How to Style a Metallic Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Metallic Maxi Skirt
Can't wait to shine in a metallic maxi skirt? Discover our ultimate style guide for tips on pairing and creating glamorous looks that make a statement.

Metallic skirts have appeared in our streets more than ever in recent history. Call it the Taylor Swift effect, or maybe it’s the fashion rebellion going on at the moment.

We have seen celebs from Beyoncé at the Grammys to Nicola Beckham wearing gorgeous metallic maxi skirts this year. And while traditionally metallic came in silver or gold, today we are seeing them in shades of blue, green and even Barbiecore pink.

They have also been featured predominantly in the spring/summer collections by the likes of MM6, Louis Vuitton and Armani instead of the usual winter and fall collections.

But can the typical girl rock a metallic maxi skirt on a regular day? Absolutely. It’s shocking how versatile metallic skirts can be. And while I prefer wearing them to parties, weddings and events, they also work on a regular casual day.

We put together a collection of simple looks you can emulate with different styles of metallic maxi skirts below. As you will notice, only a handful of colors work with metallic, no matter the shade- White, black, gray, pink and of course other metallic.

Let’s check out the styles.

Metallic skirt and Black T-shirt

Pick any metallic maxi skirt and pair it with a black top or t-shirt. It could be a long sleeve, short sleeve or one shoulder as long as you tuck it in the skirt. A black crop top works exceptionally well on date nights or parties, and you can do a clutch instead of a purse.

Throw on a pair of stilettos or pumps (I love the animal print pumps) and a classy purse.

Depending on the occasion, you can complete the look with a short structured blazer or leather jacket. For jewelry, I would stick to a statement necklace, simple earrings and a really nice bracelet. It’s interesting that jewelry complements a metallic skirt instead of overshadowing it.

White and Metallic Skirts

Any black top you have chosen above to wear with a metallic maxi skirt can also work in white. I actually prefer white during the day because it brightens up the outfit. The styling will stay the same with stilettos or pumps and a classy purse.

The only addition I will make here is that you can pair any metallic maxi skirt with a white button-down shirt. It’s a fierce semi-casual look for any red-carpet event, and celebs have been doing it for years.

Sweater and Metallic Skirt

Looking to wear a metallic skirt casually? How about pairing it with a simple sweater and some low-heeled sandals or sneakers. It’s an all-year look you can dress up or down with accessories or outerwear.

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In summer and spring, rock a silver metallic maxi skirt with a gray sweater, arms folded up and statement sunnies. Because the arms are visible, do a few bangles or bracelets just to complement the silver.

For cooler months, a fluffy white sweater looks amazing, and you can accessorize with statement earrings and throw on a woolen coat if it’s too cold.

Denim on Metallic Skirts

I know I’ve become a broken record, but denim really does go with everything, metallic included. A faded denim blue button-down shirt tucked in or knotted at the waist works great with any metallic maxi skirt, but mostly silver and gold.

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Depending on the skirt and occasion, you can pair the outfit with flat sandals, sneakers, stilettos, and pumps.

I like the open buttons look better though. Wear a white top and then throw on a denim jacket or shirt over it. This looks better if the skirt is straight, but pleated metallic maxi skirts will work as well.

The Monochrome Look

As I said, metallics go with neutral colors only and other metallic, preferably in the same shade. These monochrome looks are fantastic because they look like they were made for each other. The turquoise combo makes you look regal, tall and thin at the same time.

That said, the blouse/top doesn’t have to be metallic per se. It can be lace or any other fabric if the color matches the skirt. And because this is such a high-class look, I recommend stilettos or glittery pumps. You can do this with silver, maroon and any other metallic shade.

Flattering Metallic Skirt and a Camisole

We skipped camisoles for a reason when listing the black and white tops you should wear with a metallic maxi skirt. Camisoles get their own slot because they create a unique outfit for evening parties or dinner dates.

The secret is choosing a figure-hugging maxi skirt that flows from the knees down. It creates a soft, feminine and sexy look, especially if you wear metallic or embellished stilettos. I would accessorize this with equally striking earrings and a bracelet and skip the necklace.

Feel free to throw a fur coat over your shoulders for later when it gets cold.

Complementary Colors

The last way I would style a metallic maxi skirt is with a top whose color complements the metallic shade on the skirt. If I take the example in the picture, the skirt has a pinkish-brown undertone, not silver or gold. That’s why it looks so good with a brown sweater.

And though the other skirt is metallic gold, the undertone is green-yellow, making a jungle green top the perfect match. The trick is to find the dominant undertone and match that. I have seen a gold metallic maxi paired with a yellow sweater, and it looked fabulous.

Can you wear a metallic maxi skirt to a wedding?

Metallic maxi skirts are suitable for any occasion when styled right. Weddings and parties are an even better place to rock a metallic maxi skirt because you are expected to be over the top and dressed up. Just try not to outshine the bride and her maids.

How do you make a metallic maxi skirt look professional?

Few metallic skirts can pass for a formal professional environment. In most cases, only pleated metallic skirts can work in the office unless the shimmer is very mute. You can enhance the professional look by pairing the skirt with a button-down shirt, preferably a white one or a silk blouse. A blazer will also work.

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