How to Wear a Green Maxi Skirt

How to Wear a Green Maxi Skirt
Green maxi skirts blend well with any skin tone and have an array of styling options to choose from. Read on to discover the best color combinations for a green maxi skirt.

Few things are more gorgeous than a green maxi skirt or dress, especially if you get the right shade. Green evokes feelings of peace, calm and nature while also drawing adoring attention towards you.

And regardless of your skin tone, there’s a shade of green out there that will look fabulous on you. Unlike other maxi skirt colors we have discussed here on MaxiPockets, green doesn’t pose much of a challenge when choosing a top for it. (Check out how to style a teal maxi skirt here)In many cases, a trendy white or black top will do.

Anything ranging from graphic tees, crop tops, bodysuits, button-down shirts, sleeveless tops and cute blouses in neutral colors looks great with a green maxi skirt. You can then accessorize with silver, gold or black on jewelry, shoes and bags.

But different shades of green also look better with other colors such as pink, blush, gray, red and blue. We looked at these color combinations in our how to style a green maxi dress guide.

These are the options we will look at here because white and black is pretty much self-explanatory. Besides that, we will also look at other items you can pair with a green maxi, including layering, shoes and accessories.

What Colors Work with Green Maxi Skirts?

According to Colors Explained, the human eye sees more shades of color green than any other color. In fact, we see almost 300 shades, though only 44 are well known and defined. Emerald green is the most trending shade, thanks to its powerful, shiny effect, and sage green follows very closely.

Other common shades in maxi skirts include jungle green, olive and lime.

It would therefore be impossible to say which colors go with green because there are so many different greens. That said, brown, blue, silver, red, pink and yellow are the best options outside the three neutral colors.

How to Style a Green Maxi Skirt

1. Pleated Green Maxi Skirt and Blue Long Sleeve Bodysuit

When picking a top for a green maxi skirt, blue is probably the last color that comes to mind. And yet, it is the perfect color if you want a cool, mature and elegant look.

This long sleeve, backless bodysuit tones down the powerful nature of the green skirt and adds a casual vibe. Let’s note here that not any shade of blue will work. It’s only a dark, calming blue like this one.

And since the outfit is pretty calm, you can then spice things up with a silver clutch and jewelry as she has done, or even add another color. Black open (preferably high heel) shoes always work with a pleated skirt.

2. Black and White Top and Green Maxi Skirts

We already said that black, white and gray make perfect partners for a green skirt. So it’s no surprise that a black and white top will pair wonderfully with green. I love that it doesn’t matter whether the top is striped, poker dots, or floral- the idea is the black-and-white concept.

That said, ensure it’s a well-fitting and minimal top because black and white can be pretty overwhelming. Accessorize with black, brown or silver shoes, a small black purse and minimal jewelry.

3. Green Maxi Skirt and Brown Leather Jacket

I will be honest and say that brown is not what I have in mind when choosing a leather jacket. In fact, brown would not be my choice when looking for something to wear with a maxi skirt, especially a green one. But brown worn the right way turns a green maxi skirt into something refreshingly dope.

The brown leather jacket over a white tucked-in top works amazingly with this sage skirt. But you can also choose a gray or white top with touches of brown. A brown belt and brown shoes also go very well with a green maxi. And if it’s cold, go with a brown trench coat instead of black.

4. Green Maxi Skirt and Blue Denim

As I have stated repeatedly on this platform, denim jackets go with every maxi skirt and dress regardless of color. You can wear a white top and then throw on a blue jean jacket over it.

But did you know you can also wear a blue denim shirt with a green maxi? Do this a bit formally by tucking it in and belting, or take a casual route by tying a knot around your waist. Denim shirts are an excellent part net for most maxi skirts, and you do not need to accessorize much.

Depending on the design of the skirt, you can do heels or sandals and a minimalistic purse.

5. Printed Top and Green Maxi Skirt

If I could choose just one thing to wear with green maxi skirts, it would be unique printed tops. Any print, from geometrical to animal print to florals, will add life and tone down an otherwise screaming green skirt.

The secret is to ensure the top’s primary or secondary color is the same green or a similar green as the skirt. As you can see with this one, the green is not the same, but it’s very complementary, as opposed to crashing.

A trendy top allows you to accessorize heavily so you can go big on jewelry, shades, nail color and choose cute shoes.

6. Green Maxi Skirt and Structured Blazer

Granted, not every green is suitable for formal wear. If the green in your skirt is screaming (emerald and Neon, for example), don’t wear them to the office or formal occasions.

Otherwise, green maxi skirts make quite the sophisticated look for the office. Wear a simple top tucked in and throw on a neutral structured blazer and heeled sandals or pumps. And because this is a formal look, choose a traditional handbag and keep jewelry light.

7. Green Maxi Skirt and Sweater

Last but not least, you can put together a simple outfit with a green maxi and a sweater. I prefer a grey or beige sweater, especially with olive green skirts, and you can choose the thickness depending on the weather.

This will go well with matching boots, sneakers or even open shoes. And you don’t have to accessorize so much because a simple watch and earrings will do.

How do you wear a khaki green maxi skirt?

Styling a khaki maxi skirt is as straightforward as styling any green skirt. Start with a well-fitting, minimal black or white top such as a crop or sleeveless one. You can then pair this with sneakers or sandals.

What colors look good with an olive green maxi skirt?

Olive green is a very medium-strength color, so it goes with many other colors. Generally, black, white, grey and other green are the best options, but it also works with red, silver and gold.

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