The Full Guide to Style a Purple Maxi Dress

purple maxi dress
A purple dress depicts royalty and elegance. Here is an amazing guide on how to style a purple maxi dress and the best accessories to go with:

Maxi dresses are timeless outfits and depict royalty, nobility, and luxury if purple. 

A purple maxi dress is perfect for any occasion, as long as you style and accessorize it right. You can wear it to a wedding, a formal event, or a casual one. They can also work for different seasons – whether summer-warm, winter-cold, or autumn and spring cool. 

That said, how do you style a purple maxi dress?

The Different Shades of Purple

Purple is one of those hues that can spark debate. Is it purple? Is it pink? Is it mauve? Is it something in the middle?

With so many different shades of purple, it’s no surprise that opinions differ. While purple can be divisive, with people either adoring or loathing it, there are so many different shades that you’re bound to find one you like.

The Colors That Blend Well With Purple

The color codes site is an excellent tool if you are unsure which hues go together or if you are looking for different combinations. Here are some fabulous hues to wear with purple:

1. Purple With Black

Pale purple is one of those tricky hues to master. It may appear too “little girly.” However, this shade has recently become popular on the catwalks. 

When paired with darker tones, it can keep it from looking too sickly sweet. Black is always a safe and fashionable choice.

2. Purple With Neutrals

Purple with neutrals creates an earthier, slightly bohemian vibe. It can add a relaxed, informal vibe to a color that is usually associated with the monarchy and evening dress. 

A purple dress and tan sandals are perfect for summer vacations.

3. Purple With Red

Purple and red are rare combinations, but they complement each other beautifully. Choose a deep purple with an equally deep red, or pair your reds and burgundies with violet. 

You might pair red with a vivid purple or a more subtle color like mauve or lavender.

Matching Your Purple Maxi Dress to The Dress Code

1. Formal and Fancy Events

When attending formal affairs such as weddings, choose a purple maxi dress that fits the formality of the venue. A splash of sparkle is ideal for formal events, so a purple maxi dress adorned with shimmering accents or enhanced by sparkling jewelry will fit right in.

For religious services, you’ll need more coverage, so choose a purple maxi dress with sleeves, or consider wearing a shrug or a matching jacket for reserved ceremonies. When styling your formal purple maxi dress, pair it with high heels and style your hair in a fancy bun for a polished look.

2. Semi-Formal and Sleek Events

When attending semi-formal events such as weddings or holiday parties, dress comfortably. Choose a purple maxi dress with a skirt that is either flowing and airy or form-fitting from the waist to the hemline. 

Style your purple maxi dress for the ceremony with a fashionable wrap that you can take off for the party.

Choose a hairdo that is a step up from your regular look but not as sophisticated as you might prepare for a formal event, such as soft, wavy curls or casual ponytails. 

Low heels or stylish flats can elegantly complement a semi-formal purple maxi dress.

3. Casual Events

A purple maxi dress is suitable for casual events such as weddings or cocktail parties. 

To achieve a casual look, choose a tea-length purple maxi dress with fun prints, lace accents, and flowing skirts.

Cap sleeves, ruffles, and bows are all embellishments that can soften the formality of a full-length gown for wedding guests. Wear a free-flowing hairstyle with your casual wedding guest maxi dress (try beach waves or messy buns).

How to Accessorize a Purple Maxi Dress

Since the purple maxi dress is already glamorous, creating a stunning ensemble only requires selecting the appropriate accessories and shoes to go with it. 

Here are some of the coolest outfit inspirations for a purple maxi dress to help you accessorize:

1. Purple Maxi Dress With Jewelry

You can pair up a purple strapless maxi dress with a beautiful and unique necklace as in this case. Alternatively, wear a purple long-sleeve maxi v-neck dress with a gold long fringe necklace.

To create a semi-formal look, wear a purple sleeveless v-neck maxi pleated dress with a purple statement necklace. To look lean and tall, go for a gathered-waist maxi dress.

2. Purple V-Neck Maxi Dress with Black Open-Toe Heels

Here’s a more straightforward minimal look. Wear a purple sleeveless deep v-neck gathered waist maxi dress to achieve this lovely and sexy ensemble. 

Simply, pair the purple maxi dress with black open-toe shoes for a sophisticated and attractive ensemble.

3. Purple Maxi Chiffon Dress With Matching Coat

To make the attire more cozy and appealing, you can layer a purple coat over a royal purple maxi silk dress. 

To look even more stunning, pair these pieces with black shoes and a leather shoulder bag. 

4. Purple Maxi Dress With a Denim Jacket and Scarf

Here’s a more trendy, breezy, and relaxed look that you can wear on the street. 

Wear a purple maxi shift dress with a denim jacket layered over it to attain this style. Wear a gorgeous tribal-printed scarf and silver-heeled sandals to look more attractive.

5. Purple Maxi Dress With a Belt

Here’s a simple yet elegant dress. It’s a purple chiffon sleeveless fit and flare maxi dress with a black belt to make you look petite and lovely. 

Wear a hat and sunglasses to complete the casual yet stylish ensemble.

Can I Wear a Purple Maxi Dress to a Wedding?

Yes, you can. Purple tea-length maxi dresses are ideal for ladies who like versatility. Using the guidelines above, you can easily design a purple maxi dress by accessorizing it to dress it up or down for any wedding theme or weather. Whatever the venue or season, a purple maxi dress is an elegant and pleasant option to attend a wedding.

What color shoes can I wear With a Purple Maxi Dress?

You can pair a purple maxi dress with any color of shoes, depending on the hue of purple. In general, light shoes go with lavender or other light purples like orchid, whereas dark shoes go with dark purples like eggplant or burgundy. Black shoes complement almost any color outfit, and purple is no exception.  


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