How to Wear a Tunic with Maxi Skirt

How to Wear a Tunic with Maxi Skirt
Not many people can rock a tunic and maxi skirt. So, in this article, we'll explore styling tips and discover fashionable ways to rock tunics with maxi skirts

For many, a tunic isn’t the ideal top for a maxi skirt. After all, it’s loose-fitting, long, and has a simple straight-cut silhouette that will make you look frumpy in your outfit. But that’s not true; maxi skirts paired with tunics can create elegant looks for dinner dates, picnics, or formal events.

The two style pieces go hand in hand; you just need to find the right fit to match your body and maxi skirt design. This article will give helpful tips for wearing a tunic with a maxi skirt and give you a head start with an array of styling ideas.

First, let’s explore the step-by-step guide on elegantly rock tunics with maxi skirts.

Tips for Wearing a Tunic with a Maxi Skirt

1. Choose the Right Maxi Skirt

Tunics are statement pieces, so you must choose the fitting maxi skirt for this look. Generally, you must choose a maxi skirt that complements the color and pattern of the tunic. For example, if your tunic features bold prints and colors, wearing a solid-colored maxi skirt is best to avoid clashing the two. Alternatively, you can select a skirt with minimal patterns that complement the top.

In addition, consider the fabric and texture because if your tunic is lightweight and flowy, pairing it with a flowy maxi skirt creates a simple elegance. The same goes for a structured tunic that pairs well with maxi skirts that offer more volume. You should read my article about styling flowy maxi skirts for an in-depth description of styling tips.

Lengthwise, pair shorter tunics with longer maxi skirts for a balanced look, and if the tunic is long, choose skirts with a higher waistline. Skirts with a side slit also pair well with longer tunics; you can tuck in the tunic on one side for a stylish look.

2. Select Your Tunic

As mentioned above, the tunic and skirt must complement each other because they are both attention-grabbing pieces. The best tunics for maxi skirts are not very long. Go for something slightly longer and falls below your waistline. It should also be flowy and loose-fitting because that’s the general design of tunics. I prefer tunics with a V-neck because they’re feminine and flattering. Plus, accessorizing a V-neck is easy.

3. Always Define the Waistline

When pairing tunics and maxi skirts, you must define your waistline to avoid looking overdressed. Some tunics feature a waistline drawstring, but if you’re wearing a loose-fitting, shapeless tunic, add a belt to cinch your waistline and enhance your overall silhouette. For the fashionistas, a thin belt of a contrasting color will act as a waistline enhancer and a stylish accessory for this look.

Apart from belts and drawstrings, you can define your waistline by tucking in the tunic. Depending on the length of this top, you can fold it all the way or tuck one side and leave part of it untucked. Usually, the half-tuck works for casual settings, but you can also wear the look to formal events by adding a pair of high heels.

4. Layering and Accessories

Layering maxi skirts definitely depends on the weather, but most people assume that layering tunic and maxi skirt outfits is a faux pas. For some people, the tunic is enough, and adding a coat, cardigan, or jacket makes a person look overdressed. Well, that’s not necessarily true because layering enhances the look.

Wear smaller, well-fitting cardigans, jackets, and coats if you are scared of looking frumpy. They can fall right around your waistline. But this is mainly applicable to waist-length tunics. If you’re wearing a long tunic, you’ll need longer layers to balance the overall proportions.

Accessories will also bring your look to life, especially when wearing solid colors. Depending on the fit, anything from statement necklaces, hats, bags, and stylish shoes will elevate your look. In fact, let us dive into the next section, where we’ll discover five styling ideas.

Five Styling Ideas for Wearing a Tunic and Maxi Skirt

1. Complement the Patterns with a Matching Pair

In this picture, the beautiful lady opted for a matching fit. The design in the tunic flows down to the skirt without appearing overdone. What’s more, the tunic seems loose-fitting and comfortable but also complements her figure.

It is a phenomenal look, but you can also go for a printed tunic and a skirt with a solid color that complements the primary color of the tunic. She opted for statement earrings and a pair of nude sandals, which complete the look perfectly.

2. Boho Chic

Here, the tunic is slightly longer and falls around the waistline. You can see that she pairs the tunic with a flowy skirt that is fitted around the waist. It gives a feminine and relaxed boho-chic vibe, and the tunic’s color is a hue of the skirt’s brown shade. The embroidered bag and hand accessories are simple and just right for this relaxed look.

If you’re not a boho-chic girl, you can switch up the look but maintain the size of your tunic. This look can also become a casual fit if you switch the bag for a crossbody bag and add sneakers and a denim jacket. Wear the hair up and add cute earrings for a fun, sporty look.

3. Keep It Elegant

What do you think about tunic crop tops? Well, fashion is about experimenting, and for this look, you can choose a shorter tunic that sits right above your waistline. The picture shows that she combined her high-low tunic with a high-waist skirt and matching heels.

This style works for ladies who want to wear tunics but are uninterested in longer tunics. However, as shown in this picture, you can tuck in your dressy tunic. Alternatively, wear a waist-length V-neck tunic and complete the look with sandals or stunning heels.

4. Color Blocking

Yes! You can definitely color-block your tunic and maxi skirt, but you must be strategic and aware of the patterns and colors. She’s wearing different colors in the picture, but the prints complement each other. The triangles on the tunic are visible on the skirt, and the flowers around the arms pair with the flowers on the lower part of the skirt.

You’ll also notice a statement necklace and hand accessory adding flair to the outfit. The secret is to keep it simple and find colors that pair well. For example, the skirt can be darker, and your tunic will complement it with a lighter shade. Moreover, go for colors that enhance your skin tone.

5. Statement Accessories

Accessories will enhance your outfit and, in some cases, add structure to a loose-fitting outfit. Wear a solid statement necklace, preferably a pendant, to draw attention away from your waistline for longer and loose tunics. Depending on the outfit pattern, you can wear a solid color or print belt.

In the picture, the lady accessorizes with a statement neckpiece and shades to complement her monochrome look. She also layers with a more petite cardigan, and the black scarf adds an elegant finishing touch. Here’s another alternative for monochromatic pieces; keep it simple with a hand accessory like a watch or bangle and a statement bag.

How can I style a maxi skirt and tunic with a denim jacket?

It’s simple; first, consider your style, size, and fashion preferences. If you’re wearing a longer tunic, you can wear waist-length jackets or jackets that fall under your waistline, but that solely depends on the tunic’s silhouette. Please read this article to see how I explain different styling ideas for maxi skirts and denim jackets.

Does the tunic’s length matter?

Not really, because tunics are generally long and loose-fitting, but you should consider the length and design when selecting a tunic because it will affect the final look. The best tunics for maxi skirts complement your height and skirt length.


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