How to Style a Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress

fit and flare maxi dress
Whether you've a full, curvy, or straight body, a fit-and-flare maxi dress will flatter your figure. Learn how to style fit-flare maxi dresses

The fit-and-flare maxi dresses look stunning on women of all ages. With a fitted bodice and a flare-like skirt on the bottom, they are suitable for all body types.

The fit-and-flare maxi dresses come in assorted designs and colors. The outfits are gorgeous, but you can make them more elegant and attractive by experimenting with new trendy fashion styles. To make your maxi dress more appealing, mix it with various accessories.

Here is how to style a fit-and-flare maxi dress

What’s a Fit-and-Flare Maxi dress?

We’re sure you are familiar with the silhouette of the fit-and-flare maxi dresses, but let’s get a little more technical. They are also known as A-line dresses because of their shape, which resembles the letter “A.”

A-line dresses, with their small bust and wide skirt, are highly flattering. They aid in smoothing out the form, improving the contours, and reducing love handles. For all these reason, fit-and-flare is also the most common silhouette for wedding dresses.

The Top 5 Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dresses for Every Woman

The fit-and-flare maxi dresses come in many assorted designs, so you can have one for every occasion. This style is for you if you want a maxi dress for all seasons. Here are five fit-and-flare maxi dresses designed to be flattering.

1. Wrap Style

The wrap bodice is comfortable to wear, and the flouncy skirt offers adequate covering. Choose materials with a bit of stretch for optimal comfort. 

A cotton and rayon modal blend with spandex is the most comfortable and flattering fit. 

2. Draped Fit

The draped fit-and-flare maxi dress is meticulously sophisticated.  This style has a beautiful scoop neckline, and the overlapping fabric and waist shirring create an hourglass shape. 

For a stunning evening look, layer on a cardigan sweater and top with a statement necklace and heels or flats.

3. Elbow-Sleeve

For cold spring days, choose the elbow-sleeve fit-and-flare dress. This dress can be worn alone or layered beneath a sweater or jacket. 

This dress style is ideal for displaying your favorite bracelets and bangles because the sleeves stop at the elbows. For a daring look, choose a chunky bracelet or a stack of bangles on each wrist.

4. Classic Solid Colors

The fit-and-flare maxi dresses come in every shade of the rainbow. 

Opt for a black fit-and-flare maxi dress if you want a dress that goes with most accessories. If you prefer something exciting, then go for soft coral or cheery yellow.

5. Pretty Prints

There are fit-and-flare dresses in an array of gorgeous prints. A pretty print gives a casual look to this dress style. The casual prints are tie-dye and classic floral prints. 

To accentuate the hues in the prints, choose a cotton cardigan or fleece jacket in a coordinating hue.

How to Accessorize a Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress

It’s simple to personalize the fit-and-flare dress by adding outerwear, accessories, and shoes that reflect your distinct style. Thanks to its versatility, elegance, and comfortable design, the fit and flare maxi dress is a style you’ll love to wear.

These maxi dresses are stylish all year round. Although they are wonderful for spring and summer, you can easily transition them to fall and winter by wearing them with fleece-lined tights, boots, and a wool cardigan instead of a lighter knit.

1. Fit and Flare Maxi Dress With a Jacket or Coat

The different jackets bring out a distinct look in each outfit. What’s key is the look that you are going for. A leather or cropped jacket is the way to go for a trendy and intriguing look, while a denim jacket is perfect for a relaxed day out.

This lovely black maxi dress paired with a denim jacket and trendy sandals looks stylish and casual. The gorgeous pink coat layered over the black maxi dress paired with high heels is an ideal ensemble for formal events.

2. Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress with Sweater or Cardigan

These combos ooze comfort, cuteness, and divine femininity. Cardigans are an integral part of any wardrobe. They are appropriate, no matter the time of year. Most outfits, whether formal or casual, look great with cardigans because of their elegance and ingenuity. These outfit combinations are appropriate for work, school, a night out, and other occasions. 

A fit-and-flare maxi dress looks chic and carefree when paired with a sweater. Pick a color that goes well with your maxi dress, and pull off the look!

3. Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress with T-Shirt

You can put a t-shirt over your monochromatic fit-and-flare maxi dress. Wear a plain fit-and-flare maxi dress in any color with a contrasting t-shirt over it. Wear a patterned t-shirt to brighten up your attire.

Make your outfit stand out by knotting the t-shirt in the front. Add jewelry, such as a beautiful necklace, matching bracelet, or watch. You can wear trendy flat sandals or matching heeled sandals to complete the ensemble. 

4. Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress With Clutch Purse and Heels

Rather than layering with your fit-and-flare maxi dress, complement it with some fashionable accessories to make your ensemble stand out. Add a stunning clutch purse for a festive look or a handbag for everyday wear to finish the outfit.

Wear heeled sandals in the same color as the bag to complete the ensemble. Remember that if you’re wearing dark hues, adding extra color combinations to your apparel will make it appear unsightly. This outfit is perfect for a wedding or a party.

5. Fit-and-Flare Maxi Dress With Long Sleeved Shirt

The fit-and-flair maxi dresses can also be accessorized for a polished appearance. Get a simple black maxi dress and a plain white shirt. White and black always create the ideal contrast. For this look, put the shirt underneath or over the fit-and-flair maxi dress; either way, the outcome is amazing.

If you wear the collared shirt over the dress, keep the buttons open and wear it as a blazer or tie a knot in the front. Choose a black or white shoulder bag that suits your outfit, and finish the ensemble with black shoes.

6. Wear It With a Belt

One easy way to add some extra style and flair to this wardrobe staple is by pairing it with a belt.

Whether you opt for a simple leather belt or one that features an eye-catching buckle, the addition of a belt creates an instantly striking look that can take your outfit to the next level. Additionally, belts can help to taper your waistline, making them perfect for accentuating and highlighting your curves. So if you’re looking to add some extra style and sophistication to your fit-and-flare dress, consider pairing it with a belt for a look that is sure to turn heads.

How do you style a fit-and-flare maxi dress?

It can be styled in many dashing ways, including adding jackets, sleeveless trench coats, shirts, and t-shirts. To achieve an elegant and classy look, pair fit-and-flare maxi dresses with fashionable accessories such as stylish purses, waist belts, and statement jewelry.

Who looks good in a fit-and-flare maxi dress?

Fit-and-flare maxi dresses look good on every woman regardless of their body shape. They are universally flattering because they mimic an hourglass shape, even if the woman wearing them has a different body type altogether. The cinched waist and flared skirt define the waist while draping over a curvy lower body.

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