The Full Guide to Style a Green Maxi Dress

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Green may seem simple to wear, but you can easily wreck your look with one wrong move. This guide got you covered so you know how to style a green maxi.

I googled Kate Middleton in green, and the results were mind-blowing. There are at least 50 different pictures of her in elegant green dresses in all shades and styles.

Why was I searching for the Duchess of Cambridge in green? Well, because the future queen seems to have a really good handle on how to style and accessorize dresses, specifically green maxi dresses. Regular people struggle with this because green is not exactly a color we wear every day.

The inspiration behind this article was trying to style this gorgeous emerald green dress for a friend’s wedding. However, I will also look at how you can style a casual green maxi because we should start wearing green more. Sure it’s the perfect dress to wear to a wedding or any fancy event, if history is anything to go by, but you can also don a green maxi dress to church, or brunch with friends.

To me, it seems that knowing what colors to wear with green is the most important part, so that’s where we will start.

Colors that Go with a Green Maxi Dress

Shockingly, there are almost 130 shades of green. But only a few shades of green exist as clothing, specifically dresses. The most common ones have to be emerald, lime, mint, light green, sage and olive. Chartreuse, pickle and pine are also common, albeit most people don’t know them.

Knowing these shades is not for fun though. You have to know what colors go with whatever shade of green your dress is.

But here is a tip I got from a designer friend- match lighter shades of green with other lighter colors and darker shades of green with other dark colors.

In other words, lime, mint, chartreuse and their other lighter green shades will work well with yellow, blue, pink, white, gray and beige. The darker shades like emerald, pickle and sage look good with blacks, brown, deep blue and red.

DO NOT mix dark shades and light shades when wearing green, except for black shoes.

Now, if the dress is floral, feel free to repeat any dominant color on the flowers with accessories or shoes.

What about jewelry colors?

Gold, green, diamonds and pearls pass the test with any shade of green. Silver, on the other hand, only goes well with darker greens that have a cool undertone. This also applies to copper, so avoid them if your dress is a light shade of green.

To be safe, avoid jewelry in other colors. Instead use those colors on other accessories like handbags, shoes, hats and belts.

How to Accessorize a Green Maxi Dress

As always, accessorizing a maxi dress depends on where you are going. Keep it simple for casual events, and dress up for formal occasions.

Keeping it simple is the one thing I’ve borrowed from all the pictures of Kate Middleton in green. The only accessory she seems to have besides shoes is a brooch, simple jewelry and sometimes a hat. You will also see a belt with some outfits and a clutch bag when her kids do not accompany her.

So here’s how I would style a green maxi dress for a formal event such as a wedding or evening party.


There are only two types of shoes to wear with a formal maxi dress– a pump and a stiletto heel. How high and thin the heel is depends on your comfort, though. Whichever of these shoes you pick, nude or black are always the safest colors.

However, I like to take fashion risks, so a deep blue pump with an emerald dress or a pink pump with a light green dress sounds like good combos. Gold and silver shoes also work really well with whatever green shade you have on, and so do animal print. And if you are feeling really riskee’, go for a red shoe.

If the event is not strictly formal, a sexy ankle boot or heeled sandals will work just fine. Somewhere out there is a picture of Zendaya in a green dress and blue ankle boots, and it looks amazing.

But you know what else works for a green formal look? Green shoes. Look how the Duchess paired this green maxi with green pumps effortlessly.


Choosing a handbag for this green look is even simpler because you have fewer choices. A clutch bag is always the way to go, but you can also do a tiny sling bag. As for colors, I recommend gold, silver, nude or black. Do not get tempted to match your pink pumps with a pink handbag. That will be overdoing it. However, you can match the nude colors or have three different colors in shoes, dress and purse, provided one of them is neutral or black.

Other Accessories

When I think about accessories for a green maxi dress, what comes to mind is a slim blue belt to match the blue shoes. Don’t do this with light colors though; it only works with darks except for red. The belt breaks the monotony that is green and draws attention to your waist. It can also match your purse instead of shoes.

I had mentioned before that Kate loves to wear a hat with her green ensembles. It’s a great look for a summer or spring wedding or day event because hats are stylish and protective. For formal events, make sure the hat matches the dress.

How to Style a Green Maxi Dress Casually

I love styling a green maxi for a formal event because there’s a lot of inspiration from celebrities. However, wearing a green maxi dress casually gives you more styling options in terms of colors, other items of clothing you can add and creativity.

For example, brown is one of the best partners for green, but it’s rarely appropriate for formal wear. When I’m styling a green maxi casually though, brown shows up everywhere from shoes to handbags to jackets.

Look how well the brown coat and boots complement the green dress here.

Speaking of coats, you can throw on a light blue denim jacket, black or brown leather jacket or a white jacket/blazer over a green maxi.  I also love wearing a long mustard or brown cardigan over a green maxi and match it with a clutch or handbag when going to church or lunch out.

As for shoes, the sky’s the limit. Black, nude or silver flats and sandals are always my number one choice for casual wear. But, you can also do ankle boots, platforms, wedges and even sneakers. Pairing a green maxi with a pair of classy wedges and a clutch makes the perfect ensemble for a wedding.

The best part about casual wear is, you can add more colors to your outfit. Feel free to wear Black, brown, nude or bamboo hats with a green dress. Casual wear also allows you to wear floral maxi dresses, which means more colors and more fun.

My favorite green maxi outfit is a floral dress with a side slit, white sneakers and a beige mojo jacket. I can wear it throughout the day and then go out to dinner with friends without changing a thing.

You can also go crazy with sunnies and even add some décor to your hair.

Can you wear a green maxi dress to a wedding?

Green is a luxurious, elegant color that looks good on any skin tone. It is one of the most worn colors in weddings, so you will see a lot of people with green maxi dresses, including bridesmaids in green-themed weddings. Green maxis can be styled for both casual and formal weddings.

What color of accessories go well with a green maxi dress?

When choosing shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories for a green dress, think light colors for lighter shades of green and dark colors for darker shades of green. When in doubt, go with neutral colors like black, white, beige and brown.

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