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Maxi dresses found on dressbran online
What dresses should you expect on DressBarn? What maxi dresses and how are their pockets? What's the quality you get, and more.

No matter what season it is, you can always find a way to wear a maxi dress. Its versatility, comfort and ease of wear make maxi dresses a must-have for your closet. And if you are lucky enough to get one with pockets, your days of cold hands and unnecessary handbags come to an end.

But where do you get a good maxi dress with pockets without breaking the bank? Well, if you are a woman aged 40 and above, the best place to buy quality dresses has always been Dressbarn. The 60-year-old clothes retailer has faithfully served its customers through its 650 stores across the country, and it’s beloved to women who have grown up with it since childhood.

Unfortunately, the famous store had to close all 650 stores in 2019, after Dressbarn’s parent company, Ascena Retail Group, announced the store was losing too much money. Retail Ecommerce Ventures took over the company in a move to relaunch it as an exclusive e-commerce retailer without wasting any time.

As fate would have it, closing physical stores in 2019 was a blessing in disguise. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit the following year, forcing many retail stores to close down and propelling shoppers to move online. Since REV had already established Dressbarn as an online retailer, it wasn’t hard to get their old shoppers onboard, which translated to massive sales.

However, REVs strategy wasn’t to keep the store as it was; they wanted to improve it and reach a bigger customer base. As a result, Dressbarn has evolved to serve women of all ages, especially the millennials. Since this is the busy generation that never has time to go shopping, it makes complete sense for Dressbarn online to target them by introducing trendy and affordable dresses and other clothes for them.

Dresses You’ll find at Dressbarn

Despite the name, Dressbarn deals with all types of clothing, including jackets, bottoms, tops and swimwear. However, the store is mostly known for its dresses, which explains why they have a separate page.

Dressbarn offers the widest selection of women’s dresses for day, evening and special events, courtesy of over 15 American brands. These dresses are high quality, affordable and trendy. They also have styles and designs for every age group starting from their loyal customers (40-60-year-olds) to their newer, much younger generation.

Dresses you can expect to find at Dressbarn online include loose dresses, maxi dresses, mini and midi dresses as well as events dresses. The store also stocks a wide selection of plus-size dresses in different styles.

Maxi Dresses with Pockets Available at Dressbarn

Maxi dresses have always been the bread and butter of Dressbarn. This style fits women of all ages and is classy and elegant for any season. One glance at the maxi dress tab, and you will notice many of their dresses are free-flowing, colorful and printed. Side slit maxi dresses have dominated the page, but there are other styles as well if you prefer.

What we loved to see, however, is the number of maxi dresses with pockets on the site. Dresses with pockets are a big deal because the modern woman wants convenience and style. While not all dresses on the site have pockets, it seems the majority of them do, and that is great news for both millennial customers and the older women.

We also noticed the prints and patterns in those maxi dresses were small and toned down. This makes the dresses appropriate for any occasion, whether it’s running errands, visiting friends, going to church and family gatherings or even casual Fridays at the office. Of course, there are also plenty of dresses without prints, and they still maintain the calm, toned-down colors.

What is most impressive, however, about the maxi dresses section is the prices. Dressbarn has always been an affordable establishment, but the online store has doubled that. While the initial prices are quite good, seeing that you get quality pieces for $30-150, you also get a discount code under each dress to reduce the price. Dressbarn online also has a reward program that can help you buy more clothes for cheaper.

Women showing the different maxi dresses you can buy on dressbran

Buying Maxi Dresses with Pockets at Dressbarn

To buy maxi dresses at Dressbarn, you must sign up at Dressbarn.com to provide your names, phone numbers, delivery address, and other personal information. After that, go to ‘dresses’ and then ‘maxi dresses’ to see the options available on the website. As we mentioned earlier, a big percentage of maxi dresses at Dressbarn have pockets, so you won’t have trouble finding some.

Alternatively, use the search tab on top of the page to type ‘maxi dresses with pockets’ if you want to narrow down the options even more. The ‘Collections’ page is also an interesting place to search for dresses according to the occasion, print, or price. If you want a party dress, for instance, simply click on ‘Party’ and take your pick.

Since Dressbarn sells accessories too, you can get beautiful belts, bags, jewelry and even shoes to match your maxi dress. In other words, it’s an affordable one-stop shop for all things summer and spring. When you get that perfect maxi dress, add it to cart and proceed to check out.

Do not forget to apply the discount codes during checkout. You can also use our discount code and use the promo code NEW25 to get 25% off everything you buy at the store.

Dressbarn Shipping and Returns

Dressbarn starts the shipping process as soon as you complete your order. The processing takes 1-2 days, and shipping can take up to 14 days, depending on location, since they ship all over the USA. Though the shipping costs are quite low, you can take advantage of the $99 free shipping offer. You will also receive an email to track your shipment until it arrives.

If your package is not exactly what you ordered, Dressbarn online allows up to 30 days to return the item. One thing to note is that the store doesn’t do refunds. Instead, you will receive a store credit to get something else or exchange your item. You will also cover the return shipping costs.

That said, the chain store has started working with Happy Return’s 700-plus locations and stores to allow customers to make returns in person. According to REV’s new CEO Shayan Zadeh, 75% of returns made in the last few months were to Happy Returns, which makes it cheaper and faster for customers.

Be sure to read the terms of making returns before hitting that return option. For instance, you must contact customer care before initiating a return so they can authorize it. They will create an unpaid shipping label and send it to your email, and then you can print and attach it to the package when returning. Without that label, any return is void.

The question now remains, is Dressbarn online worth it? Should you buy your maxi dresses there? As far as we can tell, looking at the website and the work REV has put into the new establishment, it seems like a good place to shop. There are plenty of dress options, reputable brands, and very affordable prices.

However, many customers seem to disagree with that on review sites. The primary complaint is that the store sends low-quality clothes and the customer service is terrible. We have also noted that all REV-acquired stores do not refund, so you’d have to do with the store credit, without guaranteeing that your replacement is better.

As always, online shopping is a big gamble. There are definitely people who have good things to say about Dressbarn online, so it’s not all gloom.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets at Dressbarn online?

Dressbarn stocks a wide selection of dresses, especially maxi dresses. The site has plenty of maxi dresses with pockets, and most of their designs have enough space to add pockets if it doesn’t have.

Is Dressbarn only online now?

Yes, as of 2019, Dressbarn is 100% online, and all their physical stores were shut down. According to REV CEO however, they are not completely against opening up physical stores down the line, but for now it will remain online only.

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