Maxi Dresses and Skirts with Pockets You can Find on DressLily

Maxi Dresses and Skirts with Pockets You can Find on DressLily
Dresslilly has some of the most unique maxi dresses and skirts with pockets. Find more about this retailer, from what you can buy to shipping and the cost.

Earlier this year, I was looking online for unique maxi dresses in preparation for the spring season. This, right here is an honest review of one of the recommendations I got- Dresslily.

I chose Dresslily specifically because I was looking for unique maxi dresses, preferably with pockets, and I got exactly what I wanted. But in my search I also realized there isn’t much information about this retailer, hence the post.

So, what exactly is Dresslily?

Dresslily is an Asia-based fashion retailer that has built a reputation on selling very unique clothes at ridiculously low prices. The company was launched in 2012 and has embodied its slogan Praise Every Body to perfection thanks to its unique pieces for women of every size.

According to their site, their target customers are hardworking women, who love life and pursue happiness and should be recognized for their uniqueness and confidence. The site has a booming social media presence with over 12 million followers and an easy-to-use android app.

Though the company deals with all types of women’s clothing, from tops, bottoms and swimwear, their main event is dresses. This is yet another reason why I chose them over other online retailers.

What Kind of Dresses are found on Dresslily

What Kind of Dresses are found on Dresslily?

Dresslily sells all types of dresses. The site has organized dresses according to length, color and style, and then there is a plus size section. In the length category they have mini, midi and maxi dresses, while the style category has everything from gothic to party, casual and even sun dresses. Your options on this site are endless.

I recommend checking out all the categories, including color to find more unique options. You can also select dresses according to price, but more on that later. I was glad to see a wide selection of hot, unique maxi dresses for women of all sizes.

One thing I’ll say about their dress selection though is that it’s very casual. The pieces are fun, colorful and floral, so you will be hard-pressed to find something you can go to work or a formal event with here.

The primary silhouette here is form-fitting and sensual, like the modern woman. What you will find, though, is the perfect dress for the beach, parties, brunch, ceremonies and a date night if you are lucky. Check out how to wear a maxi dress in summer

The other thing I noticed about the pieces I got was the quality. Sure, I have seen better, but the better ones I have were also quite expensive. I was not expecting the dresses to be so good for such low prices.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts on Dresslily

Again, Dresslily carries a variety of very casual and sensual maxi dresses for every woman. The dresses have different designs and silhouettes ranging from A-line, asymmetrical, mermaid, bodycon and even tiered dresses.

The selection of maxi skirts is a bit lower compared to that of maxi dresses but impressive nonetheless. The silhouette is very similar to the dresses, though because this line aims to only make unique pieces. With skirts, you will also notice unique embellishments like mesh, zippers, bows and slits to make them more fun. More importantly, the skirts are available in different sizes from S to 3XL and free sizes.

How many of the Maxi Dresses have Pockets

How many of the Maxi Dresses have Pockets

I used the search button on the site to narrow down the selection of maxi dresses with pockets. Unfortunately the number left me disappointed because it’s very low for maxi dresses.

What wasn’t disappointing was the number of maxi skirts with pockets on this site. Besides having a fairly good collection of maxi skirts, many have unique designs and pockets.

That said, if you want a mini or midi dress with pockets, you are in for a good time. In fact, most dresses on Dresslily site have pockets, which I found impressive. Something about sliding your hands in a dress pocket makes a woman feel powerful and free.


 Again, Dresslily is known for its meager prices and ongoing discounts. Prices start from $9.99 all the way to $30. Most of the maxi dresses go between $16 and $30.

As if that wasn’t low enough, customers enjoy coupons and regular discounts you can’t find anywhere else. For example, you will get a 15% coupon just for subscribing to the company’s email list.

How to Order on Dresslily

As with all online retail shops, you must register or sign up at the website to shop. Alternatively, you can use their social media pages like Facebook or Instagram if that’s easier or even go through the app.

The second and most important thing is to get your size right. I insist this is important because exchanging items in online stores is always a nightmare. Measure yourself correctly and then go to the Size and Fit Guide on the product page. The sizes on Dresslily are American, so you don’t have to go a size bigger.

Once you have that right, add your items to the shopping cart and proceed to payment.

Maxi dresses and skirts with pockets you can find on DressLily

Shipping and Returns

First of all, Dresslily ships worldwide. Though processing an order takes approximately 3 days, your location will determine the shipping duration. It could be anywhere from 7 to 20 days.

As for shipping costs, Dresslily does not charge for orders over $59. Anything below that will be charged depending on where it’s going. For people in the United States and the UK, shipping is 7.99 in either currency.

Now for the dreadful part.

In the unfortunate event that your dress doesn’t fit you, or something is wrong with it, you have up to 30 days to request a return. Ensure their customer service authorizes this request because otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

If approved, you will be asked to pay the $7.99 shipping fee for the return. Many people who have done this have confessed they did not get a full refund, if any. So as I said, be careful with measurement when making the order to avoid going through this ordeal.

Dresslily Reviews

Despite their best efforts to correct their past mistakes, the ghosts of the past have continued to follow Dresslily faithfully. On online review sites like Sitejabber, productreview and trustpilot, the company has an average rating of 2.6 stars which is very low.

Most of the complaints are about poor customer service regarding getting refunds if items are not sent, or they are returned. Many customers have also stated that Dresslily only offers a quarter refund of what you initially paid and never takes back returned items.

So while the items are really good and the prices even better, customers should hope and pray they never get to deal with Dresslily’s customer support about refunds and returns. You will notice, however, that the retailer is not accused of using pictures taken from other websites or shipping poor-quality items.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on Dresslily?

Dresslily stocks plenty of maxi dresses with pockets. Because the site has many options, you can narrow the search by typing maxi dresses with pockets on the search button. You will find different designs, most of which are loose-fitting and elegant.

Can I choose a color that is not listed on the dress?

Unfortunately, you can only order a dress according to the colors listed on the side. Each item will show you the sizes and colors, so you don’t get disappointed later on. The company doesn’t do custom orders either because it’s a fast fashion brand, and most of the production is outsourced.

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