How to Style a Red Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Red Maxi Skirt
Want to make a bold fashion statement? Learn how to style a red maxi skirt like a pro. This guide has captivating outfit ideas and unleash your inner fashionista!

Red maxi skirt- fiery, intimidating and something many of us probably avoid. But let me encourage you to buy a red maxi skirt.

As intimidating and screaming as it is, red is also a pretty versatile color, and you won’t believe how easy it is to style. Besides the fact that red comes in many shades and patterns, you will also find that this color is suitable for everything from casual wear to events, work to red carpets and most especially the holiday season.

I’ve put together a few outfits featuring a red maxi skirt in different shades and styles just for you. You will also see all the colors that go with a red skirt and how to wear the skirt on different occasions.

Street Style with Red

A red maxi skirt is the perfect piece for casual days around town. It’s fun, passionate and not boring at all. For an effortless street style, choose a lightweight maxi skirt that doesn’t go below your ankles. Your cute sandals or sneakers should show without you lifting the skirt.

Pair this with a simple t-shirt, crop top or a sleeveless top. I would go with white or gray because they are more street appropriate. You can accessorize with layered bangles, shades and a hat if it’s a hot day. And as you can see from the fashion legend Blake Lively, throwing on a vest adds a cool vibe to the outfit.

Pair with Denim

While we are still talking about street style, how about pairing the red maxi with denim. Blue (any shade of blue) works really well with red, especially denim blue. Depending on how casual you prefer, you can do a denim button-down shirt and a sleeveless top underneath it. A white or striped top will be perfect.

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I however prefer a denim jacket because they make me feel younger. Again, a simple white top tucked in, with or without a belt and sandals or open heels. Class this up a bit with a clutch and bohemian jewelry, and you are good to go for daytime events, weddings and parties.

Fall Vibe with a Leather Jacket

The fall season, to me, feels dark and gloomy despite the flowers. That is why I always choose bright-colored clothes contrary to what fashion advisers suggest. The fiery nature of a red maxi skirt brightens up the mood while a leather jacket tries to pull you back to the season at hand.

This is a look I love for dinners and dates or just a casual lunch during fall. And while you would think black is the best choice for a leather jacket, why not try brown instead? I wore this exact brown jacket, white top and red maxi to my cousin’s wedding, and it was a hit.

Red Carpet Ready with Red

If I could choose one place to wear a red maxi skirt, it would be at formal events. Nothing can make a statement better than red, especially if the skirt itself is striking in design.

Next time you’ve got a red carpet event, a formal office party or any other luxurious event, pull up with a red maxi. Pair it with a unique top like the ones above and a striking pair of stilettos. A clutch bag, gold jewelry and of course a hairstyle worthy of the event will be enough to accessorize.

Embrace Drama with Patterns

The versatility of red does not stop at colors- it also extends to patterns. White and black stripes, animal print, poker dots, you name it.

With these two straight skirts, the print blouses add a feminine and dramatic touch even though they are both professional looks. As you can see, you need not accessorize so much because the pieces and the belt make enough of a statement. If you must, do a red lip and gold jewelry to make your face pop.

Classy and Chic with a Button-down Shirt

I still find it amazing how simple it is to elevate a maxi skirt with a button-down shirt. This look requires only three pieces- the skirt, the shirt and high heel shoes. Of course you can wear jewelry and carry a clutch, but all these are additions.

It is such a classy lady-like style for formal events, weddings, church and even red carpet. Feeling a bit risque? Wear blue stilettos or pumps instead of black.

Print Drama with Red

The thing about red is that you don’t have to settle for plain and boring. Sometimes you can opt for dramatic prints and patterns as well. These floral red maxi skirts are perfect for fall and winter. Pair them with a long sleeve sweater or turtleneck, boots, and throw on a jacket on top.

If it’s not too cold, you can swap the boots for stilettos and add layered necklaces on your neck to liven up the look.

The Summer Free Look

The last red maxi skirt style I want to look at is for summer. Again, choose the lightest maxi skirt so you can feel the breeze easily. If it has a slit, even better.

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Pair this with a crop or sleeveless top, sandals and accessorize with layered gold jewelry and sunnies. It doesn’t get simpler than this, and you will look like a top model in Miami.

What colors can you wear with a red maxi skirt?

Red being a warm color goes with most soft and neutral tones. Anything from black, white, gray, pink and blue will look great with a red maxi skirt. Metallic colors like gold and silver and also prints including stripes and animal print suit red very much.

What shoes should you wear with a red maxi skirt?

Your shoe choice should depend on the skirt’s design and occasion. For light, summer skirts, go with sandals, sneakers or flats. But if the skirt is formal and floor length, stilettos or pumps and even high heel boots are better.

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