How to Wear a Striped Maxi Skirt

How to Wear Striped Maxi Skirt
Striped maxi skirts are attention-grabbing, so poor styling makes you look frumpy and overdressed. Click here to learn vital styling tips and fashionable outfit ideas.

Here’s the thing about striped maxi skirts- they draw attention to you. If you want to be inconspicuous, a striped maxi is not what you wear.

Because of that, you should really put an effort into styling a striped maxi skirt. Everything else you wear with it, from the top to the accessories, has to really work for you and with the skirt itself.

When styling a striped maxi skirt, I look at three things first;

  • The silhouette of the skirt. If it’s a wide, flowy or A-line skirt, choose a slim or well-fitting top and also consider tucking in or making a knot at the waist. For a straight skirt, you can go with a top that’s a little playful and wide.
  • The colors of the skirt. While most striped skirts are black and white, we also have striped maxis in other colors. Look at the colors when picking the right top and accessories.
  • Occasion. Are you styling the maxi skirt for casual wear or for an event? This will determine the top, the shoes, and even the handbag you pick for the day. That said, not every striped skirt can pass for a formal event.

The other note I want to make here is that your body should determine the kind of stripes you wear. Thin, tall women can pull off stripes heading in any direction and still look like models. But if you are short and plump, I recommend vertical lines. Horizontal lines give the illusion that you are wider and shorter, and they also draw attention to all the wrong places.

Zigzag or wavy stripes are also perfect if you are too thin and want to look fleshier. Interestingly, they also look good on plus-size women because the waves are confusing.

What to Wear with a Striped Maxi Skirt

There are zero rules as to what you can wear or not wear with a striped maxi skirt. Again, you simply have to consider proportions, color and occasion.

What I’ll do is feature some great ensembles with maxi skirts of different designs and colors for inspiration. You will notice some colors like blue, pink, white and black look really good with white and black striped skirts, and denim still rules the fashion world.(you can read more on styling a denim jacket with a maxi skirt here.)

1. Striped Maxi Skirt for Work

Most straight maxi skirts can work for official purposes, and a striped skirt is no exception. Pair it with a nice structured blazer and a top, and then find fitting shoes.

Pink, white and red blazers go incredibly well with a striped white and black skirt, and you can tone things down with a black purse and silver jewelry.

2. Official with a Shirt

While we are still dressing up for work, you can switch up the blazer for a button-down shirt. I love white because it’s so fresh, but you can try a different color if the skirt is not black and white.

A button-down chiffon or silk blouse will also work for the office. Again, pick a simple office-appropriate shoe and a black or brown handbag to complete the look.

3. Casual Wear with Fitted Trendy Tops

Styling a striped maxi skirt casually is not complicated. You just have to pair it with a fitted trendy top like a crop top or a sleeveless top and a pair of sandals.

A small-size graphic tee will also work, especially if you tie a knot on the side of your waist. Finish this off with a layered necklace, hoop earrings, a watch and a simple bracelet.

4. Semi Casual with a Denim Shirt

There is no better pair in this world than a denim shirt and a striped maxi skirt. Somehow the blue and the stripes work together magically. Denim shirts work with most maxi skirts though and you can read more about it here.

You dress down by tying a knot on the waist or goal semi-formal by tucking in the denim shirt and wearing a belt. Both look great with a clutch bag and need very little accessorizing.

5. Chic and Casual with a Denim Jacket

Of course, anything that looks so good with a denim shirt will also work with a denim jacket. And I love that you can add some color with your top or shoes because it’s a very casual look.

For accessories, sunnies, a shoulder bag and minimal jewelry will do.

6. Edgy with a Leather Jacket

It’s mind-blowing how much a regular leather jacket can transform a maxi skirt. It gives that cool, edgy vibe and lets you wear the skirt to parties or a club. The secret is to wear a black top and edgy accessories or simply a watch.

You can do this with black sandals, gladiators or even boots.

7. Simple and Sweet with a Cardigan

I love switching floral maxi skirts with striped ones in spring just to keep things fresh. On those chilly spring evenings, a cardigan brings warmth and style to the outfit.

It’s easy to always go with the black or white cardigan but look how much better red looks. Adding a touch of color to an otherwise bland look is really the essence of the spring season. You can also try green, pink and blue on either the cardigan or the top under it.

8. Winter Classic with a Sweater

And last on this list is a winter-appropriate look with a warm, cozy sweater accessorized accordingly. A long skirt does a great job of keeping your legs warm during winter and fall. You can also wear leggings underneath and boots to keep frost away.

But if it’s not so cold to warrant a snow jacket, a warm sweater will do the trick. Keep the color light and accessorize with a scarf or a denim jacket.

How do you make a striped maxi skirt look professional?

You can make most maxi skirts look professional with the right top and a structured blazer. A long sleeve, button-down chiffon blouse or shirt will also do the trick if you pick the right office shoe and bag.

What top do you wear with a striped maxi skirt?

The top you choose for a striped maxi depends on the skirt’s design and the occasion. Any trendy well-fitting top, including a crop top and t-shirt, will do. If it’s a bit chilly, try a sweater, cardigan or stylish denim and leather jacket.

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