How to Wear Heels with a Maxi Skirt

How to Wear Heels with a Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirts and heels create elegant, feminine looks you can wear on various occasions. Here's a guideline of different heel types and how they complement all your maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts are versatile and pair well with sneakers, flats, boots, and sandals. But wearing a maxi skirt with heels takes it to a different style level. Heels are sexy and feminine, adding additional inches to your height.

What’s more, wearing heels improves your posture, giving you a toned physique and a confidence boost. So, as a lover of maxi skirts and heels, I’ll share some of my favorite combos in this article. Additionally, we’ll explore how you can style your maxi skirt with different types of heels.  

1. Wear Stiletto Sandals

Every woman needs a killer stiletto. Whether wearing it for pictures or to a fancy event, stilettos will elevate your physique and make you look sexy yet elegant. Moreover, no matter how long your maxi skirt is, a stiletto sandal will complement how your dress fits your curves and cuts around your ankles.

Stiletto sandals and maxi skirts pair well with crop, dressy, or well-fitting tops, meaning anyone will look stylish in these shoes. In addition, you can take it from formal to casual events by switching from a blazer to a denim or leather jacket.

However, I know that not everyone can walk in stilettos, and that’s where chunky heels come in handy. If walking in a stiletto isn’t for you, you can rock chunky heels because they’re more comfortable and the heel is wider. But remember, you’ll need a good pedicure for either shoe because your toes are exposed.

2. Opt for Kitten Heels

According to Vogue Magazine, kitten heels are back, and I couldn’t agree more. These shoes clearly indicate that everyone can wear heels and your outfits don’t have to be boring. They’re literally about 2 inches and comfortable for running errands, workdays, or long walks.

In fact, you can definitely rock an elegant kitten heel to a wedding and other formal events. Wearing stylish kitten heels with a maxi skirt adds a layer of femininity to your look, regardless of the skirt style. Furthermore, these heels are versatile for women who don’t enjoy wearing stiletto-type shoes.

3. Bring Out the Strappy Heels

For maxi skirts with a slit, you should definitely consider strappy heels. They’re slightly similar to gladiator-style heels but have straps you tie around your ankle or up to your knee area. They’re sexy for a fun night out, weddings, or brunch with the girls.

Moreover, a strappy heel will pair well with the bodycon style and flowy maxi skirts. If you don’t want to wear a maxi skirt with a slit, that’s fine. The heels are also secure and will offer extra comfort under your skirt. Remember, the heel length solely depends on your preference.

4. A Good Pump for Formal and Casual Events

Pump heels are usually closed-toe shoes and will suit any maxi skirt style. In fact, these are the best heels to wear if you pair them with a maxi skirt for work. As seen in the picture, a maxi skirt, button-down shirt, and stylish handbag will turn you into a professional fashionista.

Even better, you can take the pumps on a spin around town with a casual get-up, pairing it with a fitting top or denim button-down. The shoes come in 3 or 4-inch heel tips, but you can also wear stiletto-type pumps.

5. Go for Comfort with a Wedge Heel

Wedge heels aim for comfort, so if you’ve never worn heels before, you can start here. In fact, if you don’t enjoy wearing kitten heels, a wedge heel is a perfect alternative for stability and hours of walking or standing.

I have a fun article about styling summer maxi skirts, and a wedge heel will pair well with all your summer outfits. For example, wedge heels with flowy and floral skirts, a sun hat and sunglasses will have you looking beach ready. The heels are also versatile for a picnic, brunch, errands, work, and church outfits.

6. Ankle Boots for All Maxi Skirt Styles

A good ankle boot will ensure you stay stylish during fall, winter, or spring. The shoes keep your feet warm, adding elegance and style to your maxi skirt outfits. Print, floral, or colorful ankle boots are fitting for monochrome outfits.

Alternatively, choosing subtle colors like brown, white, and nude will look good for floral and print maxi skirts. Ankle boots are great, but you can also spice it up with a fabulous cone heel. For example, if you’re styling a flowy maxi skirt, a good cone heel paired with a blazer will take the outfit from work to date night or formal events.

7. Strut in a Thigh-High Boot Heels

Believe it or not, a good thigh-high boot will elevate your maxi skirt looks. Unlike ankle boots, thigh highs go up your leg to the thigh or knee area. These boots are ideal for winter, but you can also create a sexy look throughout the year.

Thigh-high boots pair well with flowy and bodycon skirts, but they look even better if the skirt has a slit. For example, you can wear a bodycon maxi skirt with a high slit, crop top or camisole, and a badass leather jacket on a night out.

8. A Platform Heel and Statement Jacket for the Win

Platform heels and mini skirts create the best looks, but you can also wear these heels with a maxi skirt. In fact, if you want a comfortable alternative to 6-inch stilettos, you should definitely get platform heels.

Wear a statement jacket, maxi skirt, warm turtle-neck top, and bold platform heels to achieve this winter look. As shown in the picture, you can wear boots or strappy platform heels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear platform heels during summer; this beautiful queen shows you exactly how to style a pink satin maxi with a crop top and strappy platform heels.

Which are the best heels to wear with a maxi skirt?

All heels pair well with maxi skirts. If you want a sexy shoe for date night, stilettos or chunky heels will serve you well. But if you’re looking for a comfortable heel that you can wear throughout the day, a wedge or kitten heel I perfect.
There are plenty of heel choices for maxi skirts, but deciding which shoe to wear depends on your style and comfort level. Furthermore, you can read my article on which heels to wear with a maxi dress if you’re curious about styling maxi dresses.

What is the ideal maxi skirt length when wearing heels?

Maxi skirts are long. So, when wearing heels, the ideal skirt length is when your hemline is about half an inch from the floor. That way, the shoes are visible, and your outfit won’t look frumpy.
However, I also like wearing skirts that showcase my shoe. So, the hemline will be right above my shoe’s top line, around my ankle area. In general, the skirt length depends on the heel and skirt design.

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