as well.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Once you find the maxi dress with pockets you love, you can place an order on either website by opening a personal account or directly placing the item in your cart. Ensure that you confirm the item’s details before checking out.

Once you check out, enter your information and select a shipping method. Next, choose a payment method and your preferred billing address. Both websites accept PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards, and once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email along with shipping and billing details. Note that for Gymystar, there is a period of 2 to 6 business days for processing your order, while Gymdolphin takes 1 to 3 business days.

After processing, the company distribution center will ship the package to you. Shipping can take anywhere between 3 and 22 business days for express delivery and 3 to 30 business days for standard delivery. Both companies partner with reputable logistics providers like DHL, USPS, and Post EMS to guarantee the safe delivery of your package. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and whether your country charges import duty.

Order Cancellations, Exchanges, and Returns

Canceling your order on either website is quite challenging, so it is wise to confirm all your details before placing the order. Further, you cannot cancel an order that has already shipped out.

For returns, contact a customer service representative from either website within 14 days of delivery. They will give you the proper return address within 24 hours, to which you can ship your item. Ensure that it is undamaged, unaltered, and unwashed; otherwise, each company reserves the right to deduct damages from your refund amount. Note that you will incur the cost of shipping it back, so label the package ‘returned goods’ to avoid paying extra customs charges.

Customer Reviews

Gymdolphin and Gymystar customer reviews are largely positive, with buyers praising their purchases’ fit, material, and styles. They also appreciate the variety that incorporates vintage and sensual styles with the dominant activewear styles. While the sites target women of all ages, it is quite popular with younger people who enjoy their style and dress designs. Plus, all their items are on trend with all the popular fads of the time. 

The only major concern is that both sites’ owners are unknown, making buyers feel insecure about potential refunds or returns. Some websites have gone as far as to call both websites non-legitimate because there are no real people claiming ownership over them. In addition, neither site states its shipping location or company headquarters, so buyers are left to speculate based on the shipping times and costs.

There are also claims that the websites are using pictures taken from other websites to sell their merchandise, further fueling suspicion that these are not legitimate online stores. In fact, the product pictures and prices on each site are identical, which seems strange for competing companies. Further, shipping information on Gymystar’s website is identical to another website which is curious, to say the least.

Are Gymystar And Gymdolphin Legit Websites?

The jury is still out on this, as these websites have no clear owners. Further, neither of them has a clear headquarters location, which adds to the suspicion. Another point of concern is how identical the websites are to each other with regard to their product pictures and even some of their written content. These similarities are surprising, particularly for competing websites.

Are There Maxi Dresses With Pockets On These Websites?

Yes, there are maxi dresses with pockets on Gymystar and Gymdolphin websites. However, they are mostly on more loose-fitting and casual maxis like hooded maxis or urban A-line maxis.

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