Maxi Dresses With Pockets You Can Find On Uoozee

Different dresses you can find on Uoozee

Few things bring universal delight in women’s fashion like a dress with pockets. And if that dress is a maxi, it just makes it all the more delightful. Maxi dresses with pockets have an unmatched appeal because they are comfortable and classy while having a practical and functional aspect due to the pockets. So finding a maxi with pockets is really finding a gem.

Uoozee makes it easy to find trendy, high-quality maxi dresses with pockets and have them delivered right to your doorstep. While some people still enjoy going to brick-and-mortar stores, online stores like Uozee offer unmatched convenience by allowing you to browse through thousands of clothes and accessories from the comfort of your home. 

About Uoozee

As a clothing brand, Uoozee seeks to keep its clientele happy by creating, stocking, and selling everything from t-shirts, blouses, and jackets to jewelry, shoes, bags, and, of course, maxi dresses with pockets. Uozee carries over a thousand looks and brings in over 200 new arrivals weekly to help clients discover their styles or experiment with new styles. Their style categories are simple, casual, vintage, cool street, minimalist, polka dot, seizprojects, and original stylish.

Uoozee is most popular with women aged between 25 and 34, but their diverse style portfolio means that their clothes suit women of all ages. Launched in October 2017, Uoozee has grown to service shoppers from over 130 countries across the globe. Its initial premise was to make trendy pieces of clothing available to people worldwide at a reasonable cost, and they have certainly achieved it. 

Uoozee has its main fulfillment center in China, from where all its items ship out to different destinations using reputable delivery companies like DHL. These destinations include most countries in Europe, the Middle Eastern, and Asia, as well as North America (Canada and U.S.), South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand (Oceania).

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Dresses On Uoozee

On any given day, there are thousands of dresses to choose from, so you can certainly find what you are looking for on Uoozee. These dresses fall into any of the Uoozee style categories, with some fitting into several different categories. Uozee carries four main types of dresses:

  • Sweater dresses
  • Mini dresses
  • Midi dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Button dresses
  • Shirt dresses

Maxi Dresses on Uozee

There are more than 300 maxi dresses available on Uoozee, ranging in size from small to 5XL. You can also find free-size dresses in different colors and cuts. Some maxis have bold colors and prints, while others have more muted or nude tones. There are also some form-fitting maxis suitable for formal events and loose, flowing cuts that give a casual yet elegant look. 

Uozee has sleeveless maxis, including halter necks, strappy and one-shoulder dresses. If you prefer sleeves, their maxis have everything from capped and long sleeves to fun puffy ones that add character to your outfit. Most of the dresses use polyester or cotton blend fabrics, guaranteeing comfort. There are also some woolen maxis for colder months. 

The best part about Uoozee’s maxi dresses is that many come with pockets. While the formal maxis don’t have pockets, most casual, original, simple, and urban-style maxi dresses have pockets, adding to their appeal and functionality. To check which maxis have pockets, you can check out the dress description or its picture. The dress description will also tell you about the dress fabric and help you pick the right size using the size chart.

In keeping with Uozee’s intention to make trendy fashion available and affordable, the maxi dresses range from $12 to $160. Plus, many of them have amazing discounts of up to 75%, so you can always get your favorite dress at a significantly lower cost. 

Shipping and Payment Details

Uoozee receives via PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card, JCB, and Maestro. They have also partnered with Klarna, a Swedish alternative payment provider. To place an order, you can either create an account with Uoozee or go ahead and place your selected items in their shopping cart. After entering your information and shipping method, you can select a payment method and billing address to complete the order. You should then receive an email confirmation along with details on how to track your order.

Shipping takes different lengths of time depending on if buyers choose express or standard delivery. Express deliveries can take between 5 and 22 business days, while standard deliveries can take 5 to 30 days, depending on the order destination. Express shipping attracts an additional cost, but buyers who spend over $69 can have their orders delivered for free via standard shipping. In addition, buyers can track their items en route through a link Uoozee sends as part of their shipping confirmation email.


Order Cancellation and Returns

It is difficult to return an item once ordered from Uoozee, so you must double-check the order details and shipping information before completing your order. For example, ensure your sizing is correct and that you have placed an order for the right item in the right color. Also, note that once shipped, you cannot cancel an order. However, you could try to return it and exchange it for the right item or get a refund once it arrives.

To return an item, ensure that you contact Uoozee within two weeks of receiving it, explaining why you would like to return it. Only attempt to return an item after contacting a Uoozee customer service representative. Making returns without first contacting Uozee is unacceptable, and besides, the address indicated on the package is not the return address, so you could lose your item in the process. The customer representative will give you a valid return address within 24 hours of contacting them with your intent to return an item.

The item must be in the original packaging and free of damages and alterations from washing or wearing it. Uoozee reserves the right to deduct any depreciation value from your refund if the item has evidence of use or damage. You will bear the shipping cost when returning the item, and Uoozee will start processing your refund or exchange once they have received your package. Refunds would take about 2 days if you used PayPal and one week for credit card users. 

International returns should be clearly marked as ‘Returned Goods’ to avoid customs charges. As with the return shipping costs, you are responsible for any customs charges your returning items may attract.

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Customer Reviews

There are mixed customer reviews for Uoozee. Some customers love their trendy items and how well they fit. They also loved their customer service and style variety, allowing exploration and experimentation. Customers also say that the quality of clothes’ materials is good and worth the cost and the wait.

On the other hand, some customers have complained about how long it takes to receive items. These delays could result from Uoozee’s main fulfillment area being in China, and shipping to further parts of the world may take time. Other complaints were regarding the length of the clothes, particularly for taller women who were struggling to find clothes of the right length.

How Can I Choose The Right Size Of Clothing On Uoozee?

Uoozee has a size chart on its website with measurements in both centimeters and inches. When you click on an item, scroll down to find the size chart to see which size corresponds to your range of measurements. The size chart contains bust, shoulder, length, hip, and sleeve dimensions (depending on the dress) so you can ensure you order the right size.

Are There Maxi Dresses On The Website?

Yes, Uoozee carries hundreds of maxi dresses with pockets. Most of its simple, casual, urban, and original style maxis have decent-size pockets. A quick look through the pictures in the maxi dress category or descriptions on individual maxi dresses will show which ones have pockets. 

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