Cotton Types of Dresses

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Cotton is one of the best fabrics when it comes to maxi dresses. It's comfortable, breathable and soft. Find the different cotton maxi dresses you can buy.

Cotton maxi dresses have many benefits, compared to other fabrics. They are soft, breathable, easy to care for and durable. If you are lucky enough to fall upon an organic cotton dress, you also get to enjoy the hypoallergenic power of this natural fabric because it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

Lightweight cotton maxi dresses are great for warm weather because they can keep you cool and comfortable through the heat. Heavier cotton dresses on the other hand are reserved for cold weather because they are tightly woven to keep you warm.

But as we know, cotton comes in several variations, even before it’s woven into different fabrics.

Let’s learn more about this 6,000 year old fiber.

What is Cotton?

Cotton is a pure white naturally occurring staple fiber with a high cellulose composition. The cotton material combines fibers that grow inside a ball-shaped cotton plant. The cellulose in cotton makes it fluffy and soft, which makes it a perfect material for maxi dresses after the weaving process.

Cotton has incredible moisture-wicking properties, which makes it superior to other fibers, and that’s why these maxi dresses are highly-priced. In addition, it absorbs various dyes to make dresses in different colors and create patterns.

Even after washing for a long time, cotton remains intact and absorbs temperature effectively. In addition, cotton blends well with fibers like polyester and elastane to make quality clothes.

Types of Cotton Dresses

Organic Cotton Dresses

 Although cotton grows naturally, organic cotton is grown sustainably without pesticides and fertilizers to achieve organic certification. Organic cotton dresses are likable because they are hypoallergenic, extremely soft, and durable. 

Buying an organic cotton maxi dress means digging deeper into your pockets for better quality. Luckily, you will get a bang for your buck because they are comfortable, lightweight, and great for warm and cool weather. In addition, organic cotton can be woven in light to medium-weight versions, so you have an outfit for summer and winter.

 Egyptian cotton Dresses

In luxury apparel, organic cotton and Egyptian cotton maxi dresses are the highly rated choices. This type of cotton has longer and silkier fibers making it superior to other types of woven cotton. In addition, maxi dresses made from Egyptian cotton are finer, soft, and long-lasting.

Authentic Egyptian cotton is special because it’s specifically grown in Egypt along the banks of the River Nile. This location is perfect because it has the right mix of moisture and heat that results in thin cotton strands.

Egyptian cotton maxi dresses are comfortable and lightweight for different weather conditions. You can also rock them in winter because they retain body heat to keep you warm. Also, their breathability and moisture-wicking properties during summer helps regulate body temperature.

Jersey Cotton Dresses

Jersey cotton is a fabric of soft cotton made from knitting cotton threads. Unlike organic/egyptian cotton which are natural fibers, jersey cotton is a knitted fabric made with single or double yarn to be soft, elastic and versatile.

This material is suitable for most maxi dresses because it’s more stretchable than traditional cotton. With distinct aesthetics and elasticity, Jersey knit cotton maxi dresses feel comfortable to the touch.

The techniques applied in knitting this cotton material make it stretch without additional synthetic fibers. Although Jersey cotton was initially preserved for menswear, Coco Chanel popularized its marketability by making comfortable dresses for women.

Chintz Cotton Dresses

Chintz cotton dresses make some of the most attractive maxi dresses because of their colorful designs and patterns. Chintz cotton is characterized by complex geometric and floral patterns woven into the material.

In weaving, thicker threads have thinner twisting threads crossing over to make a shiny fabric surface. Maxi dresses made from chintz cotton have a glaze finish on the material to highlight the burnished look.

Chintz maxi dresses are stylish and feature attractive prints that can work for any occasion. This is the perfect cotton dress to add to your summer/spring collection. Add some pomp and color with the right selection of heels for your maxi dress to be more elegant.

Poplin Cotton Dresses

The basic concept of poplin cotton is quite simple. Two yarns of different thickness are weaved together (one up and one down) to make a plain weave. This weaning technique makes Poplin cotton lightweight and thin, which adds to the cooling effect on your skin when you wear it. The material has slightly raised patterns on one side of the plain woven material.

In the past, many manufacturers used silk threads with cotton yarns of varying thicknesses to retain the classic design. But today poplin cotton is made of 100% cotton so it can stay light, moisture-wicking and breathable.

Best Cotton for Dresses

The best cotton for maxi dresses comes down to your preference and style when looking for the best cotton fabric for a maxi dress. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with light to mid-weight cotton dresses like poplin and chintz. These materials make the perfect dresses because of their breathability and porosity, allowing airflow to your skin.

You won’t even realize you are under the scorching summer sun because the dresses keep you cool. Cotton also has an excellent drape over other materials, especially for lightweight apparel. However, from experience, the best cotton for maxi dresses is organic cotton if you want something soft, breathable and durable.

Are Cotton Dresses the Best?

Yes. Cotton is one of the best materials for maxi dresses for all-year-round fashion. It’s strong, soft, and light and comes in variations that can fit any dress design. Cotton also has great moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and comfy when wearing your maxi dress in warm weather.
An Egyptian cotton maxi dress is luxurious and offers an elegance of its own class. On the other hand, jersey cotton is the common cotton fabric for maxi dresses because it’s easier to knit and design dresses.

Is Egyptian Cotton better than Organic Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is better because the region where it grows makes the cotton fibers thinner. Therefore, the maxi dresses made from this fabric are softer, warmer, and great for heat retention in winter. However, organic cotton is available in China, the USA, India, and Europe, meaning it’s more common than Egyptian cotton.

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