How to Style an Oversized Maxi Dress

oversized maxi dress
Styling a maxi dress can be challenging and gets worse when it is oversized. Here is how to style an oversized maxi dress.

An oversized maxi dress is perfect for those warm summer days when you want to feel comfortable and still look great. The best thing about it is that you can style it for a casual or formal event and pair it with various accessories for a glamorous vibe. 

The secret is in adding uniqueness to your overall appearance and fashionably accessorizing the dress.

Why I love oversized maxi dresses

  • I can move freely: unlike other types of dresses (did anyone say mermaid?), the oversized dress enables any type of movement.
  • There is room for pockets: I am a huge fan of pockets. you may have heard about my “no pockets – no purchase” policy, which saved me a lot of money. Even if there are no pockets sewn into the dress, you can still add them.
  • It’s modest: this is my own personal preference and every woman should do what she is most comfortable in. I personally like moving freely without fearing that I bodyparts I want to stay hidden – show.
  • It looks best on all body shapes: skinny girls will look good on it, curvy too, it hides the belly,

6 Ways of Styling Your Oversized Maxi Dress 

Here are our top tips for styling an oversized maxi dress:

1. Layer the Dress With a Fitted Blazer or a Cropped Jacket

Layering your maxi dress with a blazer is a stylish look you can wear for brunch, work, or even parties. The jacket or blazer will offer extra coverage and warmth when cold, and you will still look chic and polished. Finding the right-fitting blazer or cropped jacket is the key to rocking this look. 

The best blazer for an oversized maxi dress is one that nips in at your waist with a shorter hem. A short blazer is more flattering with an oversized maxi dress. You want to wear something more fitting on the top with an oversized dress. 

The blazer color is also an essential factor to consider when deciding on a blazer to pair. A contrasting color blazer that fits well and blends with your maxi dress is a great choice. For example, try black and white, yellow and blue, or blue and red contrast for a classy style. 

You can also pair a partnered blazer with a plain maxi dress or vice versa to add some interest to your look. 

Leave your hat on

Choosing a good wide-brimmed hat makes me feel cooler than I really am. This Pin here in not only a good example of a cool hat with an oversized dress, but also a great way to style a printed dress: she wears it with one significant accessory, in the calmest color from the print’s color palette.

1. Pair It With the Right Footwear

A variety of shoe designs look fantastic with an oversized maxi dress. Here are some great choices;

  • Sandals

Pair your oversized maxi dress with sandals to create a casual daytime look. Flat sandals give a subtle, informal design that will complement your oversized maxi dress, keep you cool, and highlight your sophisticated, feminine taste. 

Choose a block-colored sandal that matches the primary color of your dress if your maxi dress features many vibrant patterns and colors. Alternately, a neutral-colored sandal is a great option and will give your outfit a designer edge of luxury without drawing attention away from your dress.

  • Heels 

Heels offer a feminine designer element to a maxi that will enhance any evening appearance, making them perfect for formal events and evening parties. 

Plus, the extra height will lengthen your legs and let your maxi dress flow freely, giving you a dazzling impression that will highlight the pattern of your dress.

2. Try a Boho-inspired Look

A Bohemian style is one of those fashion trends you do not want to miss out on, and an oversized maxi dress is an excellent choice for this look. Paisley, flowery, flowing, geometric, and eccentric prints of an oversized maxi dress define this style. 

To suit the event, combine them with a dramatic neckpiece, gladiator sandals, bandana, pom-pom sandals, and a sizable finger ring. You may also wear a fur jacket or a printed denim vest for a carefree yet elegant bohemian style.

5. Rock With a Belt or Cinch it on Your Waist

Using a belt or cinching the dress on your waist will help create a definition to your waist and achieve a curvy, feminine look. 

Go for a belt with a statement buckle or wide strap if your dress is knitted or thick. However, for an oversized maxi dress of chiffon fabrics, try a small belt for that stunning look. 

Some maxi dresses come with a tie-around waist belt, an excellent option as it allows you to match the dress with the belt. They also emphasize your waist for a more flattering silhouette. 

Others look better without any visible belts, especially if you plan to wear them to a formal occasion. A cinched waist makes your outfit look more naturally put together. Some designs conceal the garter within, allowing it to hug your waist more naturally and tightly for better emphasis.

6. Accessorize With Jewelry 

Jewelry is one of the ways to add sparkle to an oversized maxi dress. You can pair your maxi dress with necklaces, bangles, and earrings. Choose simple, classy jewelry to pair with your maxi dress. 

For example, a black or white maxi dress will look great with a simple coral or turquoise colored necklace.   

You could also throw on some sunglasses to give yourself more edge. This is an excellent look for hanging out at the beach or relaxing in the sun with friends.

7. Celebrate it the way it is

Not exactly what you had in mind when you googled “How to style an oversized maxi dress”, but still: many oversize dresses are meant to be worn as they are, very present, without big accessories to steal the attention.

You can get some inspiration from this look, and it’s even worn with hijab.

Things To Avoid When Styling an Oversized Maxi Dress 

1. Oversized Blazer or Jacket

An oversized jacket or blazer may seem fashion-forward, but it is not the look to go for when your maxi dress is already big. You will have that frumpy look that you do not want.

To ensure that your jacket is not oversize, check if the shoulder fits well, the waist area hugs your waist perfectly, and the hands fit at the wrist. 

2. Combat Boots  

Combat boots are great with a dress, but only if the dress is your size. If a dress goes over the boots and is oversized, all the excess fabric will weigh down your lower side, and you may look sloppy. 

3. Maximizing Accessories

An oversized maxi dress is great when paired with minimum accessories. Add one or two accessories to go with your dress, but not all kinds of accessories. 

For instance, pair your maxi dress with a simple, unique necklace and a slim belt or classy silver or pearl earrings. 

4. Layering With a Scarf

Scarves are in fashion but do not add them to an oversized maxi dress. The dress fabric is already all over the place, and adding more fabrics to your look may make you too overdressed. Instead, pair your dress with accessories like a belt, heels, and unique jewelry for an elegant look. 

How do you make an oversized dress look great?

You can use a belt to hold the dress around your waist and create that flattering silhouette. Or you can knot it on the inside and make it look like an inbuilt style. 

How do you cinch the waist of a dress hack?

You need a bangle or bracelet and a rubber band or hair tie. Put the bangle or bracelet on the outside of your dress, then secure it in place with a hair tie or rubber band on the inside.

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