Maxi Dresses with Pockets You Can Find on Monkees MP

Maxi Dresses with Pockets You Can Find on Monkees MP

Every stylish woman should have a wide selection of maxi dresses with pockets in their closet. They are light and comfy on your body, classic, and extremely versatile if you know how to style them. It seems, however, that many clothes store only sell maxi dresses that look the same, unless you order from overseas online stores like NewChic.

One of the few physical stores that has a wide range of dress designs and styles is Monkees. The high-end boutique stocks clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories from many different designers and brands, so you have options. Monkees is also a multiple award-winning boutique that has made a reputation as this luxurious, pleasant place where customers are treated like family.

The boutique is all over the country, but every store is independently owned and managed, so it’s a franchise. If you are around North Carolina, Monkees Mount Pleasant, or MP, as it’s lovingly known, is a great place to check out some maxi dresses. The owner, Lindsay Cunningham is a lover of fashion and styling who previously worked in Monkees, Texas, before opening her own branch in Mount Pleasant.

And like every Monkees boutique around the country, the MP branch is beautiful, spacious, and has that pleasant aura that makes you feel like staying there for a while. However, it is their vast selection of clothes, shoes and accessories, not to mention the lovely attendants who will make you feel right at home. The store also has an online order option so you can peruse the website, place your order and have them deliver your items at home.

A woman wearing a floral maxi dress with pockets from Monkees MP

A Look at Monkees MP Dresses

When you go to the dresses section of Monkees MP Website, you will notice three things;

  •  Very playful dresses with frills and unique designs.
  • Muted colors and patterns.
  • Lots and lots of maxi dresses and very few short ones.

Monkees style is playful, chic, and a little bohemian, so you will have trouble finding a straight, boring dress on the site. And if patterns, frills, pleats, and dress belts are your thing, this is the boutique for you. Most of them are casual designs best for beach days, brunch, a visit to parents, and any other fun, relaxing activity outside of work.

What we found most fascinating, however, is the number of dresses (long and short) that have pockets. A single glance at the dress page, and you will notice most of the models have their hands in their pockets, which is really cool. Pockets are not just a functional item to put your keys and lip balm; they also add a stylish aspect to any outfit and make the wearer feel more sexy and confident.

The maxi dresses on the site range from toe-hiding length to midis and even ankle length, so it’s up to you to choose. On a disappointing note, though, there is no section for plus-size ladies. A few dresses in the collection can pass for plus size, but they are too few to make a difference.

Monkees MP Customer Reviews

Monkees MP is a fairly new branch, so it doesn’t have a lot of reviews online. In fact, the only reviews seem to be on their social media pages, mainly Facebook. Previous customers praise the store for its elegant beauty, great merchandise, and friendly sales staff.

The fact that there is no single negative comment or review about the boutique online is a great sign. That is not surprising, as Monkee’s is a high-end establishment with a big name to protect and rivaling branches across the country. The quality of their dresses and every item sold in the store is very high, and Lindsay personally checks each item before it goes on sale.

How to Order Maxi Dresses from Monkees MP

There are several ways to order or buy a maxi dress from Monkees MP. One, you can visit the website, register for a shopping account, and look at the available options. Each dress on the site has a price tag, so all you have to do is add it to your cart if you like anything. From there, simply check out the dresses you have selected, fill in your delivery address, and pay. If you have a discount code or a gift card, enter the code during checkout.

The easiest and most fun way to buy from Monkees MP is to visit their Instagram page. It is a bustling business page where they post new arrivals almost daily, and there are more options than on the site. If you see anything you like on that page, send a direct message or comment under the post and go from there. The attendants at Monkees are always fast to respond and very helpful.

Following the Monkees MP Instagram page is also the best way to know about exclusive sales, discounts, and new arrivals. For example, if you want a maxi dress with pockets, simply side-chat the attendants, and they will show you what they have in store instead of perusing through the entire page.

Shipping and Returns

Monkees MP offers standard shipping within the US for a flat fee of $5. However, orders over $200 are shipped for free. If you want an expedited delivery, pay $25 to have your dress in two days. Once you make an order, you will receive an email with tracking information, including delivery dates and everything, so you can be in the loop.

The return policy at Monkees MP is quite interesting. For in-store returns, you can return or exchange any item within 7 business days after purchase. They don’t refund your cash, meaning you have to settle for an exchange or store credit to buy something else. The item must be unworn and with price tags intact.

As for online buyers, you have 10 days to ship back the item as long as it’s unworn and with tags intact. Customers can use the pre-paid shipping label to make returns, but $5 will be deducted from their refund. Yes, online customers do get a refund to the card that was used to purchase the item.

The only downside to online orders is that 20% or more discounted items or Final Sale items cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged. To return a dress, log in to your account, go to ‘Complete Orders’ under My Account, and click Return Items. The store will notify you when they receive and process the return.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a maxi dress with pockets or any other type of unique female clothing and accessories in North Carolina or its surrounding? You can’t do better than Monkees MP. The store is the ultimate destination for savvy shoppers looking to discover new and accomplished designers and women who want to feel confident, fashion-forward, and comfortable. Interestingly, the items are quite affordable, especially the dresses for such a high-class establishment.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the Monkees MP website?

Dresses with pockets are in style more than ever before, and Monkees hasn’t been left behind. Many of the maxi and midi dresses on the Monkees MP Website and Instagram page do have pockets, which is evident from the way models are posing. If you are unsure, however, ask on the live chat or Instagram messages, and the attendants will confirm.

Is Monkees MP legit?

Yes, Monkees is a franchise of physical stores owned by independent people across the country. You can visit the Mount Pleasant, North Carolina store for shopping or order what you need from their online pages. Their maxi dresses are high quality, unique and affordable compared to other high-end stores.

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